Two men drinking beers on an inflatable mattress off the coast of Western Australia became stranded at sea on Saturday when the wind picked up and dragged them two-and-a-half miles out into the Indian Ocean.

Went for a walk all around the blocks of Boxhagener Platz for the first time in three months! I have been away from all this time.

Restaurants closed seems pretty worn and depressing especially with people not bothering to clean up after themselves.

There were also a few new places that I haven't seen before.

Bought a red velvet cupcake with some sprinkles and a cappuccino to go :)

Really glad I went on the Genesis Mining train when they had available. Too bad I didn't extend my subscription but back then, the payouts were small.

I did mining also. Now it looks like they are completely oversubscribed with subscription costs n-folding.

Starlink gets French licence but deployment itself proves contentious

Watching Nadiya Bakes on Netflix and I think I definitely want to make the Chicken, Brie, Cranberry and Pink Pepper Pithivier

Baking chocolate brownie mix that I bought from the bio shop and sprinkled large sicilian pistachios on top.

There is a slew of opportunities rn in bitcoin, blockchain, etc. It is very unlike back in 2017, when I last looked into being in this area where I dabbled in a bit of solidity amongst other things.

A woman and a bird watching a cat watching a bucket of fish besides a man watching for fish.

From Lufthansa about to touch down Berlin. There are some snow covered streets and the ice has started breaking off from the river.

Walked past film crew in doing filming for German Das Boot!

These are some old school Portugese taxis. They had a pop up film location which makes it looks like it is 1910s Portugal with this painted outdoor cafe set.

Went for a long walk along the fish/weekend market at which is a fishing village in the south of , had lunch and a lot more walking along the bay and into farmland.
In the foreground is the traditional Luzzu boat

Went for a walk around the bay at and saw this interesting single-person boats practicing around a giant LNG called the (

Currently at Latitude / Longitude: 35.75539° / 14.66514° - you can track them at

(Throwback) Friday night drinks starting on the roof terrace

Clinking glass with the local saint before doing a restaurant crawl...

Valletta architecture with the traditional Maltese balconies, harmonized colours, intricate detail and natural stone facade make these liveable apartment buildings look so eloquent today 💎 💙

Had a delicious meal at Oleander restaurant!
Beef and pork ravioli with veal jus, duck breast with cranberry and dessert. Had a complementary shot of amarettu and limoncello. w/ @raucao

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