Really annoying: I came back from a vacation on Thursday and my brain insists that today must be tuesday. Not that there's anything bad of having a weekend when you think the week just started, but I'm making all kinds of weird decisions and also I WOKE UP WAY TOO EARLY TODAY. :)

And now we wait for the DHL tracking to update...

(Also, it's really not just a "boring PC" but my first completely fanless computer. No moving parts at all, to be exact. Until I try the HD silencer addon I ordered with it, to be exact.)

Got the shipping notification for my new Computer. Even though it's just a boring PC, I'm giddy like a child getting a PlayStation.

I may have just ordered my first classic „big grey box“ style PC (it’s black, tho) since probably something like 15 years. I’m really curious to see how this will work out.

16GB, a TB SSD, no fans or moving parts, Intel i5, 6 cores, a passively cooled GTX1050 TI.

Should arrive in a week or so.

Good news are good.

These news are so good that they call for a celebratory whisky tonight.

My OS wants to correct Sysex to Sexy and while I think this is accurate, I'm not sure this opinion is shared by many.

(In case you are not familiar with the term: Sysex stands for System Exclusive and is a message type in the MIDI specification, one of my favorite tech specs - Rocking the crowd since 1983)

Weird coincidence? A colleague was calling me on Skype, which crashed on my Windows machine and after that all my Wifi was completely broken.

Been really happy with Sublime Merge as my Git UI for the last few weeks. The conflict resolution view alone would be worth it. Finally bought a business license today.

Latest 3D Print: a replacement hook for my SO‘s bathtub cushion. Modelled by taking a few measurements on the non broken (transparent) original.

I didn’t print it in transparent material because I wanted to try out the GreenTec pro material and also even printed with a transparent filament the result would look wildly different from the original.

When I got my 3D printer, I got it because they finally became so cheap I couldn't resist, and I always wanted to have one, without any real applications. So far most of the stuff I designed and printed is super practical stuff, often repairing things where a simple piece of plastic broke. It essentially became a repair super power.

Surprisingly, my biggest fear, namely that I had no experience at all in 3d construction, was no issue at all. I am by no means a pro, but I manage fine.

Nice moment when the panic sets in when the test suite suddenly fails drastically after a browser update. Chrome 72 seems to introduce subtle changes in Array/TypedArray interaction with stricter range checking or something.

So far it looks like we have an error in the way our test fixtures are created but holy moly, that's nice monday myth material.

Starting an interesting experiment: Each evening, trying to log our daily mood and how productive the day fel to us.

So far, we've already tried to sum up mood and how productive we felt in our regular sync calls and meetings but it's hard to accurately sum up a quarter or even a month in hindsight.

Anyone else doing similar things?

I for one really look forward to see how this experiment turns out.

This offsite so far has produced 11 magic flipchart sheets full of review data and future strategy. Much needed break from the daily grind to first look back and then forward to an exciting year ahead.

It just occurred to me that scientific arguments probably often lose out to political counter arguments because the scientific method always has uncertainties built in and scientists are used to communicate their results including these. A politician with an agenda doesn’t need to do that. They can broadcast bold lies with absolute certainty. A scientist, by definition, can’t.

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