Random thought: what if Mastodon/OStatus instances would (optionally) be IPFS nodes, storing all their assets in IPFS and having other instances sync and re-distribute them? What if instance admins paying for AWS or similar could be replaced by community-financed, instance-specific pinning nodes, which retain all content that wasn't accessed recently?

@raucao This is what I've been trying to convince the Nextcloud devs to do for some time now.

@Blort How would it make sense for Nextcloud? Isn't that all private data?

@raucao I run a Nextcloud instance on a home server. It's all private data. If a fire burns down my house, I lose all my data. I don't have friends who self host nor wish to trust my data to some company. With Nextcloud"s encryption of remote storage and ipfs, all my data would be encrypted and stored across the network. If my house burns down, I just set up a new server and get my data back from the network.

@Blort But (as far as I know) it's not "stored across the network" if it's only your encrypted private data, is it? I think it's only ever cached on other nodes, when they actually request the file. And it's only staying on the nodes reliably, if they pin the file.

So I don't see how this is great for backing up private data, while sharing public files, like e.g. images in the fediverse, would make a lot of sense.

@raucao Another scenario... I share a cat gif with a friend who shares it with a uni student friend who shares it with the hundreds/thousands of students at a large university. Without ipfs, my poor little home server is effectively ddos'd and promptly crashes. With ipfs, all of the network nodes with the file kick in and help distribute the file. For the people far away from my server, they also get the file much faster from computers closer to their location.

@raucao essentially #ipfs provides remote, distributed #backups and basic #cdn functionality which competitors like #googledrive and #Dropbox have but someone #selfhosting can't get without a ton of very technical work.

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