I need a DynamicDNS host for my home server, what do you fediversians use?

I've used in the past. Any drawbacks? Will they steal all my data and come home and take my plants from me?

@xiroux #Duckdns seems pretty cool, it doesn't need any special software, I could set it up on Plan 9 by putting a hget (curl equivalent) call followed by a sleep in a while true loop

possible downside: no direct signup, you gotta use some OAuth provider

but it seems like it's all donation driven

@grainloom It looks nice! And I like the name. Ducks are cool.

@julienxx I've already set up duckdns, but I'll take a look, thanks! 🤗

@xiroux I've had good luck with duckdns in the past, but these days I just use Cloudflare and run a docker image that updates my IP periodically

@xiroux I use and found it works well and is very easy to use if you are happy to use the command line.

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