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The Podverse website is now V4V enabled 🥳

Compatible with any WebLN + keysend compatible wallet (like Alby).


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A must read about the current propaganda we are confronted with and we are all part of.

"Each generation is thus easily programmed and exploited by the same propaganda systems, no matter how discredited they were previously."

Here is the code from the "building your first lightning enabled web app" session I did at the

happy hacking!

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When someone uses the term "Putin apologist", you can bet your ass on them being a complete and utter NATO apologist. It's a propaganda term designed to shut down any and all rational debate about geopolitics that may involve information other than "NATO good, Putin evil".

You can do better, fedi. Don't be idiots eating up and then parroting warmonger propaganda.

Is this a new low? Biden is stealing money from starving war victims to give to 9/11 victims.

I like listening to radio (@radiofm4 @FluxFM) but those radio ads are simply unbearable.
Can I send you Sats and you skip the ads?

Is it just me or do more and more people favor coercion to push their opinion?
when did this become normal and accepted?

That anti Russia propaganda in the German media slowly gets ridiculous.

Fu** you German Government for selectively criticizing Amnesty International if it does not fit the narrative.
Either you accept the independence and respect all their publications or you don't.

Wow. we did a @getAlby release just yesterday, now GitHub tells me there are already 42new commits again since the last release 🚀

It's Sunday... can we get @getAlby to a 1k followers today?
who should get the latest updates on how lightning will become the value layer for the web? - please retweet
(spoiler: there will be some 🤯⚡️ Alby updates this month!)

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RT @HonkHase
Wie geil ist das bitte??? 🔥🔥🔥

Und warum musste ich erst heute Tage alt werden, um es zu kennen? O_o

*extra Monitor auspack*

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Super bullish on @getAlby this January will be ⚡️⚡️⚡️

"Ermittler griffen unrechtmäßig auf Luca-App-Daten zu"
ohh, konnte ja niemand ahnen, dass sowas passiert.

More websites adding the lightning tipping meta tag:
Send sats to: runcitadel.space/

any Rust people among my followers?
can someone help me cross-compiling a project that depends on openssl (indirect dependency of libtor-sys) from Linux to Windows?
It seems to not find the installed libssl-dev.

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