Next up must be age restrictions for visiting museums with nude statues on display I guess. And tearing them down in public places.

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This UK ISP blocks by default, and to me that's the most shocking soft censorship I've seen so far. How many people even know about the "safety" settings somewhere in the provider's web account panel and turn that shit off?

I do know that throughout the entire process of setting up the EE account and Internet at my friend's house, there was no mention whatsoever of any blocking taking place by default.

Accidentally rolled through a huge safari park on my bike ride yesterday. Including a massive castle, that is kept up by the park's revenue.

Hello, hola, привет, bonjour, nǐ hǎo, salam!

If you're interested in a birds-eye view of geopolitics, without discrimination of specific cultures, philosophies, and peoples, as well as little regard to the official narratives spun by governments around the globe, then this account is for you.

I'll engage in civil discourse, but only as long as it's respectful of differing opinions. Let's be humans together; we're all sharing the same pale blue dot in space.

Since a very old friend was in town, we did some actual sightseeing in Bristol, instead of me just passing things on a bike and considering them pretty but normal.

The suspension bridge is definitely a must-see.

Unfortunately, we went to this blue collar pub on a Thursday night, because it sure sounds like people are having fun on the weekends...

Another beauty of Value 4 Value:
create an amazing podcast and direct parts of the incoming sats from listeners directly to projects you want to support
here @kerooke

> Podcasting 2.0 has now been enabled by over 8,000 podcasts. More than 1,000 podcasts started receiving value-for-value payments through the in June alone.

Impressive growth!

Hoping that @AntennaPod will allow me to send boostagrams to my favorite podcasts at some point. I'm coming pretty close to just implementing a quick helper app myself, so I can do it outside of normal podcast clients.

@dave @adam @getAlby

I just created a pull request for the Podcast Index website that allows boosts and boostagrams to be sent using WebLN and Alby.

I still think algorithmic discovery could be amazing for the fediverse *if* it was composed of user-definable pluggable algorithms that could be shared and selected by users to apply to their timeline, sidebar, etc

Gitea 1.17 was just released, now comes with registries for most common package managers, as well as OCI containers (e.g. Docker):

There's finally a legit taqueria in Berlin! The name is El Oso, and it's in a food court on Schönhauser Allee. The beer place in the front also sells Micheladas.

The people running this book store in Amsterdam seem to really want you to read a certain book, and if you haven't read it yet, I don't disagree.

They had two different editions of it on sale, plus two editions of Animal Farm.

Nice overview of peer discovery and security in Bittorrent, IPFS, Hypercore, and SSB:

The pension I just checked into in Amsterdam turns out to also be a brewery and they have NEIPA on tap. You're being too good to me, Netherlands!

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