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Had a great time at over the weekend. Also made some progress on the accounts checkout app, which we're going to set up for various @kosmos services soon. It allows you to donate an amount of your choosing in order to pay for services run by our cooperative...

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What do you use as your daily driver?
(Boosts appreciated)

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There's a culture of negativity forming on the fediverse, similar to other platforms. The instinct is to call attention to it and critique it, but that itself is just creating more negativity

I think a better tactic is to make a conscious effort to create and spread more positive content, even simple stuff like the plants you're growing or the meal you're having

Very cool to see working Lightning Network support in Electrum wallet.

First win: coffee is priced in satoshis instead of EUR. Unit of account: check.

Don't you just love when prominent projects/companies are present on literally everything but open-source social media and chat rooms?

Here's what the folks at thought would make sense for their users, who are all using Mycroft for privacy and openness:

You should be happy about Gab joining the fediverse, even if you're going to instance-block them the minute they're up. The entire point of this is that anyone should be allowed to talk about whatever they want online, but that you don't have to listen or allow their posts on your instance at all.

You couldn't ask for a more perfect demo of voluntary federation and its moderation model.

Ugh. Cloning partitions wasn't enough, of course. :/

TFW you want to upgrade the drive in a relative's Mac Mini, and Apple makes you tear the entire thing apart, down to the last element.

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I'm working on a set of "wellness" settings for #Pinafore, inspired by Tristan Harris' Center for Humane Technology ( What kind of settings would *you* like to have in Mastodon? Examples:

- grayscale mode
- no unread notification counts
- no follower/boost/fav counts
- no push notifications
- no boosts/favs/follows in home/notification timelines

I'd love your feedback! Tracking this here:

Finally confirmed my attendance of this weekend in Munich. Who else is coming?

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Good morning fedi-pals! I just pressed the buttons to make my game go live and I'm telling you first.

Before I vanish into more commercial social media promo land let me just say....

Thanks for all the feedback, love & support, and distractions over the last year or so of making this game. Your the best! I hope you get a chance to check it out.


Playing a German board game about life goals. Was dealt a pretty funny hand.

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JavaScript in browsers can access localhost HTTP network, even on HTTPS pages. Can run port scans, for example.

(I'd like to submit a talk for Chaos Camp, but wasn't able to create an account, due to this bug having persisted for a while now.)

Anyone from CCC following me and knows where I should report email confirmation requests on throwing 500s?

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