Will you repeat this message so I can find more people?

New instance and my follower export was very much not having everyone in it.

@SinaCutie honestly this is what linux is all about lol

@sina hm .. you still on here,or have you decided to switch servers?

actual LGBTQI* people who interacted with pleroma development: Wow it's nice, people are helpful, I'm happy i can contribute

drive-by commenters: pleroma is for nazi gamer gat0rs and PRO HARASSMENT

ACAB, homelessness, local pol Show more

This is clearly a sign I need to restart my computer. If only I knew which of these options was "restart"

*plugs usb cable into ethernet jack* "why doesn't this work, why is this cable so loose"


"The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments." - Ludwig von Mises #bitcoin

Und es begab sich, das die Kinder wie jedes Jahr heimkehrten an die Stätte ihrer Geburt, um die IT ihrer Familien zu fixen 😎 🎄 🎅

Stuff that is tagged "NSFW" and images that are ""hidden" as Sensitive Content on Mastodon is being displaxed automatically IN PUBLIC, in the bloody NON-logged in browser?

mastodon? What the fuck went wrong?!

Retoot from the dark side (eh, BIRDsite):

If you mention ClassicPress at the WordPress forums, your account gets moderated or banned. ClassicPress encourages open communication, so you don't have to worry about these antics on the forums over there. @GetClassicPress


Microsoft windows is brutalist is not a take I expected to read

The Internet initially was divisive, geeky and very robustly resisted by governments and media companies. Repeating history with Bitcoin.

i'm gonna delete that fucking post that people keep liking and boosting just to get my notifications to shut up if y'all don't stop that shit real quick
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