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4. If you would like to stay current from afar, or receive a monthly digest of what's happening in the community, please subscribe to the new mailing list

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3. Our first monthly gathering is next week. Let’s meet up and exchange about all things .

@rosano will share a first look at the refreshed website.

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chunky update today to the #ZeroData website

- refreshed layout
- events from @remotestorage @fission @Solid
- tools like StorageStack by

see for more details


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If you’d like to see as a one-click install on Heroku, DigitalOcean, or other ‘Platform as a Service’ platforms, please join the conversation here:

Comfortable with your skills and want to contribute a little bit to an important project? Here's a Docker PR waiting for a review:

Emoji Log – Personal tracker

"My new app for measuring progress. You can use it to write journals, observe habits, track statistics." -- @rosano

We're having a public video call about improving and clarifying the RS website(s) this Friday, 3pm UTC. If you're interested in making RS easier to understand for new users and/or developers, please feel free to join us:

If you want to share your RS-enabled apps with more users, consider creating a new topic in the App Announcements category on the forums, where you can also receive feedback then:

A great #OpenSource project by Spanish students helps you to easily check how to take back your data from Big Tech such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and more.
😎 💪 Check it out:

my somewhat scatter-brained demo of hyperdraft from last week's @fission meetup is now online, shows how to 'turn your text notes into a website'

The recording is up for my jam-packed discussion with the @fission community.

We discussed #0data, @remotestorage, #webmonetization, #ownyourdata, #digitalgarden, and more.

See the event page for a full listing of the different sections with timestamps.

Feedback welcome.

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Really looking forward to hanging with @bmann and @fission on January 14, 02021, talking about #0data, @remotestorage, my note-taking app, funding projects, other stuff.

RSVP to receive a Zoom link

We're having a public planning/community call next Tuesday (April 21), with the aim of creating a rough roadmap toward RFC track for the spec, and its broad adoptability. Everyone is invited:

New versions of the remoteStorage.js connect widget add-on have been released, with noticeable improvements to the UI/UX. No breaking changes, so you can update your apps with ease:

Here we go. A public functional beta be careful please prototype of my notes app based on Notational Velocity – data sync via @remotestorage, some Sublime Text keyboard shortcuts, [[double-bracket interlinking]], works nicely offline and on mobile too. Yellah habibi.


Super excited to share Launchlet, my first open source project!

It's a javascript/css launcher that you can use as a bookmarklet, browser extension, or as a module in your own project.

The compose interface makes it easy to create your own. I used Svelte for the front-end programming and the almighty @remotestorage to save data in the browser and sync between devices – no database and works offline.

Not sure how people will react, hoping for the best 🙂


I use #TiddlyWiki as my first page and sort of bookmarks file, but it's not as convenient to use these days, because it's more difficult to save changes than it used to be in older Firefoxes. So I figured that hmm, how about a wiki that you can use as just a local file, but which uses localStorage?

Seems like might be one. I'll have a look.

I found it on as it also supports @remotestorage , pretty cool!

There's a whole bunch of apps there actually, I should look it through and try a couple of them out.

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