Surprise, surprise, guess who's behind the EU attack on E2E:

/ht @bumi

@raucao @bumi It is dated 16 November 2020 ...

And they refer to this document:…

That concludes with:

However, we challenge the assertion that public safety cannot be protected without compromising privacy or cyber security. We strongly believe that approaches protecting each of these important values are possible and strive to work with industry to collaborate on mutually agreeable solutions.

So the solution shall be mutually agreable apparently.

@erm67 @bumi LOL if you think that governments will acknowledge that part, or that it was written in good faith. There's simply no logical way to break E2E without "compromising privacy or cyber security".

@erm67 @bumi That's not even a technical question, but just a logical one. If you can break it, it's not secure E2E.

@raucao @bumi We'll see. Anyway don't forget that even if the Germans hold the EU presidency, this is a German Proposal that needs to be approved by the EU.

@erm67 @bumi I don't respect the EU enough to care about what those overpaid yay-sayers in its weak parliament decide. I'm merely interested in who's attacking our civil rights. So yeah, the German government (being one of the two EU bosses basically) is one of the perpetrators.

@erm67 @bumi The parliament also sold us out with every other privacy-related law so far, including GDPR. So really, the only thing we can do is use technology to mitigate their attacks.

@raucao @bumi The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha

@erm67 @bumi How so? Technology is so successful in fighting their surveillance that they need to attack it by outright forbidding providers from doing secure E2E. We're actually winning on the technology front so far.

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