This is clearly a sign I need to restart my computer. If only I knew which of these options was "restart"

*plugs usb cable into ethernet jack* "why doesn't this work, why is this cable so loose"


"The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments." - Ludwig von Mises #bitcoin

Und es begab sich, das die Kinder wie jedes Jahr heimkehrten an die Stätte ihrer Geburt, um die IT ihrer Familien zu fixen 😎 🎄 🎅

Stuff that is tagged "NSFW" and images that are ""hidden" as Sensitive Content on Mastodon is being displaxed automatically IN PUBLIC, in the bloody NON-logged in browser?

mastodon? What the fuck went wrong?!

Retoot from the dark side (eh, BIRDsite):

If you mention ClassicPress at the WordPress forums, your account gets moderated or banned. ClassicPress encourages open communication, so you don't have to worry about these antics on the forums over there. @GetClassicPress

Microsoft windows is brutalist is not a take I expected to read

The Internet initially was divisive, geeky and very robustly resisted by governments and media companies. Repeating history with Bitcoin.

i'm gonna delete that fucking post that people keep liking and boosting just to get my notifications to shut up if y'all don't stop that shit real quick
one post does not need 40 boosts and 50 likes

I joined a Monster of the Week rpg group a couple of weeks ago and the game uses two D6s to run.

These hand forged, cast iron D6s probably will never roll true, but how can I not use them?

I wasn’t expecting to find a farrier making dice in Prague this week, but I’m rolling with it.

I tried to explain to someone close to me that if she goes into online communities sounding like a 50yo white man expecting people who are hurting to express themselves calmly on issues they are passionate about and tries to present nuanced exceptions to community values without knowing the recent history then some of the responses may feel like rejection and defending her positions may be unhelpful

Then, after expressing how unfair that is to her, she wants to know what she's doing wrong

"Australia is set to give its police and intelligence agencies the power to access encrypted messages on platforms such as WhatsApp, becoming the latest country to face down privacy concerns in the name of public safety."

Huh? I thought WhatsApp used Signal's e2ee protocol under the hood? Keys are client side. How does this work?

#privacy #encryption

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