I am so happy that per website allowances made it into @LightningJoule@twitter.com - this is huge and such a great step to make lightning the standard for micro/nano payments and a real alternative to ads and ads related private data mining.

Niemand muss Werbung für die Bundeswehr gestalten, niemand muss sie aufhängen, niemand muss ...

me retweeting Jill Stein... but it's worth reading the article! pretty please!
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The Assange case is a poster child of state persecution. Every journalist, activist & all who care about democracy should know about the massive propaganda & legal corruption used to take Assange down. This is what tyranny looks like! commondreams.org/views/2019/05

things I bought with lightning in the last two days: bottle of gin, merchandise, coffee, beer...
everything instant in seconds, no blockspace wasted, no on-chain bitcoin transaction involved

things I bought with lightning in the last two days: bottle of gin, merchandise, coffee, beer...
everything instant in seconds, no blockspace wasted, no bitcoin transaction involved

Hey friends, you are aware that you can not simply "offset" your carbon footprint by buying into some greenwashing projects that seem to mostly push Co2lonialism? More consumerism is probably not an answer.

hey IPFS, I know interplanetary is a huge space, but what to do against the issue that lookups for new content takes sooo long that I keep running into endless timouts? makes it really hard to build something that uses IPFS as storage? What am I doing wrong?

Friends of mine are part of the Refugee Law Clinic Cologne and are raising money to bring legal support to people outside of the city who currently don't have access.

Have a look and maybe support if you can:

Just released a new version of the lnrpc rubygem for LND version 0.6.1.beta

oh wow, some politicial understands a power of Bitcoin?!
... and he reacts totally like politicians normally do...
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Wow, finally a politician that truly understands what Bitcoin is about! twitter.com/coincenter/status/

uploads (something like syncing photos in the background) only works if the app is actively opened on iOS? or is there a trick? (if I am not google?) // cc @StuFFmc@twitter.com @Gernot@twitter.com

Super cool visualization of energy production and consumption of every country. displayed on a map:


Fun collaborative editing app to change the Bitcoin whitepaper and pay satoshis through lightning for your updates:

A guide to understand the importance of commit messages and how to write them well:

so "[giving] up [your] Gmail account in favor of self-hosted email" and owning a bunch of adapters you need for your apple products is these days enough to get targeted and detained...
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From the AP article, it appears this photo is being used as evidence of suspicious material to support the detention of @olabini . How many of my readers have this much electronics (or more) in their house? 🙋‍♂️

Binance really becomes my favorit and trusted exchange.
delists fraudulent BSVcoin:

some thoughts: " Under pressure, democracies have a nasty habit of acting like panicked crowds." reason.com/archives/2019/03/29 (@LSA232@twitter.com reminds me of a discussion we had at wekb)

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⚠️ 🚧 ❗
If you run a pixelfed instance, please update ASAP.
⚠️ 🚧 ❗

The earlier you update the better, some major refactors and new features will be released in the next few days.

Running the post-deployment commands are essential after every update docs.pixelfed.org/master/deplo

(Boosts appreciated 😁)


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