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Current location search for Hacker Beach #7 (January 2019) has everyone excited about Uruguay. If anyone has suggestions for particular coastal villages or towns there, we're all ears!

Been giving some thought to bikepacking around given a free week. bikepacking.com is a great resource.

A dangerously fun time at the Upper Bucket. Geuze.

So this is odd. Using firefox nightly with multiple profiles running. In one instance the updater ran and restarted. The other instance...?

Had my first SATA SSD die. It's also new enough to claim warranty!

I never noticed that the filler text from a lot of Anime was so interesting. legendsoflocalization.com/japa

This seems like a very good resource to feed to a bot. namingschemes.com/

When this happens it will be the end of Twitter for me. apps-of-a-feather.com/

HTC Shift is the coolest phone. Be still my beating heart. kosmos.social/media/Q38SS1WCOQ

How do you make coffee before you've had coffee? For me it's usually the Aeropress.

Zeroed out several feeds on my RSS reader after reading a week of backlog on each. Hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of all of them this time. Except ProPublica. I need to read all those. :(

Finally got the fuel filter replaced on the car today. Technically it was an easy job, but I think I spilled at least a liter of gasoline on my upper torso. Hope I won't have to do that for another 50k miles.

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Hey Mozilla, how about you switch your employees' email, calendars, chats, and whatever else from Google and other proprietary, privacy-invading services to self-hosted OSS products first, and *then* send me emails asking me to sign some anti-Facebook petition?

The hacker pavilion in Nianing. Geckos and hackers.