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Râu Cao @raucao

If you use Microsoft software, or even work for them, you support a corporation which just had a man sent to prison for extending computers' lives using *valid Windows licenses*. latimes.com/business/technolog

@raucao If Lundgren was innocent then WHY DID HE PLEAD GUILTY? 🤔

@gme Congrats, you missed the entire point of why the issue is Microsoft trying to enforce their copyright for something they 100% know wasn't piracy. This is not about what a lawyer does as reasonable defense in that case.

@raucao How about the fact that the restore discs are NOT FREE? They cost $25.00 each?

@gme If you're going to keep responding with this kind of completely off-topic BS, I'll have to block you. The cost is NOT for the actual product on the disc. Stop justifying this crap to yourself, just because you support an evil corporation.

@raucao Microsoft is terrible and copyright is barbaric, but have you seen the latest info?


Things may not be as they seem[ed].