even the cake doesn’t look so good - too much cream and sugar and oreos. not sure if its me who got a wrong idea or cake is not really American thing

This Netflix series about game is as addictive as the game

Everyone says they have vaccines to test 💉 may be a good thing?

I have a feeling that this wish.com is shitty too 🤣 trying to order but it took so many hurdles to pay

What a great title.. “oldest captive” I’m wondering will she rather die young and free, or old and captive 🥺

Thailand's disappeared Karen activist Billy and the burned village bbc.in/37t4g24

A long one but real mystery

‪The mystery of Dyatlov Pass - In the dead of winter, a group of nine Russian students disappeared in the remote Ural Mountains. bbc.in/36W5ov2 via @BBCNews‬

The Navy installed touch-screen steering systems to save money.

10 sailors paid with their lives. propub.li/350cEV3

been watching this series of “evolution of evil” youtu.be/WxaWmqgmJxs all these histories of evil leadership and influences to the people just chills me to the bone.. 🥶

e.g. subscribe to Facebook for free/money, Facebook subscribe to you in order to use your data (paid of course). unsubscribe anytime to lose access, any personal information retrieved in reidentification has a serious penalty

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maybe in the future - companies should not be allowed to keep our personal content online for longer than certain period i) you can have your online storage and hosted/owned by yourself ii) saves space and energy if we take our personal thing offline iii) you can buy server/storage like you buy a part of a server land, forever/99y is yours. iv) or you can donate/sell your personal info/life for for-profit/research purposes. v) turn personal thing to blog/content for contribution to the internet

Just learned that this guy ‪@vilvaathibanpb‬ did 6 talks in meetups in October 2019, crazy dev! but yea it was interesting hack and tell today hosted by @prisma about , interetinb example of WS subscription! keep up the good hack!🤓

Went to a meetup hosted by @XAIN_AG, evangelize about federated learning, interesting.. it’s a good first step, a bit like differential privacy, also chicken and egg problem about “open” data and improve tech about ML (from the discussion and I think)

the metaphorical side of “Hotel California”, always heard about this song in live music places and sometimes sick about it but good to know..

“You can check out anytime,
But you can never leave”

Hadi: ML was adopted by YouTube/Facebook in 2017 removed many important contents/evidence, many of these documents are useful for court to identify criminal offenses

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