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hey internet! I need to deliver ~21GB to Bombay (Andheri East). Sending it on snail mail takes too long. Does anybody know somebody who could download that amount there? I could pay for time and data :) that would be suuuuuuuper helpful! <3

The GNOME design team put in some serious effort to modernize app icons from GNOME 3.32 onward, and help designers and developers create better icons for their apps:

Gitea is finally in the process of moving off of GitHub to develop Gitea using Gitea:

We recently set up a Gitea for Kosmos, which we also intend to open to other FOSS projects in the future. Already enjoying it a lot, even though it's a bit rough around the edges still. Core functionality is all there, and also some features GitHub is missing as of now (e.g. native WIP status for PRs, issue dependencies, and others).

Lightning Network payments have already surpassed all altcoin payments on Bitrefill:

I can believe this immediately, because I'm only paying via LN there now. Use it all the time to top up SIM cards around the world.

We're actually working on this problem right now. Kosmos Kredits will enable you to donate to a smart contract and money will be distributed to contributors based on contribution tracking, after paying for tracked expenses and such. It combines the transparency of OpenCollective with the decentralization and near-zero fees of open-source money.

Samsung just dropped a $70K donation on the Mastodon OpenCollective. I still can't believe that people are totally OK with them eating 10% of the money, and the actual donation only coming down to $63K after fees.

The fees for a BTC transaction would have been about $0.01 to $0.02.

Money quote:

> What if a large, trusted financial institution were to come to you and say: “you can leave your money (tokens) with us and we’ll put it in the box for you (stake it). You get a nice return and in the meantime you can have these deposit slips that will always be redeemable for the tokens you’ve left with us.”

Here's an excellent article on why and how proof-of-stake consensus algorithms may very well lead back to fractional reserve banking, as well as the rotten, debt-based financial system that necessarily grows from that:

I've made a thing: a cryptocurrency tipping page using OpenAlias.
It creates a website with payment details for any domain with DNS entries:
does anybody want to help me make it look nice + launch it?

Was wondering about how exactly submits user edits back to OpenStreetMap, and I just randomly stumbled across one of the ways they do it:

If analog clocks get phased out then how will future generations know clockwise from counter clockwise #ShowerThoughts

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