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Râu Cao @raucao

Turns out the operating system running on the new Nokia 8110 4G phones is a fork of FirefoxOS: kaiostech.com

It also turns out that the company behind it appears to already be in violation of B2G's license (MPL) by currently not providing the source code.

@raucao maybe Mozilla has all the copyright and sold a special license?

@hugo Doesn't look like it. They're promising to release in order to be compliant: kaiostech.com/faq/#question-14

But last I checked a promise wasn't the same as actually doing it.

@raucao that's sad. was looking forward to get that phone. also liked the idea of ex-firefoxOS on the device.
hope they fix it until it is release.

@bumi Oh, I thought it's released already. If not, then they're not violating the license, of course.

@raucao not yet... at least that phone will only be available some time in May.