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Hit the deck pretty hard today, after a perfect storm of coincidences had me crash the bike.

It always amazes me how the brain lets you go long distances for hours on end after being injured, in order to get you back to your cave. But when you have arrived safely, it immediately turns off the mute button for pain, and tells you to stay put and heal.

I only just realized that there's usually not a single traffic light when I ride my bike around here. Not just to get out of the town, but no lights on the entire ride.

There's a single light in one direction out of town, and that's a temporary construction traffic light, where there's only one lane for both directions on the road.

There's a meta experiment set up here, when the results get shared on social media:

> Participants predicted that the average man and woman would react more positively to sex differences favouring their own sex. This was true of the average woman, although the level of own‐sex favouritism was lower than participants predicted. It was not true, however, of the average man, who – like the average woman – reacted more positively to the female‐favouring differences.


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The actual default shutdown confirmation screen. Im weeping even harder now.

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#Protip: "Drafts" on Mastodon

Mastodon doesn't natively support a "draft mode", where in-process toots can be saved and re-edited.

... but ... you can emulate this by setting default posting to "DM", and not filling in any recipients. A DM toot not shared with any third parties is visible only to yourself. You can then post, and delete/redraft this toot until it's complete to your satisfaction.

On devices/platforms where Web content is prone to disappear without notice (o hai Chrome Android mufferphuckerz) this may prove useful, especially where researching links / content for a substantial toot.

#MastoTips #ProTips #DraftMode

(Still mad at HP for what they did to the Pre 3 and webOS.)

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Everybody stand back, I'm charging my Palm Pre.

Amazing that we're still receiving data from Voyager 1. It just crossed the milestone of being 150 AU away from the Sun.

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A new c-lightning release has been tagged (with another hilarious name). You can now send payments through multiple channels at once, increasing both privacy and routing pathways for your transactions of larger amounts.


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@raucao oh my 5+yr internet radio client on the tvOS App Store is now being rejected from the App Store due to them saying I don’t have rights to be playing other people’s content.

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Having trouble keeping up with news and developments related to #Bitcoin privacy? Last month I started a monthly newsletter to do just that. 🔐📡🔎😎

And here is the July edition. Enjoy!

Cycling, Strade Bianche 

Looks like the peloton has some pent-up 'rona energy to release. First 10 minutes of this first proper race on the 2020 calendar have been ridiculously fast...

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Automated suspicion: The EU’s new travel #surveillance initiatives. Personal data will be screened against a panoply of national, EU and international databases. Almost all the legislation governing these systems has now been put in place https://vimeo.com/437830786

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