Even better: they broke IndexedDB for pretty much everyone, and in the worst possible way. What a shit show.

Thanks for iOS 13 breaking localStorage in our Cordova apps entirely and without warning, Apple! Good job. 👍

Landlord BS 

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Super excited to share Launchlet, my first open source project!

It's a javascript/css launcher that you can use as a bookmarklet, browser extension, or as a module in your own project.

The compose interface makes it easy to create your own. I used Svelte for the front-end programming and the almighty @remotestorage to save data in the browser and sync between devices – no database and works offline.

Not sure how people will react, hoping for the best 🙂



I was just on my way to Prague main station with a 1 meter tall omnidirectional wifi antenna attached to my tote bag. A very old woman mistook it for a walking stick and immediately offered me her seat on the tram (already getting up while saying it).

Not even sure how to comment on that. Unbelievable politeness.

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Super satisfied with this little board. I don't carry a phone, but I do enjoy listening to music.

The Hong Kong protesters have now officially announced revolution:


I'm not sure if copying phrases from the US declaration of independence was a good idea, because it's confirming the official Chinese narrative more than necessary. Let's hope that things don't turn very ugly very soon.

The channel I opened from one of my nodes to General Bytes, who provide the POS terminals at , is already completely spent on my side. Forwarded ~80 payments for other visitors. Time to test some re-balancing plugins.

I'm so sorry: this isn't true at all! Not sure how I ended up where I did, but it's totally possible to just add custom links without doing KYC or signing up for Stripe!

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You know what happens on the other end, right?

A fax modem stores the data in tiff files that are converted to pdf and sent by email to someone. This is actually much worse than it sounds

Love the various open-source hydroponics farms around Paralelní Polis this year.

Also, if you were inclined to prove to Paralelní Polis that accepting zero-conf on-chain transactions is a bad idea, there's an Android app called "PayNoWay", which lets you test their system against double-spend attacks. Rumor has it that some people drink beer for free here.

Pro tip for visitors: you can open a channel directly to the point-of-sale system's node. The ATMs offer an "open channel" button, where you can find the node address.

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