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Adjusting for inflation, #Bitcoin today is at ~$12k pre-pandemic dollars.

So we're not actually at a new high yet.

I guess we need to break $100k for a real new high.

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Thanks to @Arceris_btc the LnMe one-click Heroku deployment now comes with Tor included.
So you can deploy your ⚡️page with one click and connect to your node through Tor (e.g. to @RaspiBlitz @runcitadel @getumbrel etc.)

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via Rest of World, which i would recommend for anyone who is interested in tech news covering 'non-western' parts of the planet restofworld.org

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So is RT Deutsch now really blocked from YouTube?
btw. RT (not DE) hosts one of the best shows imo.

Is there a way to add merchant meta data (name, logo, description,...) to the @BtcpayServer invoice iframe?
currently it seems it does not contain any human readable info where the payment goes to and for example @getAlby can not show helpful information to the user

To say it with his words: we have a responsibility to go after them, to prevent that from happening!

what options do we have to go after them?
(with "them" I mean Pompeo & Co. ... but I guess that's obvious!)


fucking Signal... the Desktop app transferred 200MB in the last ~hour... without receiving one single message. WTF! ever thought people have limited bandwidth? and what was in those 200MB anyway?!

Is tailscale or zerotier a good way to connect to your node running at home (@getumbrel or @RaspiBlitz ) from a remote network?

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How Germany saves the world climate:
my neighbors get PAID to put up e-car charging stations.
none of them has a car and the yard(not public accessible + actually too small for cars of today’s size) is currently used only to park bikes of 11 families. yay politics…

the @bitrefill UX is just amazing <3

Another reminder why identifiable data collection and required ID cards with personal data is a bad idea and will eventually blow up:

but this does not follow the current WebLN spec. - we need to add LNURL support to the spec.

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actually I cheated a bit there... this one is better:

<button onclick="webln.enable().then(() => {webln.lnurl('sats@ln.michaelbumann.com'); })">Send Sats</button>

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A lightning tipping button that fits in one tweet:

<button onclick="WebLN.requestProvider().then((webln) => {webln.lnurl('sats@ln.michaelbumann.com'); })">Send Sats</button>
<script src="unpkg.com/webln@0.2.0/dist/web"></script>

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