All in all quite happy with this Linux setup on my Razer Blade Stealth after a week of actual work on it. What is really offputting are the small things: Suddenly BT stops working and only a reboot fixes it. Wifi becomes unreliable for 10 Minutes (and recovers) without me doing anything weird. The screen blanks out for two seconds randomly a couple of days.

I wonder if XPS13 Linux people experience similar things or if thsi is really just this machine.


@halfbyte sounds like issues with the power saving. AFAIK the linux power saving for laptops is primarily based on ThinkPad notebooks. And even there, these glitches occur. AFAIR you have to exclude these parts from the power saving profile, sometimes even to go so far as to disable the hardware-based power cycles.

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@ginsterbusch Sounds reasonable. Do you know any good resources on how to tweak this stuff? I'm more or less a Linux n00b of the highest order when it comes to hardware tweaking.

@halfbyte @ginsterbusch I think the best general resource for Linux tweaking stuff is the Arch Linux wiki at the moment.

@halfbyte @ginsterbusch I basically just prepend all my search queries for Linux questions with "arch" and then wiki pages usually show up first. Like e.g.

@halfbyte @raucao Arch is always the final choice, but you can read German reasonable well, the other most obvious choice is the ubuntuusers wiki ( Sometimes I even recommend it to english-speaking friends.

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