Based on @yuki's suggestion, I moved up "Ascendance of a Bookworm" up my #anime watchlist

I'm only on episode 2 and it's already more interesting in both character and premise than most series in the #Isekai genre I've seen so far

Pacing is reserved, but it matches the story

Animation quality is also better than similar adaptations (I've learned to become weary of online-to-anime mills). The animation studio is Ajia-do and the experience shows

I think I like this

What's going to be especially interesting about Elon saying he "supports Bitcoin" now, is when people ask the entrepreneur who pushed electric cars to the mainstream, and built solar energy plants, solar panels, and the largest battery plants on the planet (by a wide margin), about why he thinks that the energy sacrifice of bitcoin mining is neither murdering us by climate death, nor a mechanism that can easily be replaced by a political or crony-capitalist one, such as PoS for example.

@ginsterbusch Zurzeit ist das tatsächlich recht angenehm ausbalanciert zwischen Calls/Organisation, Infrastruktur/Debian/Docker-Kram und dem Schreiben von Code. Sehr angenehm. 🙂

I want to reply to most tweets with "have you tried not worrying about it"

Wondering whether or not its a good idea to order pizza and then open the door just wearing a bathrobe? ... Out of the shower and am fricken hungry! xD

I cannot fucking wait to hear a girl power CIA agent story someday

I wished people would scan schematics with a quality better than "garbage pixels"

@dashie it's very simple one side measures centimeters and the other tells you random numbers

I think it's clear to me that the kinds of border-oriented tooling of allow/deny lists is already struggling to keep up, especially in meeting the needs of those most vulnerable. As the fediverse grows, the problem will grow worse.

On this category is a lot of the research I'm doing... but admittedly at this time it's probably frustrating to hear me say any of that, because what is really needed is code in peoples' hands. I hope I can demonstrate something better...

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Quick while the Mastodon Mods are away for Xmas let's uptoot this picture of a Jello Sandwich to the front page of Fediverse, for lulz.

Talking with the place I'm at in Santa Fe, she's like you know how cold it is in the winter here right?

It's like umm, I spent my winter's in Breck with -27°F as the low low. She was like ohh it's warm here then 🤣😂

Knee deep in frozen shit, the struggle is real. You can also play find the Car.
How to tell microsoft bought github: github shits up dns requests more than other microsoft endpoints.
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