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Herr Ginsterbusch @ginsterbusch@kosmos.social

“This is my friend TJ, wearing a costume she made for Halloween, 1977”

If you're like me and prefer your comics to be DRM-free, comixology.com is having both a line-wide Fantagraphics sale and a 'buy one, get one free' Image sale at the moment. That's a lot of really good comics.

“System Font Stack | CSS-Tricks”

More sites are using system fonts than you think.

Gerade den Schrank nach Datenträgern aller Art durchsucht. Ist das schon Kunst oder kann das weg?

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Oh my God. Overloaded brain, or what? I just realized today that FE stands for front-end. I mean, I knew when people were talking about it that it was a different front, but my brain just didn't make the connection.

Looks like some rest did me good. 😂🤣

i don't think enough people realise that the reason currency came into existence and its primary function today isn't for the easy exchange of goods but rather for the accumulation of wealth beyond what can be justified as personal use

:: shuffles to microphone :::: shuf
:: awkwardly stares at shoes ::
:: clears throat, looks up ::

...Uhm, hello? Anybody there?
I'm new here. I'm a software engineer living in SF Bay Area. Very curious about social.coop in particular and in general about better ways of interacting, working and being together and in society.

:: waves ::
#introduction #sfbayarea #SocialCoop

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@Gargron And the community is still mostly white guys.

It doesn't seem like folks are trying to manipulate you into anything, but rather just listen to the folks that aren't white guys, because quite frankly they aren't harassed as frequently as others are.

If that's the kind of app you want to build, so be it, but so many people are expressing their willingness to help.

Take advantage of that.

@Are0h @Gargron Having both tech and social leadership responsibilities to a large, heterogeneous, and demanding community is crazy hard. Everyone will speak to you as though their needs are the most urgent, legitimate, obvious, logical...

the last time I tried to think outside the boks a coyote showed up screaming about his cluckers