I can't reliably get ember-cli to work on Windows, which is a bummer. I should probably try to debug the problem I'm running into (any file change results in some broccoli error I don't understand) but right now I need the raw productivity.

Somehow I massively enjoy coding whenever it involves even moderate amounts of math. I'm not really good at it, but it's still fun. It's one of the moments I also really enjoy test driven development, probably because it's so easy to come up with good test cases.

Sometimes I write code and 24 hours later I'm just scratching my head.

My code just tried to write to an s3 file using File.write (in ruby). Yeah, no idea what made me write that.

I went through the Golang tutorial yesterday because I suspect it’s the best choice for a very specific thing I want to build and it was ... not terrible. I expected to hate the language more.

Now I’ll only need to build the thing. Ahem.

Playing around with WSL2 and the new Windows Terminal. This stuff will be awesome when it's ready.

It is not ready yet :)

So it seems that @write_as bots saw the plain URLS I added to the post as spam and auto blocked them, it didn't have anything to do with the content.

I'm now able to make the post jsut fine, take a look.


At least this year I managed to get a proper Fan before they completely sold out everywhere.

Makes these 27°C in my living room slash office a bit more bearable.

Also, I'm trying to solve that one bottleneck in my Ruby synth code that keeps bugging me.

Dancing in my chair to Egoless - Empire of Dirt. This track gets me.

The other passengers seem to be a bit irritated.

After playing around with the deprecated GitBook and then with VuePress for a moment (on a recommendation) I finally did the right thing and used Jekyll with the just-the-docs theme to generate my auxilliary documentation for my talk.

1. It's ruby, so other ruby developers can understand
2. I know it well and was able to quickly do it what I want it to do
3. Profit.

(Let's see how I feel about this on Saturday during Euruko when I'll give my talk... 😂)

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On my first night back home I slept well, reasonable amount of hours and within normal hours. That's a good sign, right?

In general I think I coped with jetlag on this trip much better than I feared, but part of it might also be that we sort of never completely left the euro timezone while staying in singapore...

Trying to simulate sound waves through air with a processing sketch and my math completely fails me. A sinewave for displacement sort of works but doesn't really drive the point home.

Playing around with Inkscape and Synfig to create some drawings and animations for my Euruko talk.

This is fun!

What's it with these people who write you "personal" emails and then say "If you don't want to hear from me again, click unsubscribe"?

Some nice sound effect out there right now, I always love how thunder quickly gets this almost flanging sound in the city, when it's trapped between buildings.


I have a talk to write and a feature to deliver. Get your bloody fucking ass up and stop pitying yourself, you rich white privileged arsehole.

(A test if self-insult would work)

These standups are going to be not fun for a while, better get used to it, I guess.

bruh so I'm so excited for entropic (the work of @ceejbot and crew).

Watched her talk on the software commons invidio.us/watch?v=MO8hZlgK5zc and I'm glad more work is being done in this space - especially for the Web

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