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Microsoft announces it will shut down ebook program and confiscate its customers' libraries. Just another reminder that DRM is hostile towards users.

When you claim that you're more decentralized than Bitcoin, and then issue a statement like this, about gambling apps on your platform:

"TRON will collaborate with Japanese government and provide necessary support if any TRON DApps violate Japanese laws and regulations."

We currently have 6 people on board for this project, and are open to more people joining as founders/co-owners. More info soon.

Shoot me a DM, if you're already interested, so I can keep you in the loop directly.

... To give you a ballpark figure for what you can do here: we looked at a beautiful old building with 3 floors, 8 rooms, 260 m², in a great location, and ready to move in (currently being used as offices). Nice layout, large workspace on ground floor, easy to convert top floor into a large rooftop terrasse with a view. Asking price: 65,000 EUR. Negotiable.

Update on Hacker House: the town of Sambuca di Sicilia is absolutely gorgeous (won prettiest town in Italy 2016), and aside from the 1-EUR house auction, there are hundreds of buildings for sale here, due to young people having left en masse to find work elsewhere. But there are already people from all over the world moving back in, potentially reversing the trend.

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Here is a horrible idea. Marketplace on your vehicle touchscreen. "I'm sorry. I didn't see you. I was ordering a pizza."

MyChevrolet Android App
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Thank god the entire industry hasn't decided to revolve around Blink/Chromium for 95% of the web's browser traffic, or else Google would have an unlimited ability to push forward whatever bullshit standard they wanted.

Wait hold on, my producer is telling me something [places finger on my ear piece]

Oh no.

I like how espresso shots are traditional ritual for people in all Italian airport arrival halls. Who likes to do the last stretch of their journey severely under-caffeinated?

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"We call on the European Commission to promote the dissemination of Free Software filter technologies"

@fsfe , SRSLY???

Why not free/libre/open-source DRM, free/libre/open-source tracking, profiling and predictive algorithm, free/libre/open-source drone strikes, while we're at it? What a disgrace :(


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Today is a dark day for online freedoms and for all those laboring on a daily basis for the defense and promotion of a free, open, neutral and decentralized Internet. The European Parliament voted for generalization of automated filtering of uploads. #SaveYouInternet

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BREAKING: Europe’s MEPs cave to lobbyists, ignore five million online petitioners, hundreds of thousands of protesters, and approve #article13 and #article11. Find out what happens to the disastrous Copyright Directive next:

TFW you forget that you had that big-ass folding bicycle lock in the bottom pocket of your backpack, and the airport security reveals that fact. :/

Luckily, TXL has a post office right in the terminal, which is not the case for most airports around the world.

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Stumbled upon this blog post about the potential benefits of using different decentralized protocols in combination, e.g. , , and :

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To be fair, Rumsfeld was a similar kind of nutjob ('member ?), and I generally don't remember a single secretary of state who wasn't a warmongering psychopath.

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@chimericalgirls @raucao also the microsoft outlook button downloads an identical file to the "apple calendar" button. the only one that's different is google calendar which is a link to /eventedit
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