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"The [NZ] Government and its agencies buy about a sixth of all advertising - so they could be spending more than $100 million on social media [ie corporate-owned #DataFarms]."

It's like watching them pay someone to punch the public in the face. Imagine the kind of privacy-respecting social web platform you could develop using #FreeCode, and host in the #PublicInterest, with $NZ100 million a year.

Someone just filled in the "why do you want to join" field in the "request an invite" form of our instance with "met ton nez à tes affairs".

My buddy's kids have the best tree house. All colors are beautiful!

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No matter how many times I go to Tarifa, the south of the south of Spain, it always surprises me when I see Morocco there, closer than I always expect.

14.4 km. That's the distance between Europe and Africa.

(Photos by @polarhare)

A friend of mine is tearing down a house on a property he bought .So yesterday I helped him with that, running around the thing with a big-ass pickaxe all day long, hacking apart an entire wooden 2nd floor, some walls, and other random parts.

It was fun, but guess how my puny little programmer/cyclist arms are feeling right now. 😫

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Mastodon + Keybase. Can we not reproduce the antipatterns of centralization around particular sites? Keybase is hardly decentralized, and you don't need it to do encrypted chat.
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#OMEMO is a big fish 🐠 in the upcoming #Debian 10 release (#buster) bowl. It hopefully will feature five #XMPP clients with this modern #e2e #encryption: #Gajim, #Dino, #Psi+ (all graphical), #jp (command line), and #primitivus (console), the latter two part of #SalutAToi or #SaT

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Doesn’t matter if it’s this place or twitter or somewhere else – If you only ever talk about things you find terrible, it’ll wear you down. Detox your thoughts. Tell us all about something you love! 💚

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hacker of matrix.org is giving a lesson on #infosec, through github issues at #matrix repo.
(thought server is compromised not the software)

I hoped they warned them befor doing.
If they did, and #matrix kept ignoring it, that's definatly a way to teach someone a lesson.

read here:

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Anyone knows where the GitHub Pages content of matrix.org is coming from?

Holy shit, they even arrested Ola Bini in Quito.

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'if you're a matrix.org user you should change your password now.'

It's running again, but:
'The hacker exploited a vulnerability in our production infrastructure'


#infosec #matrix

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Do you happen to know any remote-friendly company that could hire a Scala (and Elm) developer that has also worked with C, C++ and Python? And that could be happy to learn anything new?

It's not immediate, but I may start looking for a job soon(ish), so feel free to boost!

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Press conference on first results from the #EventHorizonTelescope (aiming to capture the first image of a #blackHole 🕳️) will start in couple of minutes: youtu.be/Dr20f19czeE

#EHTblackHole #BlackHoleDay #RealBlackHole #astronomy #astrophysics #science

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