@ginsterbusch "The Blackout Club" is a co-op horror game.

The Voices are the game devs -- sometimes they will join in on the game and taunt people. Even knowing this, it's still scary haha.

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Germany has banned its #schools from using cloud-based productivity suites from Microsoft, Google, and Apple, because the companies weren't meeting the country's #privacy requirements. 

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I thought I recognized Osanai's voice. That's Koichi Yamadera, who I know as the voice of Togusa from Ghost In The Shell.



Does anyone have #experience #migrating the #location of a #nextcloud #data #store AFTER initial config? I can't seem to make it happen right

I hate job hunting. I see job listings that I qualify for, but have been turned down for. I continue to see them unfilled for six+ months now.

Trying to whore myself out for a corporate job is so much more disgusting than doing sex work.

Bringing back a 3D printer from its start-up vapourware obsolescence death . So grateful specialist github communities exist for keeping things running and open source

Dude in this beer garden is a total pro. How did I never think of a laptop sun shield before?

70% of Germans: "Capitalism is unfair and obscene."

Also 70% of Germans: "No, you cannot have tap water for free. PAY ME, BITCH!"

I *love* talking with the cleaning lady that works in my office. We always talk about the need of workers unions, about how silly the idea of finding dignity in a job is, about the ways through which we should improve the working conditions (SPOILER: eating the rich).

So I grow a little more leftist every Monday morning :3

live from the underground (ie. ).

ps: if you're scared by an empty bottlr beer, you should do all of us a favor and just fall of the planet 😺

Its black nail polish, with a blue / violet blue overcoat. Scarabaeus-like. Sadly, the light is not as good at this time of night for showing it of decently.

moooom they're talking about lame normie anime again, i don't like that they're enjoying themselves and i'm not because of my superior tastes
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