- oh wow I did not know about the web covfefe protocol for browsers.

a "non-exhaustive list of less-known features implemented in browsers today"

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@bumi The same that most people always do. Ignore their own governments actions in foreign countries entirely. Maybe post on social media how you're anti-war, but then go on validating the government in the next election anyway.

be like basecamp
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Starting out 2020 strong: We just removed the final third-party tracker from All analysis is now done in-house. Thanks @adamstddrd ❤️👏

so, what do we do when our governments now officially also threaten to destroy cultural sights. something ISIS and the Nazis did/do...
did we reach that same level yet?

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"The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the Trees that because his handle was made of wood, he was one of them." ~Turkish proverb


TIL: Lollar - a US dollar that is stuck in the Lebanese banking system, really just a computer entry with no corresponding currency.

Did you notice the long queues in front of the gold and precious metal dealers in Germany?

healthcare in germany: doctors send you random, invalid invoices even though you haven’t gone to see them in years... and then tell you it’s fine just forward it to the health insurance.

"Digitale Firmen in Köln":
they all look _exactly_ the same... like some 2018 office stock photos...

Does anybody have an invite for a good friend doing good things?

one day we'll share similar posts about bitcoin.
The internet is 50 years old today

hey, I get more replies on a test tweet than all the great, serious and fun stuff I normally tweet... 🤔

somewhat nice pictures:
"The Acid Sludge Streaming Out of Germany's Coal Mines"

seeing more and more advertisement...errr propaganda... by german and european governmental organizations on social media and such makes me really sad and angry.

the number of power outages I've experienced in Italy is significantly higher than in East Africa lately.

THANKS and everyone for putting together that amazing . it was great to meet everybody.

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