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Râu Cao @raucao

And no, the "he shouldn't have done it like this" excuse is invalid. The discs were never distributed or used in the first place. And it was 100% Microsoft's choice to hit this good-willed person with the might of their legal team, instead of asking them to do it differently.

@raucao the punishment is too harsh, he should have gotten a fine of maybe 100$ or so at most. What he did was illegal not because of what he distributed, but because he presented it with the logos of Microsoft and Dell (?) as if it were official and sanctioned.

@Matter It doesn't matter how he printed the discs. Microsoft should've slapped him on the wrist and then solved shipped as many discs to him as necessary, because those licenses are all valid. They decided to put him in prison instead. Focussing on how he printed logos is shifting blame to him and distracting from the villain of the story.

@raucao it is clear the "villain" is Microsoft, but what he did is still stupid and he should have known better

@Matter She shouldn't have worn that skirt, I know.