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Pickled cucumbers are:

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Apparently, Tusky merged their blacklist for Gab today. So I feel it's time for another part in my little series:
"What if ALL applications were developed like Fedi apps"
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How about all you XMPP users give this one a thumbs-up, so that maybe we can one day talk to Wire users and vice-versa: github.com/wireapp/wire-server

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New blog post: "Advice for new bicycle commuters" nolanlawson.com/2019/06/17/adv

Just some stuff I've learned about bike commuting over the past year or so.

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A convenient gender-neutral way to address a group of people is “foolish mortals”

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The #Wire team are open to the idea of using #XMPP for federation between instances of the Wire server:
"Please feel free to use this issue to post links / papers / reading material of any kind that might help us make a more informed decision"

> Many people think that the United States is very active, but does not succeed in much. For example, it is said that its wars in the Greater Middle East are a succession of failures. But for Thierry Meyssan, the USA has a coherent military, commercial and diplomatic strategy. According to its own objectives, it advances patiently, and is crowned with success.


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Totally forgot to put sunscreen on that checklist, of course. It's going to be hot and sunny af.

Forgetful me creates checklists for everything these days. Especially when it has to be there directly after falling out of bed. Currently preparing for a bike race tomorrow morning.

In case you forgot: Spain currently keeps the ex VP of Catalunya behind bars as political prisoner, while other officials remain in exile to avoid that fate; all for the outrageous act of organizing a referendum to have the citizens democratically vote for (or against) the region's independence. And now Twitter think it's reasonable to throw shit at the peaceful actors of that situation, while the people sending military police to beat up their own citizens for voting, are free of guilt.

Wow. Just wow. blog.twitter.com/en_us/topics/

Only mentions Iran, Russia, and Spain. And not even Spain, but only the Catalan independence movement. Zero mention of any Western/NATO psy-ops operations, even though we regularly see evidence for them, and we know that there are hundreds of people employed in units whose sole purpose is spreading propaganda on social media.

What a disgrace.

Turns out the second tanker is also a blatant middle finger to both Iran and the tanker company by whoever shot the torpedo. twitter.com/JavierBlas/status/

Iranian minister announces that Japan is going to buy oil from them after talking to his Japanese counterpart in Tehran, and less than 24 hours later a torpedo hits a Japanese tanker in the Sea of Oman. Can false flags be any more blatant than this?

status: I have to replace the front gear cable of the Aluminium Falcon before a race on Saturday, but mechanics at the local shops are all like "people just noticed it's summer, so everyone brought their bike for inspection at at the same time".

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