We fed some giraffes this morning. Beautiful giants.

Beaching & snorkeling before the computering today.

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I've made a thing: a cryptocurrency tipping page using OpenAlias.
It creates a website with payment details for any domain with OpenAlias.org DNS entries:
e.g. openalias-web.herokuapp.com/do
does anybody want to help me make it look nice + launch it?

Was wondering about how exactly maps.me submits user edits back to OpenStreetMap, and I just randomly stumbled across one of the ways they do it: storage.5apps.com/basti/public

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If analog clocks get phased out then how will future generations know clockwise from counter clockwise #ShowerThoughts

Now if afk convos just had a cancel button...

The older I get, the easier it is to just cancel writing that response to some ranting rando on GitHub, Twitter, etc.. Basically whenever I realize it's not worth spending energy on confrontational convos. And when you get older you just realize it earlier, because you've been there a thousand times, then a million times, then it tapers off. I assume that's why some old people can just smile at everyone and not give a single f*** about others' overly strong opinions.

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Recently stumbled across umap, which is an alternative to Google Maps for creating and sharing your own maps with POIs and such. Works really well so far, and the feature set is fantastic! umap.openstreetmap.fr

Waiting for my connection in Shanghai for another few hours. Oh how I haven't missed Chinese Internet.

sshuttle ftw, but everything is sooo slow.

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Gruber's idea of social media regulation is to make decentralized servers entirely illegal. I'm sure it's just because he's ignorant about the very idea of decentralized services working well enough for people to use daily, and I suppose a lot of other corporate zombie brains make the same mistake. But boy is it myopic. recode.net/2018/12/17/18140062

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