Google's way of downplaying an open calendar file standard, in order to give their own proprietary, non-interoperable calendar SaaS an edge: call it "Apple calendar":

At this point, people must think there are really only 3 options for anything regarding personal computing: Google, Microsoft, or Apple. Pick your poison.

@raucao calendars and contacts are such a mess.

even with using DavDroid.

@tootbrute Yes. But mostly because Google and Microsoft don't want native support for CalDAV and CardDAV. Apple merely offers great clients that can operate on these open standards by design.

@raucao @tootbrute merely? From my experience, their support for CalDav is pretty the best I’ve ever tried, it started working instantly when I tried to add a poster calendar service

Things gets harder when you want to sync contacts although... You cannot simply add a CardDav (am I right about contacts sync standard?) sync on iPhone 😑

@alexcleac @tootbrute It's the best, because they invented it and are using it in-house with OSX servers (at least they did for the longest time). And you can also simply add CardDAV accounts on iOS.

@raucao @tootbrute To be fair I'm pretty sure that's only because Apple got into the SaaS game too late and never made much inroads into the server space.

@freakazoid @tootbrute Yup, and they were also fighting an uphill battle against Microsoft Exchange and Windows Server in general. Im not saying its because Apple is morally superior to other corporations.

@mjjzf CalDAV is for sync. The calendar file format is iCalendar (.ics). And yes, that's a link to an iCal file.

@raucao For subscription, right. I would have thought that would be a selling point! They have been a bit quiet on that. But I guess you do not want to send the eyeballs elsewhere...

@mjjzf Actually, also no. For merely subscribing to a calendar, you can just use a URL to any .ics file that is hosted on the Web. CalDAV is for syncing your own (or shared) calendars across devices/clients.

@raucao Calling it Apple Calendar is probably easier to understand for non-techies. They could perhaps have written "iCal (Apple Calendar)" instead.

@thor There's no need to put the word Apple in there at all. iCal is a widely supported standard.

love the implication in this bit of UI that the only valid options are all corporate and proprietary, as if open calendar formats are not even worth presenting to users, who are only able to process a choice between Brands
@chimericalgirls @raucao also the microsoft outlook button downloads an identical file to the "apple calendar" button. the only one that's different is google calendar which is a link to /eventedit

i guess {Google Calendar, Literally Everybody Else} would be a bad look for a company trying to maintain an "open and free" kind of image...
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