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If a instance with 200K users can't find a way to keep running, then it's probably a good idea to shut it down.

And Mastodon (which the instance in question is running) has a decent account migration feature now, so it's easy for those users to move to different instances.

Also, we wouldn't just cross-post from birdsite, of course.

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So, where should I put a fedi account for a very friendly, open-source-supporting company of mine? It seems like a lot of people around here don't want any companies on fedi to begin with, but do you really want us to continue only having a birdsite account for quick updates and such?

Wendover at it again, with another fantastic video. This time about the five rules of risk:

> Ingrained in our brains are flawed processes for evaluating risk. For certain reasons, what we fear will kill us and what will actually kill us, are very, very different.


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does anybody know a reasonably cheap drone with a thermal camera to detect animals hidden in a field?

I miss the good old days with coked-up Steve Ballmer going nuts on stage. Was a bit funnier than the current generation of semi-serious actors.


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Tuned into the Microsoft Build stream for like 15 minutes, and it's been kind of like watching a car accident so far. I just can't listen unironically to people who are there 100% for the mortgage, and 0% because they're actually excited about contributing to humankind in some way. The amount of fake excitement and marketing bullshit bingo is through the roof as well.

The lockdowns left me looking like a ginger Jesus by now. You may call me Ginsus.

Apparently, there have been massive fleets of trawlers illegally fishing in Argentine waters for years now.

"These ships emit more light into space than almost all Argentine cities, including urban centers such as Córdoba or Rosario"


Still not done reading blog.darknedgy.net/technology/ but I just learned that systemd can be used as sort of a "container" manager, running executables from images (or raw filesystems) via chroot: systemd.io/PORTABLE_SERVICES/

I'm still waiting for systemd to cook my breakfast and wash my clothes tho.

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