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Then again downloading and storing that big of a set is kind of expensive and not really practical for the average person. Not even speaking of the skills you'd need.

I'm sure you heard about this 1+ billion people data leak:

I'm wondering if someone didn't leak the data intentionally, and actually with good intentions. There's an argument to be made that the least-worst case in this scenario is everyone having access to the same data, and people being able to know what's in their records.

Rode up the Sambuca hausberg today. Beautiful day, and a beautiful nature reserve up there.

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I also think there's a perverse effect here where someone can easily identify how many 3rd-party requests or other sneaky stuff any website is doing, so websites frequently get outed for it. So the web as a whole appears more suspicious, when its main fault is being an open platform.

But then again: do I have any idea what my native apps are doing while I'm sleeping? How how many times they're phoning home, and to whom? I did Android dev for years, and I honestly have no idea how to check this.

1. Sender sends package here
2. Italian DPD partner gives me their tracking page
3. Out for delivery
4. Driver marks address as invalid, doesn't call the phone number
5. They send me a link to a page where I click to retry delivery
6. Out for delivery
7. Driver marks address as invalid, doesn't call the phone number
8. I explain the situation to the sender, they ask DPD to send it to the address again
9. Out for delivery
10. Driver marks address as invalid, doesn't call the phone number

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Book I want to read - Venice Secret Service

Housed in the imposing Doge's Palace and under the direction of the Council of Ten, the notorious governmental committee that acted as Venice's spy chiefs, this 'proto-modern' organisation served prominent intelligence functions including operations, analysis, cryptography and steganography, cryptanalysis, and even the development of lethal substances.

English, how does it work? It's Home Assistant with an A, of course.

Set up Home Assistent on a Raspberry Pi this evening. Nice stuff!

Also finally gave ZeroTier (and ZeroTier One) a try, and holy shit is it great.

Next step: making the Home Assistent accessible from the Internet, via a reverse proxy on a server that is connected to the same ZeroTier network.

Reckless driving for the greater good:

> Italian host families driving on the wrong side of the road to make an English guest ‘feel at home’ (yes, it happens)

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Make sure to have a _working_ encrypted off-site backup of all your important data before the end of this decade! You have 6 weeks to set it up.

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raspberry pis are great because you can make them into underwhelming versions of other things

I hate Microsoft Edge as much as the next dev, but turning the new app icon into a literal wave, so you can surf the Web on it, is a pretty great idea. (And if it wasn't the designer's intention, then the outcome is just lucky af, because I can't not see it as a wave.)

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> In a major victory for privacy rights at the border, a federal court in Boston ruled today that suspicionless searches of travelers’ electronic devices by federal agents at airports and other U.S. ports of entry are unconstitutional.

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The Matrix, 1999: Morpheus inserts a giant TRRS plug into Neo's head

The Matrix, 2019: Morpheus tries for 20 minutes to pair a Bluetooth neural interface to Neo's head before finally giving up

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newbie question:

What's the most overlooked yet important thing to buy for your first tool collection?

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