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I used to have a pair of AKG 500s a long time ago, and it was OK. But I think I ordered at least 3 sets of replacement ear pads over the years, because they wore down so fast. Also not that big of a deal, but kind of annoying. Not sure if that's just normal with headphones, but they seem to break an awful lot in general with my usage patterns.

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By "compact", I mean compact size for travel. Could be large, but foldable for example.

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Hey, enthusiasts:

Can someone recommend a model of compact, over-ear headphones with decent sound on all frequencies and a non-excessive price tag?

Elon the shitposter is my favorite Elon yet.

This beef broth has been simmering for 10 hours now. Can't wait to turn it into Borscht tomorrow night.

In case someone doesn't understand how this usually works: nobody can legally prevent you from leaving a country (unless you're at least under reasonable suspicion of having committed a crime in that country). The only thing that matters when you cross a border is if you are allowed to *enter* on the other side of it. (For air travel, this can mean that the airline wants to make sure of that before you leave, so they don't have to fly you back. But not the border control where you're leaving.)

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Absolutely insane: EU politicians now claim the right to lock you *into* the EU, not even talking about long-distance travel being dependent on the *other* border being open to you.

This is not just a flagrant violation of your rights as a citizen of any of the EU's sovereign member states, it is also the first time they're ready to violate their own citizens' human right to freedom of movement as a general concept.

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Finally we signed the funding plan with NLNet!!! 😀 Thank you @NGIZero for this amazing opportunity! 🙏🏼

We're working, and we're so excited!! more news soon, including the actual project plan :-)

Tbh I'm also scared a bit, there's so much work to do! But bit by bit, we'll get there 😊


German computer geeks and civil rights activists went all the way from Freiheit statt Angst to Angst statt Freiheit. Congrats on your complete reversal of opinion.

Authoritarians only have to find the right trigger for fear. And there's a trigger for almost everyone.

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The mining subsidy was halved from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC per block last night. The reduced issuance decreases the inflation rate of BTC from ~3.68% to ~1.8%.

The last Bitcoin block with a 12.5 BTC subsidy was mined yesterday, and contained a message in its coinbase transaction:

> NYTimes 09/Apr/2020 With $2.3T Injection, Fed's Plan Far Exceeds 2008 Rescue

Read on your own node:

Read on a block explorer:

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For the I've built a Bitcoin lightning donation tool for rubygems:
one command to send some sats to all your gem dependecies:

$ bundle thankyou

Zoom just acquired Keybase. Or rather, the Keybase team, as they don't give a flying fuck about Keybase products. Shout-out to the Keybase fans out there, who haven't seen enough VC-funded startups sell out yet. Next in line: Gitlab.

Authoritarian politicians be like:


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