I just learned that Eric S. Raymond, the proponent of the "open source" term (which tries to kill the "free software" term) is a gun nut (his words, not mine):

Disappointed, but not surprised.

Not only he "enjoys playing with guns", but he is a member of the Libertarian Party.

Homophoby, racism 

@xiroux Don't go deeper, there's a lot you don't want to know. A guide for men to practise good sex for example...

@ckeen @xiroux

Oh, in Cthulhu's name -- even though I knew he was massive idiot, I did not need to see this today.

That's enough Internet for me, I'll be back tomorrow. 🤢

Why did you say that?
I felt compelled to see what you were talking about, and now wished I had not done so.

[Mind bleach required]

@xiroux @ParadeGrotesque

@ckeen my god... don't have the courage to read this today...

@ckeen @xiroux 🤣 «think about the way a good trainer talks to a horse.» OMFG this is so hilarious and sad at the same time. Oh Eric 😂

@xiroux There is an interesting piece about his relationship to Richard Stallman, but unfortunately can't find it atm

@xiroux Oh yeah. He’s always been like that - The Cathedral and the Bazaar is basically an attempt to take the altruism out of free software.

@xiroux @zyx your probably only scratching the surface. Isn't he a massive islamaphobe too?

@ebel @zyx I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised either...

@xiroux He've always seen a piece of shit. But he wrote good stuff also. Not only bullshit.

I think he's a lost mind. Just that.
(Richard Stallman is also kinda lost in my opinion).

ESR is *too intelligent* to be questioned by anyone else, and when you start with that bias... you can reach really weird assumptions.

BTW: The other day I found a package that was maintained by him... I don't remember which one, but it was big IIRC

@ekaitz_zarraga If you're racist and homophobe you're not intelligent. At all. Change my mind.


1) You can be intelligent and be wrong

2) I said: *too intelligent*. I meant he thinks he is more intelligent than he really is. He thinks he is above anyone else. He thinks he's special. It's a common thought in people like him. It's also common in intelligent people. The ego...

I know it because it happened to me. A lot.

I've been a piece of shit. For survival, but a piece of shit after all.

1. Of course!
2. Didn't understand that, sorry! I agree with you, then.

All of us have been stupid before (some of us are even now!), but I'm sure you're not a piece of shit anymore *hugs*

I think the point 2 is that make us often not understand this kind of weird people like RMS or ESR. We have to *be them*.

Once you have been there you can understand. Most of them are just poor guys that lost the perspective in certain areas because they use the wrong inputs or solve complex problems in an easy way.

PS: I still am, but try to improve everyday.

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