@ihavebigtits @flocky become the cute girl at the other side of the bar then fuck your clone, classic move, good solution

Writing a whole bunch of e-mails today - so far all of them but one were encrypted. Once you have the public keys, it's really a no brainer.

And people say #GnuPG is dead? 🙃

"The unstoppable takeover of the art world by the biennial form is evidenced by the nearly 250 biennials operating globally, listed by the Biennial Foundation’s Directory of Biennials. [...] The term ‘biennialisation’ is not just used to describe this proliferation but how, in the words of the critic Terry Smith, ‘biennials have become structural within the contemporary visual arts exhibitionary complex’."


Since Haskell has software transactional memory and parallel map, I think it is great for utilizing all CPU cores.

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If only it was a H*eckFriend

cw: lewd spam

There is action going on in the wastelands: A new sibling called ClassicPress, with the goal to provide WP without Gutenberg and LTS updates for the next 2 years to come.
Which made my heart beat lighter again, because with in the core, the near future looked really grim.

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