WTF, Mozilla? Why would you steal an advanced feature from power users like that? Especially one that is so widely used by the very people who actually care about the open Web?

If anyone else has the same issue, here's the only decent extension I could find for replacing the RSS button and preview:

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@raucao indeed, a really bad decision. RSS is still a core component of the free, decentralized and open web.

@raucao It made sense for other UAs with an agenda to get content locked into their particular walled-garden where they can pile on the analytics etc.

But I guess for Mozilla the only reason would be because they're blindly following what other UAs do? Pretty disappointing.

@alex That whole Pocket acquisition and subsequent ramming it down the throats of FF users is one of my major gripes with their direction.

@raucao Absolutely. That was very *icky*. Would have loved to see some other integration with something more open, Wallabag or something. But the spotlight of something more aligned with what Mozilla say they're meant to be about.

@raucao *Put

.. and that whole Mr. Robot thing. Urgh... wtf are they doing.

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