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'Member when snowboarders were "endangering the public", simply by way of snowboarding?

Planned sessions and meetups will most likely happen in El Tunco and El Zonte from the middle of January on. Please propose sessions in the wiki, on chat, or here!

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Happy New Year, everyone! We're in the process of publishing more info for this January's Hacker Beach #10 in our wiki:

I saw 5 random minutes of Don't Look Up on someone else's screen, and it was so idiotic and unrealistic, it almost physically hurt my brain.

The UX for honest users is obviously much better now, but if they used on the ATMs as well, then it would be both instant and safe.

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It looks like Chivo ATMs don't even wait for 1 confirmation anymore when you use RBF for the tx, like they did before. I just watched someone withdraw $200 instantly with zero conf.

If this is actually the case, then you could get a lot of cash for free with a couple of burner SIMs. Hope they know what they're doing.

... especially when one email later, you're boasting about how much cash you raised in your crowd-investing campaigns so far.

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Yo, I'm all for optimistic mindsets! But asking people who had pre-ordered something like 3 years ago to put down 300 bucks now, because you are totally going to ship something next *September*, is pushing it pretty hard.

For some reason the airport was swarming with police-looking guys in weird uniforms displaying, among others, an Interpol logo. Your jig is up, shadowy super coders!

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CREATE and DESTROY historical UNIX systems!

Are you curious what UNIX was like? Now you can experience it at where you have complete control over your own UNIX system.

#unix #vm #history #retrocomputing #vintage #retro #computer #os

Huge typhoon devastated the central Philippines.

A charity organization I used to help out with (I spent a long time with them there, physically, so you can trust them) in Cebu sent out an urgent request for help, the effect they decribe is appalling.

If you want to help out you can donate there with paypal or bitcoin.

You know how many countries you are automatically financially accessible from if you accept payments or donations via ?

All of them. No one left behind. Every human deserves this access, in both directions of value flow.

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adoption still increasing at a rapid pace:

> El Salvadoran merchants are processing more than 10k transactions per day.
>Bitfinex processed 150 BTC of Lightning volume across 5k transactions last month
> OkCoin seeing 75% capacity growth in the last 3 months and usage from 65 different countries
> Podcasting 2.0 is now available for more than 3,182 different shows. The number of Lightning-enabled podcasts is growing at 15% per month

This new custom emoji will save you one extra emoji character every now and then in these challenging times: :clown_world:

(Shortcode "clown_world")

Can someone please point me to the people complaining about log4j's developers, because I've now seen about a hundred posts ranting about those complaints, but I have yet to actually see one myself.

... To be fair, my demands to the hardware are a bit rude. The environment regarding temperatures, humidity levels, salty sea air, and amount of dust and sand kicking around during my winter travels isn't exactly helping with prolonging a computer's life.

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Finally managed to use my first ThinkPad to death. It's the second one I ever bought, after having sent 5 different MacBooks to Nirvana before. Lasted almost exactly 5 years this time.

Typing this from a used replacement machine that had my old keyboard and display transferred to it.

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