I recently tested @Namecheap but decided against it and asked them to delete my account.
Then they tell me they can only close it. Deletion of my data can only be done IF I am from Europe.
To proof that they now ask me for a passport copy.... lol, what?

Every contribution to the Kosmos project was recorded as an NFT in the last years. you can use one of the new NFT tools to show off with your project contributions.

Do you think that "DeFi world" (as defined by the Ethereum & Co. world) is any "better" than the old financial world?
If so, why?

the sad thing is, that this will hurt Signal

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they also just could have used VISA, probably then they would not need to prohibit people from the US to buy and participate.

Why are some people simply idiots and try to make work hard for others simply for the sake of doing so?
should that experience be made public for others to judge?

I am trying to double-spend a scammer. is there any chance I can easily improve my tx propagation?
any miners out there?

Why is it so hard to find a decent email hosting service that supports (multiple) custom domains?

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Happy Birthday to Ross Ulbricht, original #Bitcoin hero and free market legend.

@RealRossU @Free_Ross

German Covid Discussions...

Does "special administrative measures" like solitary confinement within a small concrete box go along with respecting human rights?

Is a Bitcoin sticker on your laptop an opsec risk?

make sure it does something local in your community...

and we must not forget that we can not consume our way out of it.

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