Volcano time! About two hours from

Santa Ana and volcano crater lake, Lake Coatapeque.

Delicious food in Brutto, San Salvador. A table full of ers and we walked past Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert (well not me, but other people).

Squirrel Eye Brewing in San Salvador! The @bkero and @raucao happy place

Mmm....all the seafoof so far!

Crab ceviche
Conch shells with pork on top
Calamari and shrimp ceviche
Shrimp and coconut ceviche

Nice breakfast view post New Year's Eve - the hotel pagoda still with some empty bottles on it 😅 then I did a HIIT at the treadmill

Happy new Year from El Salvador!
Fireworks still ongoing at 3am. 🧨 🎇

Outdoor dining in El Salvador! Good to escape European winter and opt for 🌞🌞

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