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Castopod v1.0.0-beta.22 is here! 🚀

This release is full of bug fixes, grab the package on castopod.org/

Check out the release notes for the full list of fixes and update instructions: code.castopod.org/adaures/cast

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ATTN Podverse beta testers ⚠️

We have some major fixes to V4V going out in the next release, and I'm worried about breaking something 😰

We'd greatly appreciate any help beta testing before going live!

If you have an Android device, you can download the F-Droid v4.6.8 beta APK from:


If you have an iOS device, you can join our TestFlight beta program, but we'll need to wait a few days for Apple to approve our beta release to send it to you :/

Writing a WebLN enabled tipping web component:

I made a lightning tipping web component that can be embedded in any website: <simple-boost>

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Op3.dev is amazing… thanks @js for kickstarting a great resource. I just started looking at this data and there is a huge opportunity for insights here

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RT @ShiftCryptoHQ
Great talk by @emzy about the trade-offs of different wallet types at the @thebconf!

Next time we'll bring some hardware to sell. 👍

Check out the livestream here: youtube.com/watch?v=4gX_yO0bQy

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I am starting to do regular videos to talk about and show how to build lightning enabled web apps and how to integrate lightning payments.
let's see how this goes, I need a bit of practice :) and let me know what you're interested in.

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Here is a short video on how to connect your WordPress website to receive lightning payments with the @getAlby WP plugin. Less than 3 minutes from installation to first payment received: youtube.com/watch?v=2vJyTLrhR9

@dave There is no public API to get the value information for a podcast from a client side JS, is there?

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@bumi 'Member when she personally shut down the case of the native residents of Diego Garcia against the UK government for first killing their dogs and then deporting them off the island, which they rent out to the U.S. Navy to this day? Such a nice leader.

especially these days we should keep in mind everything that happened under that Queen... twitter.com/AfricanHub_/status

Ich würde ja so gerne diese Hofgens und Herrmanns und Co. und ihre Ideen von Geld verstehen.
Ich weiß leider nicht ob ich nicht einfach zu dumm dazu bin, aber ich weiß, dass ich gerne Alternativen habe und deren "Geld" nicht meins ist. build alternatives! build

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Hey all you open source projects.

Hacktoberfest in next month. Might be worth while getting some projects for people to work on who are wanting to get the free T-shirt and stickers. (I'll be working on my fourth T-shirt this year)

Hey PHP developers, can I assume the bcmath functions are available on the average WordPress hoster?

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Hello Riga! I will be at
let's meet and talk Alby and about Lightning on the web.
who is around?

I've build the Lightning Mixtape

Each track on the mixtape costs max. 210 sats and is paid directly from the listener's wallet to the artist!
This is a technical showcase of what we can do with that lightning tech (WebLN+LNURL+LSAT).

What do you think?
Any artists around here who wants to give it a try?

I need some Bitcoin Lightning songs for a lightning showcase application? any artists out there who is interested in offering songs for sats?

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