Armadietto v0.2.0 released, including a UI refresh, updated dependencies, a Content Security Policy for the signup pages, a number of bug fixes, lots of documentation updates, and configurable logging via Winston!

A Docker Hub image will be available as well soon.

TIL about @remotestorage
I was thrilled by the idea that webapps would implement a common storage API and i would just host my own Storage Server (like some Webapps allow you to use Google-Drive or Dropbox) just like i host my own XMPP.
Apparently there is still room for improvement, some servers seem to have stalled development or are not "selfhosting friendly" (i.e. have a docker-compose.yml).
This reminds me of the Solid project, I havent heard of in a while, too 🤔

A new remoteStorage.js 2.0.0 beta has been released, finally works out of the box with TypeScript-based clients:

want to learn how to make #ZeroData apps? check out the shiny new "Hello World" @noeldemartin and i have been working on

with simple integrations of @fission @remotestorage and @Solid

join us at swap 4 today as we explain how they're built

#ZeroData swap 4 will be a 'hello world' presentation with @noeldemartin and i for the simplest implementations for each protocol

(still looking for a volunteer to do an easy @remotestorage or @fission integration)

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Be welcome to join us and exchange about all things .

@raucao will share an upcoming ‘read later’ feature in his bookmarking app Webmarks

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2. Thanks to and the community around Just the Docs for helping us focus on documentation without dealing with layout.

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1. now features a new design which can be updated by simply editing text in markdown files

6. Now's a great time to get involved, so please join us at the hangout or say hello :)

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5. There might be some funding opportunities for work on remoteStorage server, implementations. *If you can help with grant-writing please reach out* :)

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