I realize that you may be so invested in the official narrative that this post can cause enough cognitive dissonance to just put me in the drawer of antivax conspiracy theorist. I just hope that you can look past that potential reaction, and see that there is enough data now to have *reasonable* cause for concern. Consider the consequences if the high-profile critics are even just 10% right on this one.

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I'm absolutely pro-vax (on voluntary basis), as is everyone in this conversation. But when the very inventor of the mRNA gene therapy tells you that his concerns about the experimental COVID vaccines were straight-up ignored by the FDA, and now they seem to be coming true, then really, everyone needs to stop and do a reality check. It's not the scientific method to just blurt out "IT'S SAFE" whenever challenged during a mass trial of a novel medical intervention.


Tuesday lunch round, during which a route diversion sent me up a 20% wall at some point.

A riff on Zawinski's law about mail; let's call this one Chompy's law:

If not properly tended to, every multi-user system capable of accepting text and forwarding it to others, no matter what its intended purpose, will degrade into a carrier of a low-quality signal as its users gradually treat it as their means for free-form discussion.

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RSK's powpeg mechanism for RBTC pegs looks pretty interesting. Especially the part about functionaries not being able to peg out if they attempt to selectively censor transactions. (But I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing.)


Electrical tape, duct tape, whatever it takes for not having to replace my trusty old heat-molded Bont shoes...

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Life experience is the thing you trade life for.

Gotta do your best to make good trades.

Someone looks like they're going for maximum vaporwave street cred...

Anyone with debconf knowledge knows how to pre-seed apt package configs for automatic installation, and why this one might be throwing an error?


(I'm trying to follow the docs, but cannot find any examples for configuring single packages.)

Any freelance react.js frontend developer among my followers who can work with me on some UI components for a few days? (react.js, tailwindcss, storybook.js)

The most ironic thing about El Salvador actively trying to attract bitcoin businesses may just be that the country's 2-letter ISO code is "SV".

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