"I very recently worked on the Edge team, and one of the reasons we decided to end EdgeHTML was because Google kept making changes to its sites that broke other browsers, and we couldn't keep up."

@raucao @gaditb

although see this comment from the replies:


First, I can find nowhere that Chrome claimed to have better video-watching battery life (in fact, popular tech sites mention improving but still worse[1]).

Second, the only dip I can find in the public Edge battery life tests[2] was

April 2017 - 12.5 hours

Dec 2017 - 16 hours

May 2018 - 14.3 hours

vs Chrome's 9.3, 13.5, and 12.5 hours. Which means whatever happened last spring, Chrome also dipped."

@nightpool @gaditb FF has the same issues with YouTube. It's not a one-off thing. They keep making things worse for other browsers with no reason other than boosting Chrome usage.

@raucao @gaditb i'm just saying, it looks like ff edge and chrome all had the same issues with youtube.

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