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We're excited to announce #clightning v0.9.3 which includes support for 2 exciting new features: onion messages & offers! Onion msgs enables chat apps or even new protocols to be built on ⚡️. Offers expands invoicing abilities for exciting new use cases. medium.com/blockstream/c-light

If peope are new to Bitcoin and I want to give them a few sats to play around. Should I make them install a bitcoin wallet or a lightning wallet?

politicians always will speak about violence, about murdering people, sanctioning starving children, bombing countries, etc....

Gute WDR Dokumentation über eine Chronik zum Fall Assange. Was auch immer deine Meinung über eine Person ist, es lohnt sich die Doku anzuschauen.

you probably heard it by now:
The UK court accepted all allegations against Assange, but rejected extradition because of is horribly bad health condition. But they still keep him in solitary confinement for 23 in a tiny high security cell. waiting in limbo...

back to hopefully more productive things.

This is how coups and and regime changes look like:
but yeah, let's focus on a bunch of idiots with viking-horns because they threaten the free democratic world.

I am shocked and concerned how many of you loudly advocate censorship

(un)mögliche geschichten vom geld der zukunft

der Geschichten-Wettbewerb zum Geld der Zukunft


hey lightning⚡ people. I am working on the browser extension to bring a better lightning payment experience to the browser. Would you rather install a local native app in addition to the extension or potentially a server proxy for your node?

Need some Motivation to work on Bitcoin?
=> try to open a bank account in Germany and try to make some money in Germany...

"Ist ja nicht wie in China hier"...
"hier gibt es keine Überwachung"... höre ich immer.

wir sind schlecht darin schleichende Prozesse zu realisieren.Wir wollen die erweiterte Überwachung nicht wahrhaben ("wir sind ja die Guten")...und dann ist es zu spät.

and if you do not want to or can not run that on your own... check out deltabadger.com

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Stacking Sats on Binance ⚡
Automate stacking sats on Binance.com -
Automate your dollar-cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy:

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The next big version of OnionShare is almost ready! Can you help translate it into other languages, and beta test it?

There's a lot of new stuff including:
- Anonymous chat
- Tabs, so you can do lots of stuff at once
- Beautiful new design

You can download and install a development version of OnionShare here: github.com/micahflee/onionshar

There's also new, thorough documentation, and that all needs to get translated too. Check out the docs here: micahflee.keybase.pub/docs.oni

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