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What to expect at Hacker Beach:

* Hacking, not cracking
* FOSS creation and contribution galore (non-programmers explicitly welcome)
* Also get your day job done if you want/must
* Fantastic weather
* Outdoor activity options like e.g. hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba-diving, mountain-biking. (Lots of us learned diving during past editions.)
* Explore the wider region, esp. before/after your time at the official location
* Whatever you want to make it. Hacker Beach is just people.

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Hi fediverse! Hacker Beach is a month-long, spontaneous, self-organized gathering of hackers and like-minded people on a tropical island (or coast). It happens every year in January, since 2012.

We mostly communicate and plan via IRC, but you can find some stuff and links on our notoriously outdated website:

Join us next January for our 6th adventure!

We're slowly starting to think about locations for next January.

Anyone has tips for magical places among the Pacific islands in the Oceania/Asia-Pacific region? We have a gap to fill...

TFW a random coconut drops on the ground next to you, cracks enough to not need a machete for opening it, and you blend your own frozen coco to enjoy nature's gift.

One by one, more hackers are slowly arriving on the beach. Still time to book a flight and join us in beautiful El Salvador!

Sunsets on the beach, morning swims in the pool, spare bedrooms for $30 a night, and the people around you actually know what you're talking about. Sounds good? It is!

We could have also chosen "sunsets and pupusas" as the motto for this January's @hackerbeach.

Planned sessions and meetups will most likely happen in El Tunco and El Zonte from the middle of January on. Please propose sessions in the wiki, on chat, or here!

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To clarify the official location: we'll be hanging out in the middle of the La Libertad coast, in the area between Puerto de La Libertad, and El Zonte (Bitcoin Beach).

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Happy New Year, everyone! We're in the process of publishing more info for this January's Hacker Beach #10 in our wiki:

@antifarben Most meetups and hangouts during Hacker Beach are rather casual and without specific topics set. Sometimes we do sessions, unconf-style, like talks, discussions, workshops. Topics were all over the place really, but we traditionally had a lot of Web and Linux people around.

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@antifarben Hey there. Replying to your question on birdsite here. Who needs birdsite? ;)

As a mostly completely unorganized gathering, we suck at publishing session schedules and even photos. No social media department here.

You can find photos of previous editions on our old Flickr groups (linked on the website) or randomly on Twitter, Instagram, Fedi. Would actually be nice if could collect photos of past editions from people for our Episode 10 party in January!

Hackers and like-minded humans, take a break from winter and normies this coming January and join us for waves and volcanos in the beautiful country of El Salvador!

Hackers and like-minded humans, take a break from winter and normies this coming January and join us for waves and volcanos in the beautiful country of El Salvador!

General chat has mostly moved from IRC to our invite-only XMPP channel. Please send us a DM here if you're interested in joining, but you don't have the contact of a Hacker Beach regular to invite you there.

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Pre-announcement: our location for next January has been decided. We are going to La Libertad in El Salvador!

Blog post coming soon. But you can already book your travels to El Salvador today!

Some people will already show up before NYE. But, as always, anytime within the month of January, there should be other hackers around.

Greetings from Mazatlán, Mexico. Its a HackerBeach of one.

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