@xiroux Es que están guapísimos. Yo llevo un tiempo pensando en colgar alguna.

@alex_lofi Pues estamos tardando. El de Grand Tour,el de Marte, el de Enceladus y el de Trappist son un pasote.

@xiroux tengo papel fotográfico y 20 impresiones gratis al mes Y PIENSO USARLAS.

@xiroux puedo imprimirlo en A4... EN ESTA CASA USAMOS EL SISTEMA MÉTRICO.

@xiroux ahora en serio si las quieres imprimir en plan BIEN avisa antes y miramos cómo hacerlo.

@xiroux I have the Grand Tour and the Earth - Oasis in Space posters printed on A3 paper next to my desk. They look great.

@xiroux I'm on a trip abroad at the moment and don't have any existing photos. If you really want to I can try to remember and post them in ~ 1 week from now.
Protip: Resize them to your personal preference.
I went for a much narrower margin by printing >>100%. Also they were probably meant for US-Letter not DIN-A-series paper geometry.

@tbr Oh, don't worry, I was just curious, thanks! And yes, we may be already landing on Mars, but still measuring stuff in inches.

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