@Gargron @jeffcliff its bizarre, people don't really get the #fediverse yet. They want a podium to shout and some sort of captive audience that will "follow" and "like" them to stroke their egos

Its more like real life. You build an instance, a community. You keep some people out if thats what it takes. Replicating the toxicity of twitter and facebook is not what we want.

I hope this panicking over imaginary fuel shortages is the wakeup call the government/councils/etc needed to get a wriggle on creating better and more affordable public transport and better (available would be a start in almost all places) EV infrastructure and affordable electric vehicles for people that still need them

How Germany saves the world climate:
my neighbors get PAID to put up e-car charging stations.
none of them has a car and the yard(not public accessible + actually too small for cars of today’s size) is currently used only to park bikes of 11 families. yay politics…

To-day is the seventh anniversary of Scotland's independence vote. It is a bittersweet memory.

The weeks and months leading up to the vote were some of the best times of my life. I made so many new friends. The possibility of making a better place felt within our grasp.

However, even though the vote was a resounding Yes in my home area, overall we lost by a narrow margin.

It was the best of times, and the worst of times.

Let's do it again.

#OTD #politics #Yes #Scotland #independence

Ich sehe Dich in allem Kleinen, allem Zerbrechlichen, all den übersehenen Momenten am Wegesrand...
#outerworld #photography #smartphonephotography

Anti-abuse tools which rely on centralized, wholesale surveillance, particularly when such a mechanism is the primary revenue model of that centralized system, can only get more and more abusive to users over time.

Gothic Forest Troll: Schedule August 2021

Su, 01
4-8 pm EST/22-02 CET

Su, 08
4-8 pm EST/22-02 CET

Th, 12
Extra Edition
4-7 pm EST/22-01 CET

Su, 22
4-8 pm EST/22-02 CET

Th, 26
Extra Edition
4-7 pm EST/22-01 CET

Su, 29
4-8 pm EST/22-02 CET


And in the end, everything was silent …

All these things, they fit very well together. That sad, sad post punk, that depressive punk rock, and that very very .. mellowing .. atmospheric black metal. They so much fit, fit my moods so very well. Dont they with yours, too?



Black’N’Deather 2021-07-04: Somewhere, anywhere

Recording of the live show of July 4th, 2021, is up at Mixcloud.

In a dreamy-like state, the foggy mourning, a speck of melancholy. When the sun rises, and the fog flows across the trees, and all is silent, but a distant, lonely croak of a raven ..


Wie verantwortungslos App-Entwickler mit Gesundheitsdaten umgehen, sieht man aktuell an Doctolib. Da gingen sensible Gesundheitsdaten an Facebook und Google. Diese Inkompetenz sollte hart sanktioniert werden. Unfuckingfassbar. 😡


Die deutsche Bundesregierung verfolgt eine strikte KI Politik: Keine Informationen (nach außen)

Hier gabs diese Woche heftigen Hagel. Unsre Autowerkstatt wird überrannt von Kunden mit zerstörten Fensterscheiben.

Und auch das ist wieder ein Beispiel dafür, wie die Klimakatastrophe mit den zunehmenden Extremwetterlagen eben nicht alle gleichermaßen trifft, sondern die soziale Schere weiter aufspannt. Diesmal hat's die getroffen, die zwar ein Auto, aber keine Garage dafür haben. Und die Reparaturkosten sind für die einen lästig, den anderen reißen sie ein Loch in die Haushaltskasse.

So Fediverse! Ich bin immernoch auf der Suche nach #scala EntwicklerInnen. Wir (Crossengage) haben Büros in Hamburg und Berlin, arbeiten aber viel remote und das wird auch so bleiben. Erfahrung schadet natürlich nicht, viel wichtiger ist jedoch Bock auf was zu lernen, oder auch uns beizubringen. Bei Fragen gerne melden. Würde mich freuen, wenn der Beitrag fleißig geteilt wird.

Warum sollte man den Kühlschrank immer leise aufmachen?
Weil der Orangensaft konzentriert ist.

Coming up in a bit: Black'N'Deather - my sunday live show where I torture people with overmodulated moderation .. and and whatever rocks the boat :D
Regular times - WEEKLY - Sunday, 4 - 9 pm EST / 22:00 - 03:00 CET / 20:00 - 01:00 UTC+0 .. multicast at www.MetalDevastationRadio.com AND .. *drumroll* twitch.tv/gothicforesttroll :)

Wir machen dann auch wieder so ne olle Labertaschen-Sendung auf Twitch // We are now commencing a chatterbox show on Twitch :D

Also, Freitag, 04.06.2021, 19:30 - open end // Friday, 4th June of 2021, 1:30 pm EST - open end / 17:30 UTC+0

Official announcement: wp-devil.com/code-of-dark-joy-
Twitch: twitch.tv/gothicforesttroll

Beware Linux users of Studio - the 27 release BREAKS the drag & drop functionality. DO NOT UPGRADE, if you want a properly working interface. Apparently it was decided on the fly, right before the release, to disable it.


The only "workaround" is to downgrade to the previous version - if available. In case of Ubuntu + the PPA, you have to downgrade to 25 and install the linux-browsersource plugin, too (github.com/bazukas/obs-linuxbr).

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