Finally played my first live set using at and I was quite happy with how it turned out. I have lots of ideas already on how to make better, though.

In other news, Improjam is almost ready for prime time...

On my way to Munich, to give my Depfu talk at RubyShift tonight. Taking the train, as one should.

Spent the weekend chasing a really weird npm related bug on Windows where npm stops finding binaries in node_modules/.bin/. Still not sure what causes it.

(In case you're wondering why I bother with Windows: I need to run my Music software while running the app I'm building.)

Last note: I am surprised how little the ember ecosystem (especially older addons like ember-modal-dialog) care for Accessibility.

We need to change that!

Also: Don't use Modals if you don't have to. They. Are. A. Pain. In. The. Rear. To. Get. Right. In. Screen. Readers.

Workin on making your web app more accessible usually feels great for me, because I know that I make it available to more people.

This week was a week of research, and also a week of frustration, though. I'm fighting my framework and also addons to that framework to make the app behave in a screen reader.

Also, german VoiceOver on a mac on an english app is surprisingly shitty. I know a lot of people who swear by VoiceOver but 50% of the time, it can't even pronounce it's own name.

TFW a subdependency is updated to a new minor version and breaks your build process...

Ordered a very specific part for my coffee machine (afaik only sold by one small online store) and after one and a half week they tell me (after I asked) that the part is out of stock and will be for another 2-3 weeks.

This is why you want to automate this part of your logistics. I personally am okay with waiting, but an early heads up would have made this interaction so much better.

Drinking 1.5l of green tea after 6pm probably wasn’t my greatest idea. Oh well, this will be a very mondayish monday...

One of my biggest joys of this project was how easy it was to drive the Ableton Push 2 display via a standard web canvas using libusb bindings within Electron.

(if you're interested and you have a Push 2, here's the npm module I built for that:

, my new Web MIDI live jamming software for is slowly coming together. This weekend is fully dedicated to get it to a playable state so that I can focus on rehearsing for the first appearance in mit October.

Maybe I'll manage to shoot a quick video later tonight, it really has come a long way.

Also, the Code Helper process with the >100% of CPU usage would often claim more than 3 GB of memory. I've run out of mem for the first time since I upgraded this machine to 20 GB.

Currently, Sublime swallows a whooping 250 MB. Much more acceptable.

And yeah, I should probably, at some point relieve this 2011 iMac of it's duties.

Suddenly, I can't get CPU usage of VS Code under control. The watcher consistently uses ~ 120% of CPU on this ancient iMac. Tried to disable extensions but nothing seems to help.

Now trying Sublime for the first time in ages. The startup time is jawdroppingly short for someone who used Atom and VS Code for the last few years.

Let's see how this goes.

The difference in sugar tolerance between the UK and Germany always surprises me. I brought home some Lemsip Max last time I was there and today seems to be a good day to use it (It's a cold medicine to be dissolved in hot water). On the package it says "...if preferred, sweeten to taste with sugar, honey or your usual sweetener".

This stuff is so sweet on its own it's making my teeth ache.

Hm, that did not work. My pixelfed account is now shown as "awaiting approval" but my Mastodon account does not appear in the "Follow Requests" list. @raucao any ideas? Does need to be approved at your end?

Wonderful. First day below 10°C and I already feel a cold coming up. (And with that I mean I have a seriously sore throat)

Protip: I just spent 20 minutes to find out on how to follow my pixelfed account from within Mastodon. Turns out you can simply type any ActivityPub username into the mastondon search box and it will allow you to follow from there.

(Protip as in n00b tip)

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