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Hace poco se formó en Granada el Inquilinato, un sindicato de inquilinos que intenta luchar contra los abusos de los caseros y las situaciones irregulares de alquiler (SPOILER: todas). Tienen una asesoría gratuita un par de veces al mes, y hoy hemos ido a la primera. Es una iniciativa genial, ya iré contando más cositas.

Speaking of Iceland, I just read the title of a song in Icelandic and I think (I think!) I understood it!!!! Reading it out loud sounds really really similar to Swedish!

Hvað Viltu Gera? = Vad vill du göra? = What do you want to do?

I need an Icelandic-Swedish-English speaker to confirm this, please.

It's an interview where they say "It's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism". You cannot not see it.

If you like icelandic anticapitalist bdsm-techno-punk (who doesn't?!), you need to see this interview to Hatari, the band that represented Iceland in Israel's Eurovision and that pulled Palestinian flags as soon as the camera framed them:

Good morning!
How are you, fediversians? What are you doing today?
I'll read Ett drömspel, by August Strindberg, after work because we're seeing Bergman's adaptation of it tomorrow in our last Swedish lesson. (I'm both really sad and extremely relieved about this semester's lessons finishing)

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I've only seen the first episode of the first season of Game of Thrones, but I'm meeting my friends tomorrow to see the last episode of the last season.

Mobilizon, the upcoming open federated alternative to Facebook Events, has reached its first crowdfunding goal of €20k:

This covers development of the events software itself.

The next goal, €35k, adds federation through ActivityPub, which will let people on the Fediverse share and join events. This could be crucial to helping many more people leave Facebook 👍

You can donate at the link above, and follow them on here at:


#Alternatives #DeleteFacebook

I have my Swedish final exam tomorrow. Please wish me luck :3

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Reading the news this morning, about Madonna's #Eurovision performance last night, the UK media at least seems intent on pretending it didn't happen.

If they mention it at all, they focus on the fact that Israel and Palestine were "hugging", completely ignoring the entire context of gas masks, gender, imagery of war and historic references.

Instead they focus on her singing being a bit flat and claim her fans were "disappointed."

Not this fan.

I know what she did.

Eurovision, Israel, Palestine, Iceland being the next country in which I'll live. (Birdsite link, but it is worth it) Show more

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