I use #TiddlyWiki as my first page and sort of bookmarks file, but it's not as convenient to use these days, because it's more difficult to save changes than it used to be in older Firefoxes. So I figured that hmm, how about a wiki that you can use as just a local file, but which uses localStorage?

Seems like quik-wik.5apps.com/ might be one. I'll have a look.

I found it on wiki.remotestorage.io/Apps as it also supports @remotestorage , pretty cool!

There's a whole bunch of apps there actually, I should look it through and try a couple of them out.


remoteStorage.js 1.2.1 released, contains important bugfix for apps supporting Dropbox and GDrive sync: github.com/remotestorage/remot

Version 12 of the remoteStorage spec was published a few days ago. It contains one potentially breaking change for servers, but most should already be compatible:



Know a thing or two about resumable/large file uploads on the Web? Help us add this capability to the remoteStorage protocol: community.remotestorage.io/t/r

remoteStorage.js 1.0.3 released: github.com/remotestorage/remot

Contains an important bugfix for document versioning. Developers: please update to the latest version! 🙏

The rs.js release announcement popped up on Hacker News. Upvotes and comments appreciated, of course: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

Convenient one-click way for supporting remoteStorage and a user-first Web: just star our JS client library on GitHub: github.com/remotestorage/remot 🙏

Aside from improving developer UX and public APIs in 1.0, we also worked hard on a whole new documentation site: remotestoragejs.readthedocs.io

Fun facts: 1st commit to the rs.js repo was on November 5, 2010 by @michielbdejong. Since then, we had 51 people contribute 4393 commits.

... and that's not counting all the work on the new connect widget, modules, and other things.

... 1.0 beta of remoteStorage.js, the reference RS client library, that is.

We're having a contributor meeting for planning the last steps and tasks toward the 1.0 beta release in ~10 minutes on IRC. You're welcome to join us in on Freenode.

Berlin friends: a few RS folks, including spec author Michiel de Jong, will be hanging out at c-base from 8pm tonight. Join us!

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