so with all the latest news in EU, I think it is time to train people more about using and running hidden services more?

lol... is this the state of the german internet and understanding of technology?
@the_mrjt @_P4t1_ @HelgaTruepel Künstliche Intelligenz kann heute Gesichter erkennen, Vorlieben herausfiltern und sogar selbstständig einparken. Da sollte es ein leichtes sein, zwischen Original und Parodie zu unterscheiden.

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2009: Young people use Twitter. Old people complain about how this terrible "Twitter" thing is ruining society.

2019: Old people use Twitter. Young people complain about how this terrible "Twitter" thing is ruining society.

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.@officialmcafee is running a joke campaign to raise awareness about important issues while on the run from the IRS and doesn’t want to President.

This is why he should be President. 😁

LOL BitcoinSV guy talks about decentralization and such and then compares miners (who supposedly are sacred) to car companies and wants 5-10 companies to control the market. wtf?!
didn't even know BitcoinSV people really exist.

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"Nobody will ever use Bitcoin, but still so many that onchain fees will be so high that nobody'll be able to open LNchannels, but they'll be so low (because of LN) that hashrate will collapse & it'll be too low to keep Bitcoin secure, but it'll be high enough to boil the oceans!"


I have to say I was very wrong about node. first thought it is useless and I’d rather setup my own node (home or remote).
but having a beatiful and easy plug&play box is actually a great option for people to run full nodes.
we need the iMac for bitcoin nodes

for a blog generated through a static page generator - what's the bet option to allow comments on posts?

hey ruby followers! I started working on wrapping a gRPC client for LND, the Lightning Network Daemon in a ruby gem and would love to hear your feedback. Also I'd have some gRPC questions, who can help? ruby :heart: bitcoin lightning

it works! somebody heard me via satellite! 🛰
@bumi I heard you via satellite!

as I currently don't have a sat receiver I have no idea if it worked :D

Hacked a ruby gem for the Satellite API and dropped a message from space on all of you. did anybody read it? - now you can use ruby to send data to space and back! :)

every day I check twitter and the fediverse and only find new exciting lightning tools.
the speed of innovation in this space is:

funnily enought that I am posting this on twitter. (and the fediverse at least) :)

why is that? projects somewhat working on decentralization completely rely on proprietary, centralized and closed solutions to communicate.
here discord -> telegram -> medium
at the very least maybe host your own blog?

as there has been constant talk and articles about how Bitcoin is used in Venezuela... who is up for visiting Venezuela and checking out the Bitcoin situation there?
This is how one of my friends back in Venezuela is surviving.

hey internet! I need to deliver ~21GB to Bombay (Andheri East). Sending it on snail mail takes too long. Does anybody know somebody who could download that amount there? I could pay for time and data :) that would be suuuuuuuper helpful! <3

oh, wow... what a time to be alive: I've just broadcasted a message through space to the entire world...from my desk. took me a minute and included 5 satellites...

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