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The #XMPP Standards Foundation has been selected as a mentoring organization for this years #Google #Summer of Code!

If you are a college student and want to get payed to become a part of a great open source project that deals with open standards, check out the ideas page: wiki.xmpp.org/web/GSoC/2020/Pr

You can also propose your own awesome project idea!

@xmpp #gsoc #summerofcode

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Finally getting onward-travel plans together. Most likely going to check out the islands of San Andrés and Providencia from here...


In capitalist America, the current and former president are having public spats over whose central planning it was that improved the economy on paper.

So we're getting into the "extend" phase with Microsoft GitHub now...

The final stage of the is going straight through this very neighborhood in Bogotá today (toward the end of the stage). Trying to find the best location to watch now...

According to current trending topics, I should've tagged that with apparently.

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Looking forward to my personal vs. flippening in 2020. Only had ~20% less on our Gitea instance in 2019...

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what is your feeling about .io domains - is it morally OK to buy them?

Truly *awful*. Now look at these pink hearts and show your love!

You can finally configure global page zoom settings in Firefox 73!

(My x260's display is 1080p on only 12", so I used to manually zoom almost every page to 120% at least.)

> Researchers at the University of Toronto Scarborough have, for the first time, turned waste cooking oil – from the deep fryers of a local McDonald’s – into a high-resolution, biodegradable 3D printing resin.


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I'd like to print B6 sized books from epub files. I've been looking at epub -> pdf conversion but not finding anything very satisfying. does anyone know of easy straightforward solutions for this kind of thing?

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I am looking for some alpha testers of my experimental database admin dashboard heroku addon.

anyone interested?
I needed it for an app of mine and if useful I might make it publicly available.


I guess the silence on this means everyone is using the same implementation then.

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