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My new favorite thing in Firefox is the picture-in-picture video mode, whch lets you pop out videos from their Web page and watch them in an always-on-top system overlay window. Good job, whoever is responsible for this!

> End-to-end encryption is legal under current federal law. Yet the EARN IT Act would allow an unelected, unaccountable commission to write “best practices” (not actual laws or regulations, yet liability would result from failing to abide by them) which, make no mistake, will condemn end-to-end encryption.

Holy shit, wtf kind of web design am I looking at?

5 floors of Asian-style electronics mall, with tons of used hardware and parts: Bogotá has it.

Dude is driving a manual with that! Amazing guy.

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This taxi driver in Bogotá created his own human/car hardware interface to use in lieu of his missing legs:

The amount of people on skateboards (none of that longboard hipster business), fixies, and MTBs in Bogotá is incredibly high, and I'm loving it. Need to find a bike asap.


> Don't worry though, the company's dividend is safe and sound: Boeing paid $1.2 billion of dividends in the quarter.

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When you think it's cheaper to fix a problem with software than with engineering, and it ends up costing you nearly 20 billion dollars:

A company is creating the first Web browser rendering engine from scratch since KHTML. CEO gets asked if it's open-source. Dude responds:

> It’s not. There’s no current plan for that as we don’t have a large corporation backing our development.

Go figure.

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We present CacheOut, a new speculative execution attack that is capable of leaking data from Intel CPUs across many security boundaries. We show that [...] CPUs are still vulnerable.

Moreover, unlike previous MDS issues, we show in our work how an attacker can exploit the CPU's caching mechanisms to select what data to leak, as opposed to waiting for the data to be available. Finally, we empirically demonstrate that CacheOut can violate nearly every hardware-based security domain.

I must say, after a few weeks on the tropical coast, it's a nice change of scenery to be surrounded by mountains covered in evergreen trees, here in Bogotá.

Also, potable tap water FTW!

Was hanging out with Bender every day during the last week.

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PSA: all-time very best website for train travel information in Europa, Africa, Asia:

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Square Crypto have finally decided what to build in order to help the widespread adoption of : a Lightning Development Kit (based on Rust), which will allow wallet developers to add functionality to their existing apps and codebases:

> The Internet of Beefs, or IoB, is everywhere, on all platforms, all the time. Meatspace is just a source of matériel to be deployed online, possibly after some tasteful editing, decontextualization, and now AI-assisted manipulation.

> If you participate in online public life, you cannot entirely avoid the Internet of Beefs. It is too big, too ubiquitous, and too widely distributed and connected across platforms.

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