Someone fixed the de-aging in The Irishman:

I hope they just do the George Lucas thing and officially release a fixed version eventually.

Someone just did a transaction worth around 1 billion USD, for only around 80 USD in fees, via a distributed p2p network based on nothing but free software, and no chance for any bank or government on the planet to censor the tx.

Exciting times we're living in!

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An academic paper about social networks misspelled Mastodon, Pleroma and Pixelfed lol

> Join over a thousand professionals and sign the International Jounalists Statement in support of Julian here:

I'm glad that @lain is aware of the fact that only dirty peasants fly commercial.

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One place is more pirate grove than the next.

If someone who invaded your country operates an entire walled-off city within the center of your capital city, how long after the war would you find that acceptable?

It's weird how journalists keep writing things like "the roof of the US embassy in Iraq". Aside from the fact that "embassy" means the people there, and they probably mean the embassy building, hardly anyone seems to know just how large that compound is. It's essentially a giant occupation command center, the size of Vatican city, complete with American supermarkets, restaurants, etc., staffed with 16K people.

So no, there's no "roof of the embassy" or "the entrance gate" or anything like that.

Made it to Bogotá. Onwards to Santa Marta tomorrow. Looking forward to jumping into the Caribbean Sea, then celebrating the new year with good friends and lots of aguardiente.

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The government of man by man (under whatever name it be disguised) is oppression.
-- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

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