I'd like to print B6 sized books from epub files. I've been looking at epub -> pdf conversion but not finding anything very satisfying. does anyone know of easy straightforward solutions for this kind of thing?

@rburns Have you looked at piping it through Calibre?

@bkero I have. In the dark recesses of my head I've probably already acquiesced to that being the most likely solution. It just doesnt have that light and straightforward appeal. It looks more like the 30ft RV sitting in the drive way, which is 'perfectly suited' to making a quick trip to the store to pick up a loaf of bread. I may have scars from previous experiences.

@rburns Yeah the GUI can be a bit unwieldy, but there are some CLI binaries such as: 'ebook-convert mybook.epub mybook.pdf --options'

@bkero that one turns out to work without too much fuss. it might need to be munged together with podofoimpose to get something easily printable

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