Do I know anybody from the bitcoin or tech startup community in Baku, Azerbaijan?

has anyone read "Your Next Government?: From the Nation State to Stateless Nations" ? recommendable?

and of why it’s great that software eats the world.
it levels the playing fields
the cool side of the long tail

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<3 the greatest
Journalist: How would you explain to your grandmother?

Me: My grandmother is dead.

Journalist: If she was still alive, how would you explain it to her?

Me: I don't really care whether my grandmother understood Bitcoin. I care about future generations and they get it.

great example on how tech solves real local problems.

and also why we should work on open solutions that make such local tools possible.
Palestinian app helps drivers avoid Israeli checkpoints

Read more:

...and the movie shows interviews from the trip and does not show all the awesome projects that happened afterwards and the team has been up to. - maybe that's in another one coming in a few years? :)

And thanks to all the supporter who made the movie possible.
It would not have been possible without you... even though it took us sooo long, sorry about that.

The movie will be shown tonight at the Mozilla offices in Berlin:
(or you can watch it online: )

I am very grateful that I got that chance and I encourage everybody to something similar.
looking forward to your questions + comments

A few years back I got the chance to join the AfricaHackTrip, which started my journey to explore and learn about tech hubs in East Africa and other parts of the world.
We have finally put together a documentary with interviews and pictures from the trip:

\o/ there is a movie night showing our movie tomorrow at

Interesting chart comparing the ecological footprint to the HDI of a country. (hardly any country is within the sustainable development quadrant)

though there is a problem with using the HDI, as explained here:

wow. forgot how hard and time-consuming it is to open a bank account - even as an EU citizen.
and there are still people who really want to tell me that writing down a few seed words for a bitcoin wallet is too complicated?

Who has learned in school about Keynes but not about Hayek?

can recommend this economics video enough:
The Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek

85.00% of all Bitcoins are mined.

current inflation rate: 3.75%
inflation will drop to 1.80% in May 2020

"GitHub used to be an open and free platform for everyone" but then politics happened and we all had relied too much on the the great GitHub company...

It is likely that you and your government are to blame for that, so what do you do?

I've started moving/mirroring my GitHub repositories on the @kosmos git offering:
you can find my repositories there.
Thanks to @kosmos for offering and running a gitea instance.

Three out of 4 planes in the Cologne area right now are either flying to Palma de Mallorca or coming from there

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