It was great having my Fediverse home at @kosmos, but I've always wanted to try new servers.

Let's check how moving an account in the Fediverse feels like. See you at!

How to migrate from one Mastodon server to another without losing followers:

1. Sign up on new server
2. On NEW server: Go to Account -> Moving FROM another account
3. Enter old account's handle
4. On OLD server: Go to Account -> Moving TO another account
5. Enter new account's handle and submit


Computer nerdery, emoji keyboard, bragging 

Not to brag or anything (actually yes), but the emoji layer I made for my keyboardio ( is pretty cool and super handy 😍

It's here if you want to have a look:

If you're familiar with keyboardio firmware stuff: I defined a layer called EMOJI, and defined a bunch of keys in there. Then I made a module (Emoji-Layer-Color) to switch the key colours to yellow while the emoji layer is active. Hej! Jag har en random dum fråga. Kanske du kan hjälpa mig: vad betyder "så det dånar om det"? No entiendo lo que quiere decir y Google no me ayuda :____( Tack så mycket!!

A mis seguidores españoles: ¿os molesta u os da pena de alguna forma que la bandera de España se asocie a la derecha?

(A mí ninguna, la verdad, pero quiero saber vuestra opinión)

The guys in the tractors had way too many Spanish flags*, though.

*In Spain, the Spanish flag is associated with right-wing movements.

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A farmers strike has been collapsing the city the whole day. More than 700 tractors came from the countryside and are crossing the main streets. The view from home has not changed for 6 hours.

Can someone give me all the monies so I can buy all these keyboards?

Git is planning to switch to SHA-256 soon. This is all great news, but the best thing is the command to convert an existing repo to the new hash. It reads like a shitpost and gets better with each argument:

git convert-repo --to-hash=sha-256 --frobnicate-blobs --climb-subtrees --liability-waiver=none --use-shovels --carbon-offsets


If they're angled because they're split, even better :3

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Do you know about commercial, already assembled mechanical keyboards around $150? If they're angled and columnar, then you'll be my hero.

Found this on the ground this morning near Hackescher Markt

If anyone knows Christina from Berlin and Christina wants it back, let me know :BoostOkay:

I'll be in Malmö for a few days. What should I see in the city? I have some hours free on Thursday :3

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