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& 0xF @halfbyte@kosmos.social

Slowly trying to restart my efforts. soundcloud.com/halfbyte/wb1832

Shoutout to @rktic@twitter.com and his dub techno production video that pretty much inspired the track: youtube.com/watch?v=P4MjP-83Wz

A stone will be thrown at the state, and a stone will be thrown at the churches.

Bei welchem Auto-Hersteller (oder Interessenverband) wird @OlafScholz@twitter.com nach Beendigung seiner politischen Laufbahn anheuern? Wetten werden angenommen.

Ich habe gerade bei 33°C innerhalb von 45 Minuten 3 mal den Weg zur Freundin geschafft, dabei meine radtasche verloren, den Weg abgesucht, die Tasche bei der Polizei abgeholt und die Freundin zum Freibad-Besuch abgeholt.

Ich schwitze leicht und bin dem ehrlichen Finder dankbar.

Hier, Dings, @erotte@twitter.com, Geburtstag, Glückwunsch und so!

Hier, Dings, @erotte@twitter.com, Geburtstag, Glückwunsch und so!

The universe is incredibly kind to me/ us this year. For three years in a row we tried to do a proper summer vacation and each year something bad happened. This year, it’s finally happening and Sweden surprised us with the most gorgeous summer in ages. 🙏🌞👌

(I'm asking for a couple of our (@depfu@twitter.com) customers who will be very unhappy to find out on monday that they can't deploy their app anymore because @railsassets@twitter.com is down.)

Huh. Should we consider @railsassets@twitter.com dead now or did someone just forget to renew a hosting/domain contract?

(http points to a namecheap domain holder page, https is dead)

Ich habe gestern das erste mal in meinem Leben einen Uhu in freier Wildbahn gesehen (purer Zufall natürlich) und ich finde ihr solltet wissen wie sehr mich das freut.

Hey, @nodesecurity@twitter.com, what are the plans for replacing the advisories API within npm? Will third party tools have a way to query these or will the npm client be the only window into that data?

Asking for a friend, of course.

TIL that Killer Wifi cards (Very popular with Ultrabooks like the XPS but also my Razer Stealth) might require a FW upgrade to your router. "Killer" indeed.

Just when you thought Wifi should be solved by now.

You can use tiqui-taca to make your opponent dizzy or to lull you opponent to sleep.

What a nice game of football. I almost forgot how entertaining this can be.

These were probably the worst 270 minutes I've ever seen the german football team play. I would really love to know what made them so insecure and ineffective. Fascinating group psychology case.

Psychisch und Mental ganz schwierig.

I for one am happy to pay for a @gittower@twitter.com subscription, because it significantly ups the chance that it will be around for longer.

People now complain about having to pay $69 per year and I just wonder if these people ever actually did the math on this.

Na, wer von Euch sucht gerade Experten für „sonar Indexierung“?