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bkero @bkero@kosmos.social

The hacker pavilion in Nianing. Geckos and hackers.

NRT ✈ HKG ✈ ADD ✈ BKO ✈ DSS. 35 hours of tube time with 1-2 hour layovers. It's like an endurance challenge.

Hario coffee making figures, from a capsule toy machine in Kyoto. kosmos.social/media/nnul-OWl2R

Finally booked my flight to . Excited to discover Senegal and see everyone again! Better late than never.

@alvin we found a ticket for you. Can you get online?

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Mastodon has just (unofficially) reached a million users! lou.lt/@mastodonusercount/9909

When Twitter was around the same milestone, it was getting valuations up to $150 million, with hype from TechCrunch et al techcrunch.com/2008/04/29/end-

@alvin Oh hi there! Funny seeing you here. :)

Today is the day where I go through my online accounts to make sure they're in Keepass instead of using legacy passwords.

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The rs.js release announcement popped up on Hacker News. Upvotes and comments appreciated, of course: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

My SO gifted me a harmonica. Looking forward to learning how to play it so I can entertain/annoy those around me while traveling.

Argh, cryptocurrency miners are embedded on many unknown sites and NoScript doesn't work with new Firefox. This is computer dystopia.