Google's way of downplaying an open calendar file standard, in order to give their own proprietary, non-interoperable calendar SaaS an edge: call it "Apple calendar":

At this point, people must think there are really only 3 options for anything regarding personal computing: Google, Microsoft, or Apple. Pick your poison.

@mjjzf CalDAV is for sync. The calendar file format is iCalendar (.ics). And yes, that's a link to an iCal file.

@raucao For subscription, right. I would have thought that would be a selling point! They have been a bit quiet on that. But I guess you do not want to send the eyeballs elsewhere...

@mjjzf Actually, also no. For merely subscribing to a calendar, you can just use a URL to any .ics file that is hosted on the Web. CalDAV is for syncing your own (or shared) calendars across devices/clients.

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