"[...] to stop the cycle of violence, I ought to sacrifice my own life and not that of another person."

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But we all know wars are very needed for much security... it's ok to pollute more than most countries in the world combined


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This talk contains a great summary of the various new features that the Taproot soft fork will enable for and also from November on, and also a little bit about the next steps after that:


Rethinking Economics Festival
An Exploration of our Economic Futures

27th – 29th July

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Almost 80% of USD have been printed into existence within just the last 5 years! (Not counting what banks conjured into existence by handing out loans secured by fractional reserve only, or any other fedcoin derivative tokens on the market.)

What could possibly go wrong?


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Aaron van Wirdum has a nice tweet thread with the articles he's written about taproot, all of which are very approachable. twitter.com/AaronvanW/status/1

If you want more after reading that, @bitcoinoptech tracked almost every stage of taproot's development, writing about it over fifty times as listed here: bitcoinops.org/en/topics/tapro (and we're not done yet: now we get to write about what people actually build with taproot!)

Any freelance react.js frontend developer among my followers who can work with me on some UI components for a few days? (react.js, tailwindcss, storybook.js)

so as Bitcoin is now a official legal tender in a country. what does that mean for forex?
doesn’t it become in some other countries then just as accepted as any other foreign currency?

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So the Belarus case shows again how bad data collection and sharing is, correct? what do we learn from that?

is it safe to argue that without the (pedro)dollar system we the world today would be less dependent on oil?
alternative energy sources would have not had economic disadvantages and could have developed better/faster?

but turns out there are new regulations since a few days that now apply country-wide.

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turns out I can't even fly to Berlin. but only to Brandenburg... thus Brandenburg's regulations apply?

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dear Germany is this really the case:
If I fly to Berlin I have to do at least 5 days of quarantine. but if I fly to NRW I do not… and then can take the train to Berlin. no quarantine, just a negative test?

Is it me or is the German @tagesschau full on exclusively reporting Israel’s propaganda?

I knew it is bad but it’s hard to call this “news” any longer. :(

this is so hilarious. @Namecheap really wants my ID in order to delete my account data. It is such a “sensitive” topic, that’s why they ask for more sensitive data…

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