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What's the best Google Translate extension for Firefox?

Does anyone know what happened to or who to ask about it?

The entire website is just one big error message now, and apparently the creators give nofux about the thousands of FOSS repos that they had using it. Not even a simple message about it being discontinued or anything.

Is anyone tracking the growth of open source software, quantitatively? I found a paper from 2008 which found "that the total amount of source code as well as the total number of open source projects is growing at an exponential rate."

"Analysts said Pfizer needed an injection of new blood"

Champagne in the one-line-zingers department at the BBC 11 years ago.

I bet Pfizer's bottom line is doing a *bit* better this year.…

... should've read further before asking:

> Yes, actually. WebContainers include a virtualized TCP network stack that's mapped to your browser's ServiceWorker API, enabling you to instantly create live Node.js servers on-demand that continue to work even when you go offline.

That's pretty amazing!

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I like the sandboxed security model when using node.js like this. Which is also one of the most attractive parts of to me. And deno is also built with Web Platform APIs over custom system APIs to begin with.

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Some Web IDE company ported node.js to the browser using WASM, but how would they do plain TCP/IP without privileged access?

Some Chrome devs at Google are experimenting with a new "follow" feature for websites, based on ...

*drum roll* ...


/ht @kmj

Current price:

1 BTC = 1 BTC

If you didn't sell, then you haven't lost anything. Many people have learned this the hard way over the past decade.

Whoever sold out should be forever banned from controlling any piece of community infra from now on, for a very long time. I cannot fathom how that was even possible to the degree that it was done.

I found a shop in Kreuzberg which seems legit. Will recommend them if they're good.

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Dear fedi: does anyone know a person in town who fixes Lenovo laptops? I have a fairly small hardware issue that is making my computer pretty much unusable.

(The fact that we don't have a go-to electronics mall with a few hundred stalls full of salvaged spare parts and people who can fix most hardware issues, is still one of the saddest things about cities in the "developed" West to me.)

TFW you create your own marina in the middle of the lake.

Ohai there, Poland. Thanks for the summery weather today!

> Another huge drink was whiskey. While not as popular as rum in the Colonial period, it eventually surpassed rum as the country expanded westward.

> By 1810, there were at least 2,000 distillers in the United States. They produced over two million gallons of whiskey per year. There was so much whiskey that it sold for twenty-five cents a gallon by the 1820s, making it cheaper than beer, wine, or cider. It was even cheaper than milk, coffee, or tea.

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Fun facts:

* Straight water was almost never consumed.
* One story is told of an Italian immigrant, who caused a stir at a large dinner party in Philadelphia where he asked for a glass of water
* By the time of the American Revolution, colonists were drinking 3.7 gallons of rum per person annually.
* The vast majority of apple production in the English Colonies was devoted to cider production.

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