Hey Hamburg, a friend of mine from Rwanda is in town and wants to learn about the tech scene there and meet people companies. who is there? any events this week you can recommend? /cc @halfbyte@twitter.com @phoet@twitter.com

that’s a fun story.
and yeah, no matter if it is true or not (why not?), the crazy thing is it is impossible to verify the amount in circulation.
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Crazy thread about a potential decade-long counterfeit operation of USD notes. imgur.com/gallery/nDPsFj6

Now, regardless of whether it's true or not, how crazy is it that the incumbent monetary system doesn't have any way to decisively disprove this sort of…

Happy that I could support this and work on this with one of the companies of the UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund!
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We are now able to receive, hold and disburse donations in cryptocurrencies - ether and bitcoin.

Learn more about our new UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund! 👇

came all the way to Kigali, Rwanda to see the first e-motorbikes.
used here as moto-taxis - the most common way to commute in town.

is there anything special I should worry about when running a long running Rails database migration (>1h) on heroku (postgres)?

so is that iPhone 11 really worth >1200EUR?

online payments are still so broken, just took me three different cards and a paypal account to book a flight.

just fuu**ing take my money!

and what do we do today after we posted all the fun photos on social media?

best ad ever. what would we build today if we already had that back then?

with Insta-Camera and Tandy Pay electronic wallet!!
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Radio Shack's first smartphone, test-marketed for two weeks in late 1982 in Fort Worth and Boston, has been unfairly forgotten by history.

“[...] If one member is afflicted with pain
Other members uneasy will remain
If you have no sympathy for human pain
The name of human you cannot retain”
Persian poet Sa’adi (1210 – 1290)

sleepboxes at the train station in Baku, Azerbaijan

what is the easiest way to do international VoIP calls in 2019? is skype out still a thing?

...potentially with integrated lightning payments.
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May RSS rise again. Stronger because we are wiser. Independent publishers sharing on open platforms with no surveillance capitalism in the middle ❤️ twitter.com/daringfireball/sta

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Huge announcement! Our co-founder & CTO, @roasbeef@twitter.com, announced "Mastering the Lightning Network" at the Blockchain Training Conference today, alongside @aantonop@twitter.com & @renepickhardt@twitter.com! ⚡️📖

Eagerly awaiting its release and all future Lightning developers! 🚀


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