Don't use TypeScript: people tell you to use TypeScript.

Open PR to introduce TypeScript: people tell you that TypeScript sucks.


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Comments after Westworld S03E01: I like how they went with a more linear storytelling approach this time.

Comments after S03E03: ZOMG nobody knows which scene is even playing in the real world, or in a simulation; let alone in which year or sim version for the latter.

Google is now publishing entire countries' citizen movement data, thereby actively helping governments with their dystopian attacks on our most basic freedoms.

Anonymizing your location data doesn't magically turn this into not abusing your location data for something that you didn't agree to. Not sure why you would continuously send your location to Google in the first place, but you should be aware of the fact that they will definitely use it for whatever they want.

I'm now counting 4 different German and Austrian professors in microbiology, virology, and epidemiology, who have come out criticizing the harsh shutdowns and questioning the unreliable official numbers (due to lack of random testing):

These are not some random profs, but leading scientists in their fields.

In the beginning I thought it was cool that they're more cautious than many other countries. But over time, it has become clear that, under the veneer of reason and "expert committees", they're actually just in full-on panic mode, with no real expertise available, and nobody talking sense into the government that is ruling by decree now. Sad story. :/

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Well, fuck. I'm unter literal house arrest on 4 days out of 7 of the week from tomorrow on. And I was only allowed to go out for buying food and medicine before. The authorities in this country seem to have no clue what they're doing, and instead are just cargo-culting, under the false assumption that making curfews even more strict will actually help more. Which is provably not the case, when you look at the countries handling this successfully.

(The courses use structured learning concepts, and it's a 10-minute-per-day type of thing.)

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All interactive courses on Execute Program are free for the month of April. Learn you some TypeScript, modern JavaScript, Regular Expressions, or even good ole SQL:

Finally starting to move my personal stuff off of that old-ass Ubuntu 14.04 VM. Maximum over-procrastination.

This looks promising:

> A completely open UI stack
for your own personal TV box

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@raucao old people have lived through so many Apocalypses already, they just can't be bothered

Just saw a grandpa walking through a crowd of people in front of the supermarket, without a mask, while smoking a cigarette.

I'd say it's a candidate for the Balls of Steel Award, but maybe he just gave up on life already.

My sister had a great idea for her isolation weekend:

> We put drinks in every room. Tonight we'll do a bar crawl.

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