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We are Distributed Denial of Secrets. We enable the free transmission of data in the public interest. We aim to avoid any political, corporate or personal leanings, and to act as a simple beacon of available information. We recently got kicked off the birdsite for publishing BlueLeaks:

TFW you realize the night time temperatures you'll have to endure with your summer clothes this weekend are forecast as being the exact same as what your fridge is set to.


Transplanted some of the tomatoes and a bell pepper from the seeding pots into large containers.

Do I put them in full sun tomorrow, or is it better to wait a day or two?

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What an amazing stage today! Too many things happened to even highlight just one or two.

Great to see Nairoman and Rigo in top form. 4 riders out of the current top 8 in GC are Colombians now. Respect!

Are there any best practices, or commonly used patterns/procedures for publishing type definitions for JavaScript libraries?

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"A show trial is to be used to make an example of Julian #Assange. The point is to intimidate other journalists. Intimidation, by the way, is one of the primary purposes for the use of torture around the world. The message to all of us is: This is what will happen to you if you emulate the Wikileaks model." - Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.

#freeAssange #dontextraditeassange

You can't be serious, Patreon. A generic error message with no other option, when trying to cancel a membership? What a surprising, unfortunate, unknowable bug!

Bike racing, TdF 

Time for the weirdest Tour de France in history! My money is on Dany Martínez for the white jersey. I'd love to see Wout van Aert in green in Paris (if the race even makes it there), but that would require Rogliç to be too injured for contesting yellow in the first place I guess. And even then, Tom Dumoulin would probably just take over anyway.

This place is in zone 9b/10a, in case you're interested. Mediterranean plants sometimes just randomly start growing next to the existing stuff in our containers. E.g. there's a bush of I-did't-find-out-what that I transplanted, with nice yellow flowers all over it in the morning, sprouts of which just showed up everywhere around the Ginseng tree during the course of a week or two.

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Gardening update:

* First batch of compost is finished and almost used up already. Second, much larger batch, is also almost ready to be used.
* Basil is going strong
* The wild mint has finally started to grow lots of new shoots
* Sweet potato also grew some shoots, now that the root system has developed
* New rosemary is the lick. Already pretty tall for a recent purchase, but hoping for a big old bush next year.
* There are way too many tomato and pepper sprouts. Need moar potting soil.

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Being apolitical means implicit support of the status quo.

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> This is what happens when you become intoxicated with your own sense of self-righteousness. You see anyone who doesn't conform to your way of thinking as an enemy. And you convince yourself that intimidating innocent diners is a legitimate & virtuous act.

Channel intros at the start of YouTube vids are the 2020 version of Flash intros on 2003 websites.

Eventually, people will realize that the idea is dumb, because nobody wants to watch your logo move around for a while before seeing the stuff they came for.

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