Is it possible to submit the data from a custom HTML form into a google spreadsheet document? - (not through google forms, but from a custom website with custom design)

Yay has published his amazing short film: EVA - a CRISPR story:

we will only notice the loss of our privacy by recent laws in the years to come.

many political fights for privacy have been rendered useless within weeks.

proves again that only (criminalized) technical solutions will work.

Is it me or is German media obsessed with reporting about the USA and obsessed with negative reporting about Trump?

monetary policy question:
global demand for USD is high, the world has a lot of debt in USD, commodities are still mostly priced in USD, etc.

Isn't the FED out of all CBs the one that can make the money printing machine go brrrrr...?

A must read:
"Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus"
"...we face two particularly important choices. The first is between totalitarian surveillance and citizen empowerment. The second is between nationalist isolation and global solidarity. "

How many EU health workers are in Italy?
Can covid19 patients be transported to hospitals in other EU countries? I am somewhat missing a EU response.

What are your thoughts on the airline industry? are you in favor of government support or not?
Some of the airlines had been broke for years, some had spent all the money on stock buybacks.
What happens?

PSA: good time to diversify into some Bitcoin

Interesting, well balanced, anti-panic podcast by the BBC:
The Coronavirus Podcast


"Unlike countries in Europe, China and Cuba, however, have stepped in to help Italy in its time of need."
Italy gets help from China, Cuba and Venezuela...

need some movies to watch while being at home?
here is a good list:

What wiki system can you recommend. which one is the most usable to setup and to edit?
mediawiki is just complicated imo.

what's your working from home playlist?

whenever you post about sold out fu** toilet paper, please remember due to sanctions of our governments whole countries are hampered fighting that virus.

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