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if you post a public post, you can be pretty sure it's being indexed and searchable. if you don't want that, don't post public posts.

I've been claiming this for over a decade now, so it's nice to have a long-term study backing it up:

> We are born creative geniuses and the education system dumbs us down, according to NASA scientists

Little-known Mastodon features:

Profile directory: You can opt-in to being listed on your server's public profile directory, and you can use hashtags in your bio to appear under those hashtags

Featured hashtags: You can choose hashtags to be displayed on your public profile so that people can browse all your posts under those hashtags

Going to computer and beer a bit in BRŁO's biergarten.


Who thought it would be a good idea to pad the Avengers Endgame movie with 60-90 minutes of fillers and time-stretching edits? Why does it have to be this long?

It seems to me like they handed in a 1.5 hour story, but then the studio demanded a 3-hour epic.


(If you're going to tell me about Blender, don't @ me.)

I guess there's actually no viable FOSS alternative to Sketchup for easy, usable 3D modeling?

Who has learned in school about Keynes but not about Hayek?

They finally made the DHT and resolution issues a number 1 priority for the IPFS project. Excellent news.

KDE e.V. is opening today its Trusted IT Consulting Firms directory. The directory helps organizations and businesses find companies that will support them in their use of KDE software, whether it is for training, migrating, squashing specific bugs, adding new features to KDE applications, or for implementing a KDE-based technologies into their IT framework.

> Be europe
> build gas pipeline between russia and germany
> EU says 'yeah we want that'
> be US
> enact sanctions against the european companies that build this european pipeline
> call it the "Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act"

America is so brazen sometimes

HSBC helping Mexican cartels launder 7 billion dollars of cash: not a single banker punished.

A 79-yr old lady feeding stray cats: off to county jail!

And people wonder how populism has become a thing.

So sad I can't make it to ActivityPub Conf, but I was already committed to a Ruby meetup weekend on sailboats on some lakes in Poland.

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