imaging only fixating on one interest at a time instead of bouncing aimlessly between 46 different things like a crap pinball

a ship that sinks is still a ship *deploys code*

@xiroux *reads "Refusal of work" page in Wikipedia because she's on Mastodon instead of working*

"The Abolition of Work" is in my reading list!

me: *comes to the office*
me: *reads "Refusal of work" page in Wikipedia*

It happens way too many times that I say "oi boy, this song is too good" and when I go to Spotify to mark it as favourite, I notice that I favourited in the past! I can conclude that:

- my memory is shit
- my music taste is kind of stable and consistent

that scene in the pilot of miami vice where they are driving to a potentially deadly drug deal and phil collin's in the air tonight plays and it's so iconic that it basically made the song a hit except it's two trans ladies and they are driving to a potentially deadly orgy and in the air tonight comes on but its playing backwards and they both start hissing like snakes and turn directly toward you and your nose starts bleeding and you run away from your television but you

fall. you feel a strong arm on your ankle, dragging you toward the screen and you just scream and scream and scream

I am looking for a reliable #PeerTube instance for the @fsfe. Enough space for our videos (reasonable daily or high overall limit) , HTTP import, no #nsfw content, servers and operator within the EU.

Can you help me? isn't really helpful in this regard...

i feel like my whole life as a millennial has just been watching dinosaurs get less and less cool

What would you buy as a birthday gift to an 80-year old man who never reads?

If you haven't already seen it enjoy this footage of police in Bulgaria trying to use pepper spray and the wind blowing it back in their faces

This one line has solved all my problems. Keychain is cool.

eval $(keychain --agents ssh,gpg --eval --quiet id_rsa)

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@xiroux #Duckdns seems pretty cool, it doesn't need any special software, I could set it up on Plan 9 by putting a hget (curl equivalent) call followed by a sleep in a while true loop

possible downside: no direct signup, you gotta use some OAuth provider

but it seems like it's all donation driven

I've used in the past. Any drawbacks? Will they steal all my data and come home and take my plants from me?

I need a DynamicDNS host for my home server, what do you fediversians use?

I'm enjoying some of the episodes in Love, Death & Robots, but I'm slightly disappointed that "adult" and "nsfw" apparently just means "as many naked women as the story will allow".

I mean, hetero guy here, I definitely enjoy naked women. But I find it ridiculous that they're fine with showing a fully exposed woman, but as soon as a dick is gonna be on screen they go "hold it right there! That dick ain't gonna ruin this shot!"

Seriously? 🙄

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