Amazing, my hands can actually make Bramborák (Czech potato pancake) - taught by a Czech friend 🤩

Bought a coffee for Signal. Hoping more people are joining them, Keep it up!

Sad WhatsApp, it has been there since my Nexus One 📱

just heard a thunder, then I thought it’s pouring now.

Nope it’s not raining, it’s thunder snow! ⛄️🌩 ❄️ Let’s see we can have some ugly snowmen on the streets

Pleasant surprise 🌟 found my AirPods after 1 year+ in the shoe bag I used to bring to gym. Yayyy it’s a gift and I actually don’t want to buy a new one 💸💸

It’s snowing again ❄️ hope we have enough snow then I can watch those kids enjoying their sledding again (actually my inner child also wants to play 😆

so they placed at A1.3 which is about right as I had 3 months A1.1 - A1.2 before this. Happy that I don’t need to repeat 🥳

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“Sie haben 18 Von 70 Fragen richtig beantwortet.”

🙈 my German placement test result after revising for a few hours.

😆 I felt sometimes having some apps/things on a phone is too easy and we forgot it might not be the most efficient/productive way to do some of the thing imho. It’s easy but it’s still a small screen.

e.g. chat vs. discuss, search vs. research, tweet vs. write, look vs. watch (level of detail), ... etc little vs. bigger scale

one of my favourite taiwan cooked-to-order dish: 三杯雞 (3 cup chicken)

1 cup rice wine, 1 cup sesame oil, 1 cup dark soy sauce 😋

ps. too bad I don’t have basil 🌿

another advancement of virtual/remote work - hire some robot engineers/pm/manager/director and put them in slack to work together (with some anime person profile pic)

Who do you think is the one who enjoyed more?

even the cake doesn’t look so good - too much cream and sugar and oreos. not sure if its me who got a wrong idea or cake is not really American thing

This Netflix series about game is as addictive as the game

Everyone says they have vaccines to test 💉 may be a good thing?

I have a feeling that this is shitty too 🤣 trying to order but it took so many hurdles to pay

What a great title.. “oldest captive” I’m wondering will she rather die young and free, or old and captive 🥺

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