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When you start an actual war on drugs, the other side may end up creating an actual army:

Imagine adding proper support for open reviews, in addition to their OSM editing capabilities. We could finally have a a decent GMaps competitor.

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when phil collins remastered his albums in 2016 he updated all the cover art from young phil collins to old phil collins and to be honest that is extremely cool

I've been waiting for someone to tackle community infra for POI reviews (as well as simple data completion) for ages...

Regarding that Twitter hack: I think someone purchasing a 0day is most likely, and that the boring old scam routine was actually a distraction from the meat of taking out the DM archives of all those state and corporate leaders.

The price of that exploit must have been orders of magnitude higher than what they could realistically expect in returns. Someone with that kind of resources should know how to monetize this properly.

@nosat Last I checked you were able to send funds around as much as you wanted before sending them to an exchange (that's the entire point of uncensorable money). Including coinjoins in between. Also, your reply doesn't address my original points at all.

Lastly, anyone can get censored by centralized financial institutions. But again, due to bitcoin's size, it's less impactful, because there are so many exchanges and OTC desks around the globe, where you can trade it.

I just found this among the transactions of the address that was used in the tweets of those compromised verified birdsite accounts:

House mate just bought a basil plant from the veggie store, and the size of it is slightly ridiculous:

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While the British Foreign Office keeps full diplomatic relations with the Venezuelan government, the Bank of England is refusing to pay out $1bn worth of gold to them, based on their claim that the failed coup attempts a couple years ago made Guaidó the interim president.

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Why Mastodon and the fediverse are “doomed to fail”

-> a small rant about how the profit lens distorts our understanding of success vs. failure:

I've been using Vim for the longest time, and never knew about ctrl-f in command mode until today.

"Decentralized Web Developer Report 2020", published on Medium. Not a joke.

OK, I should really move the desk to the basement asap.

Long story, but I'm fairly certain that I have found the absolute worst parcel delivery driver on the planet. And the problem is that their manager (and customer "service" person) is equally bad at their job. So when you explain the situation to them, they won't respond, but just yell at the driver in the morning, without helping either the driver or the customer.

Anyway, the driver says he won't deliver to our address, ever. As in, he will not even attempt to fulfill his job. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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"Let's ban/cancel $oppositeThing for the sake of $thing"

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