Only big life decision today - where to live next in . This time, we chose another centuries old converted townhouse/apartment situation near a World Heritage site.

Walked through a World Heritage Site, Megalithic Temples of Malta are known as 'the oldest free-standing monuments in the world'. They date from ca. 3000 B.C.

The Gigantija temples, re-opened in Oct 2020.

Another one for restaurants - went to Maldonado restaurant which offers cuisine and the 'modern' Maltese cuisine. In a cellar underground!

Pictured: salted local fish for starter, duck breast with lentils as a main.

Love the look of the restaurant outside

Good food, good wine🍷 and great hospitality.

A shame seeing it empty on a Saturday night.

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Went to a restaurant in . Great service, homely .

Starter: grilled asparagus, caprese salad, pasta.
Main: fish of the day, specialty dish "Pork de Vulcana" & Sicilian New Year's Eve/Christmas type of meat dish.

Finished with wine🍷

, the first capital of , a fortified city, served as the island's capital from antiquity to the medieval period. Mdina is on the tentative list of World Heritage Sites.

(may not be oldest free standing structure but pretty old.)

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World Heritage site, Ġgantija Temples, are the oldest, free-standing monuments in the world (3600-3200 BC). A testament to the Island's inhabitation for at least 1,000 years before the pyramids of Giza were constructed.

Went to a mountain 'cave' area and spotted a cat roaming around the area who is pretty famous.


1. Cacti w/ pears. Roosters/chickens are around, not sure if these are owned but they were def defending territory!
2. Three story houses like these are pretty common. They usually keep the original facade but have colorful features.
3. Sleepy villages around

The three centuries old house that we are renting in has the most amazing details - everywhere just antique furniture, original Maltese tiles, all 3 bathrooms have the same vintage British bathroom wares, vintage kitchen design, and more.

There is also an underground cellar hidden under a thick glass pane under the dining room table, which you can illuminate with a switch. We spy a lot of vintage wine bottles and there is a ladder one can take to go under.

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