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@purism Is there a documentation page where one can find out about all the various free software used for Librem One? I.e. including server-side programs, and how they're set up and linked together?

Hipster online banks are about as shitty as traditional evil corp banks, just in different ways. *Business Banking* just told me that their business accounts only allow a single person to access the account. And their login relies on the Android app. Which I can't even install in the first place, because of some dumb restriction in Google Play.

I'd laugh it it weren't so sad.


Super cool visualization of energy production and consumption of every country. displayed on a map:

Mozilla pays its CEO a 7 figure salary but it's moving to Discord's Recaptcha as a security model because it can't afford to hire anyone in all of Silicon Valley who knows how to set up SASL on an IRC server, or explain how IRC works without yelling "fuck" every other sentence.

"The [NZ] Government and its agencies buy about a sixth of all advertising - so they could be spending more than $100 million on social media [ie corporate-owned #DataFarms]."

It's like watching them pay someone to punch the public in the face. Imagine the kind of privacy-respecting social web platform you could develop using #FreeCode, and host in the #PublicInterest, with $NZ100 million a year.

Someone just filled in the "why do you want to join" field in the "request an invite" form of our instance with "met ton nez à tes affairs".

My buddy's kids have the best tree house. All colors are beautiful!

No matter how many times I go to Tarifa, the south of the south of Spain, it always surprises me when I see Morocco there, closer than I always expect.

14.4 km. That's the distance between Europe and Africa.

(Photos by @polarhare)

A friend of mine is tearing down a house on a property he bought .So yesterday I helped him with that, running around the thing with a big-ass pickaxe all day long, hacking apart an entire wooden 2nd floor, some walls, and other random parts.

It was fun, but guess how my puny little programmer/cyclist arms are feeling right now. 😫

Mastodon + Keybase. Can we not reproduce the antipatterns of centralization around particular sites? Keybase is hardly decentralized, and you don't need it to do encrypted chat.

#OMEMO is a big fish 🐠 in the upcoming #Debian 10 release (#buster) bowl. It hopefully will feature five #XMPP clients with this modern #e2e #encryption: #Gajim, #Dino, #Psi+ (all graphical), #jp (command line), and #primitivus (console), the latter two part of #SalutAToi or #SaT

Doesn’t matter if it’s this place or twitter or somewhere else – If you only ever talk about things you find terrible, it’ll wear you down. Detox your thoughts. Tell us all about something you love! 💚

hacker of is giving a lesson on #infosec, through github issues at #matrix repo.
(thought server is compromised not the software)

I hoped they warned them befor doing.
If they did, and #matrix kept ignoring it, that's definatly a way to teach someone a lesson.

read here:

Anyone knows where the GitHub Pages content of is coming from?

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