checkout Salliou playing the cas cas on Gorée Island (Senegal):
and support my friend doing a music documentary about those amazing musicians and tunes from Senegal:

Looking for a job working on FOSS?

The free software job feed fossjobs is now on the fediverse, too:

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It’s christmas and I’m second-hand santa! 🎅
Here’s some things I haven’t used in the past year and I’m giving away:

from Dec to Jan my route is: PRG ✈ BCN ✈ SFO ✈ MNL ✈ SIN ✈ TXL 🚍 PRG

Gruber's idea of social media regulation is to make decentralized servers entirely illegal. I'm sure it's just because he's ignorant about the very idea of decentralized services working well enough for people to use daily, and I suppose a lot of other corporate zombie brains make the same mistake. But boy is it myopic.

"Some people buy an iPhone every year; some are on a two-year cycle; others wait for screens to crack, batteries to die, or apps to slow. Nearly all, though, buy another iPhone, making the purpose of yesterday’s keynote less an exercise in selling a device and more a matter of informing self-selected segments which device they will ultimately buy, and for what price."

Thompson on point, as ever:

@raucao plan on going to this year? they've been sold out for a while and I never got a ticket.

@raucao the web app is better than any of the mastodon Android apps I've tried, I'm actually getting notifications now

You can now challenge someone to game of #chess over toots! 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the #fediverse, implementing #activitypub all by itself. 😃

TFW you survive the initial eruption in Pompeii, but then a giant rock punches you in the face:

GitLab open sourced push mirroring and added it core. This is a great win for #decentralization!!! You can now run your own canonical GitLab instance & easily mirror to GitHub for findability.

Read more here:

Another reason why GitLab is #1

#federation #fediverse #decentralize

Is anyone working on a photo sharing platform for the fediverse already?

Finally booked my flight to . Excited to discover Senegal and see everyone again! Better late than never.

shout out to the best password manager ever:
gpg encrypted, git for versioning, yml for metadata, fast & easy to use. <3

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