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> Did the #CIA plan to kidnap and assassinate #WikiLeaks founder Julian #Assange during a shootout in London? That is one of the findings by Yahoo News that details how the CIA considered abducting and possibly murdering Assange while he took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. More than 30 former officials say former CIA Director Mike #Pompeo was apparently motivated to get even with WikiLeaks.

A new decentralized library, based on IPFS:

Interesting implementation:

> SQLite compiled into WebAssembly fetches pages of the database hosted on IPFS through HTTP range requests using sql.js-httpvfs layer, and then evaluates your query in your browser.

via Rest of World, which i would recommend for anyone who is interested in tech news covering 'non-western' parts of the planet

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Welcome @gitea to the fediverse on their very own instance!

One of the most absurd ideas I've ever seen for trying to cash in on the green hype; this startup thinks that putting a reusable garbage bag in your washing machine is somehow better for the environment than a single-use plastic bag. You really couldn't make this up if you tried:

Yesterday, a new volcano erupted in La Palma, an island of the Canary Islands. These pictures by Abián San Gil Hernández are incredible.

Nobody was killed by the eruption, but the lava has already devoured dozens of houses and the nearby school.

> As it turns out "Tim Apple" - as Trump once famously called him during a press conference - and the consumer tech behemoth he leads just might be the biggest beneficiaries of the Trump Administration's crackdown on Huawei

> According to the SCMP, without premium 5G Huawei handsets to compete against, the newly unveiled iPhone 13 just might be the new leading premium smartphone in the Chinese market.

> Microsoft Azure silently install management agents on your Linux VMs, which now have RCE and LPE vulns.

> Microsoft don’t have an auto update mechanism, so now you need to manually upgrade the agents you didn’t know existed as you didn’t install them.

> With a single packet, an attacker can become root on a remote machine by simply removing the authentication header.

Berlin just legalized flat-out discrimination based on personal medical history, blatantly violating article 3 of the German constitution. To prevent being sued to hell, they added some basic exemptions, for only the most basic venues like e.g. supermarkets and public bureaus.

History doesn't repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.

Be welcome to join us and exchange about all things .

@raucao will share an upcoming ‘read later’ feature in his bookmarking app Webmarks

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Another beautiful Sunday ride. But more exhausting than I had planned. I encountered a road closure on the way home (some kind of time-trial car racing event for amateurs I think), so I got to ride back where I came from, and climb our little mountain again from the other side.

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