As far as I know the maximum sentence of the International Criminal Court prosecuting war crimes was some 40 years.

So the sentence for commiting war crimes is way less than the charge for journalistic work exposing war crimes 🤔

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Prosecutors' Password-Cracking Conspiracy Theory Against #Assange Unravels At Extradition Trial

"The government had no clear evidence in 2013 that Assange was the one communicating with Manning through that Jabber username, and they still do not have proof it was Assange in 2020."

"To Eller, Manning never would have tried to use a password hash to exfiltrate files for submission to WikiLeaks."

#FreeAssange #Hacking #Manning #Bullshit

Which of the potential next US presidents said a journalist is a "terrorist"?

@raucao cheers to you! drinking the last Sonnenhopfen for this year. :)

From the amount of articles I've seen in the German press it seems the news are only interested in Assange's mental stage. No report about the testimonies of the witnesses of the last days. Only now about the medical reports.
Is this the case?

Did you know that the constitution of North Korea protects freedom of speech and the freedom of the press?

What makes our laws different?

The official UN statement:
"[...] I have never seen a group of democratic States ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonise and abuse a single individual for such a long time and with so little regard for human dignity and the rule of law."
Melzer(UN’s Special Rapporteur on Torture):"the mainstream media informs us about Assange’s cat,his skateboard and his feces.But they do not give the same importance to hundreds of thousands of civilians murdered in Iraq,Libya and in Syria,to wars that[..]

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Dem Innenministerium war die Wau-Holland-Stiftung wegen der Unterstützung der Veröffentlichungen von Wikileaks ein Dorn im Auge:

The documentary also mentions Hebron - a region that had a great effect on me. A region (among many) I wish everybody not living there could see and experience once.

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with the current "normalization deals" in the news and the Trump administration's Palestine-Israel politic it's for sure helpful to read up about those accords and events back then.

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the documentary and basically the peace process ends with the assassination of Israel PM Rabin by a Israeli extremist and the subsequent win of the election by Netanyahu with a margin of <30k votes - less than 1%!


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Highly recommended @DeutscheWelle documentary about the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks in Oslo (1993).
With lot's of interviews and diary reports.

Part 1:
Part 2:
(and look for the position of the current PM Netanyahu)

Up for some time travelling?
- wikileaks related talks from CCC events.
e.g. their presentations at the Chaos Communication Congress. (08-09)

Listening to talks and interviews with @Snowden is always time well spent...

They were among 40 political and civil society monitors who were granted permission to observe proceedings by videolink after court space was restricted by pandemic guidelines.

Now the court has overturned that decision.
Access has been revoked.

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Members of the European Parliament from across the different political groups expressing profound concern at HOW the Julian Assange case is being conducted.

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