Woran erinnert mich "Barbaren" auf Netflix bloß ... ach, richtig. Daran:
What does "Barbarians" on Netflix remind me of ...? Right. Of this:

In Schleswig-Holstein haben wir 250 Wörter für Regen. Gerade fieselt es in #Kiel.

i thought that's what he said but i'm not sure that's what he meant...

I am:
⚪ Male
⚪ Female
🔘 standing over my sink eating shredded cheese straight from the bag

til when the sun burns through all the hydrogen at its core and exits the main sequence to become a red giant, the habitable zone will move out to (at one point) encompass only saturn, uranus, and neptune

from carlsaganinstitute.cornell.edu

Currently watchen "Speedcubers" on Netflix .. the condescending way the father of Max Park talks about his son really makes to want me .. hurl. "Diagnosed with Autism"" ... "We just cried our eyes out" ... and the beat goes on with: "Emotionally he is just like a 9 - 10 year old" .. ugh.

The actual phrase would be: "Im Strahl kotzen wollen" (wanting to projectile vomit).

@siina@cute.science.so .. you're twitching, too? niiice. just subscribed (in advanced) :)

I'm mostly hanging around and listening to music shows, but I dont mind bothering other people's non-music shows, too :D

My hobby isn't so much 3D printing as it is repeatedly breaking and repairing a 3D printer


Automated suspicion: The EU’s new travel #surveillance initiatives. Personal data will be screened against a panoply of national, EU and international databases. Almost all the legislation governing these systems has now been put in place https://vimeo.com/437830786

ZDF baut Angebot frei lizenzierter Bildungsinhalte aus

Es war ein Experiment. Im Oktober letzten Jahres veröffentlichte die ZDF-Dokureihe Terra X erstmals Videos unter einer freien, Wikipedia-kompatiblen Lizenz. Die kurzen Erklärvideos zur Klimakrise wurden kurz darauf in diverse Wikipedia-Artikel zum Thema eingebunden, unter anderem in die vielbesuchten Artikel zu »Klimawandel« und »Klimamodell«. blog.schockwellenreiter.de/202 #ZDF #freieBildungsinhalte

There's so much more space in my bookcase for Le Guin now

Liebe Freunde des gepflegten Alteisens: Ihr kennt sicherlich alle Laser Disc. So eine Art frühe Version von DVD mit Medien, so groß wie Schallplatten. Und naja … für sowas gab’s natürlich auch Recorder. Zumindest in der Profi-Liga: youtu.be/KQ-yIsrOUU8 #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing

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