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Sunday night activity is getting some Unifis going.

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is there anything special I should worry about when running a long running Rails database migration (>1h) on heroku (postgres)?

And the Unifi APs arrived in time for today as well.

Faxing PDFs to to verify our business account. As one does in the age of Internet.

A propos, anyone has opinions on radio-enabled locks? Yes? No? Maybe?

Picking the lock to entrance #3, because we didn't get a key from the previous owner. Good thing some hackers carry tools for this by default.

The power plug situation in Italy is hilarious. They use 3 different sizes of grounded plugs.

I love how the entire town of Sambuca is all golden at night. Every random alley looks beautiful that way.

Thank you to the fine, lazy people at SXF, who couldn't be bothered to even open my utterly outrageous small bag that is filled to the brim with electronics and suspicious items, that usually get double-checked just on their own. No entries in their giving-a-fuck calendars for today. 🙏

We have water and electricity, but the local ISP is still figuring out their antenna setup for connecting us to their Internets. May have to resort to mi-fi. :/

Completely maxed out luggage for the flight to Sicily today. 2 small bags, a big-ass suitcase bang on the weight limit, and a bicycle.

Yes, we're moving into Hacker House today!

Worst case (and I had that situation before as well), what you wrote has been proven wrong, but it's a catchy headline that confirms people's biases. Nobody looks at the replies to find your correction far down the page.

Would be neat if you could indicate to other fedi users/clients, that you don't want a certain thing boosted/re-posted anymore. Happened to me a few times that something is outdated and people still share like crazy.

People, you can stop boosting this now. The answer is that the instance I was thinking of is now dead, and apparently there's no other active instance at the moment.

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