Be welcome to join us and exchange about all things .

@raucao will share an upcoming ‘read later’ feature in his bookmarking app Webmarks

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2. Thanks to and the community around Just the Docs for helping us focus on documentation without dealing with layout.

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1. now features a new design which can be updated by simply editing text in markdown files

6. Now's a great time to get involved, so please join us at the hangout or say hello :)

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5. There might be some funding opportunities for work on remoteStorage server, implementations. *If you can help with grant-writing please reach out* :)

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4. If you would like to stay current from afar, or receive a monthly digest of what's happening in the community, please subscribe to the new mailing list

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3. Our first monthly gathering is next week. Let’s meet up and exchange about all things .

@rosano will share a first look at the refreshed website.

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chunky update today to the #ZeroData website

- refreshed layout
- events from @remotestorage @fission @Solid
- tools like StorageStack by

see for more details


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If you’d like to see as a one-click install on Heroku, DigitalOcean, or other ‘Platform as a Service’ platforms, please join the conversation here:

Comfortable with your skills and want to contribute a little bit to an important project? Here's a Docker PR waiting for a review:

Emoji Log – Personal tracker

"My new app for measuring progress. You can use it to write journals, observe habits, track statistics." -- @rosano

We're having a public video call about improving and clarifying the RS website(s) this Friday, 3pm UTC. If you're interested in making RS easier to understand for new users and/or developers, please feel free to join us:

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