Trying to simulate sound waves through air with a processing sketch and my math completely fails me. A sinewave for displacement sort of works but doesn't really drive the point home.

Playing around with Inkscape and Synfig to create some drawings and animations for my Euruko talk.

This is fun!

What's it with these people who write you "personal" emails and then say "If you don't want to hear from me again, click unsubscribe"?

Some nice sound effect out there right now, I always love how thunder quickly gets this almost flanging sound in the city, when it's trapped between buildings.


These standups are going to be not fun for a while, better get used to it, I guess.

bruh so I'm so excited for entropic (the work of @ceejbot and crew).

Watched her talk on the software commons and I'm glad more work is being done in this space - especially for the Web

I <3 that @ceejbot had "promote federation" listed as an explicit goal of

(also I have to admit I didn't get the naming pun at first, probably because of too little sleep at . Such a good multi level troll and one of the best domain puns/hacks ever)

First day back in real life after the utopia and after a weekend of warmth and sun today is gloomy and it looks like it will rain all day. That's a bit thick, isn't it, universe?

There it is, our first Post-Satellite cancellation. From a "friend" as well.

Oh well.


Depfu stood the risk of being sherlocked by GitHub for a while, as basically any service is that builds on a platform that's not your own. We were hoping for it to happen a little later, but there you go.

No, I'm not having a particularly good day, thanks for asking.

It's currently hard to see this as a chance rather than a risk, but we'll do our best to use the upcoming weeks to figure out how to turn this around.

That was one heck of a productive day today. Did a bunch of remote pairing, test driven development and we even got nice closure in form of a feature deployed to a staging instance that worked.

By now I'm pretty sure I could write a book on the subtle differences between the different ways to specify dependency versions in different languages/ eco systems.

The spec Elixir uses looks a lot like the Ruby one, but, yeah, no.

I am happy to report that my noise cancelling headphones together with some Amorphous Androgynous are very good at removing that construction noise that suddenly appeared in this building.

What a relief to have a proper large screen in front of me again.

Bye, England. Had a lovely two weeks with awesome colleagues, but now I’m also really happy to get home.

Let’s just put it this way, I’m really fortunate to know a couple of people who turn something that could be a pretty substantial struggle into something quite effortless and even enjoyable.

This goes out to all of you. I wish I could say „you know who you are“ but I’m afraid you really don’t and so the one thing I can do is to really make sure you know that it’s you I’m talking about.

It’s not necessarily gonna happen here but I promise it’s gonna happen regardless.

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