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Ridiculously fantastic weather for a Christmas ride around the Inn valley today (given sufficient winter clothing).

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Would it change the social psychology of social media if we replaced the terms "follow" and "followers" in the UI with "listen" and "listeners", or "read" and "readers", or some other set of terms with a less ... well ... culty ring to them?

First ride on the new machine (Grand Canyon on the right) turned into a bit of an adventure. Almost didn't make it back down the mountain before dark.

Adding a German word list for standardized Bitcoin HD passphrases is more difficult than you'd think:

Packing my stuff for . Getting even more excited.

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Updated to sort servers by closeness to 300 active users, not by most active users.

Almost can't believe my eyes, because this airline got it so right:

"I very recently worked on the Edge team, and one of the reasons we decided to end EdgeHTML was because Google kept making changes to its sites that broke other browsers, and we couldn't keep up."

Did Microsoft do preemptive whitewashing PR when they published that post about "responsible" facial recognition for "lawful surveillance" last week?

... or, as Chris Beams (co-founder of Bisq) put it: free software for free people.

So I was trying to refactor this hugely complex JS file, and then I just rage-quit and converted it to TypeScript. Reformatting the TS output is actually easier than dealing with this code in pure JS. What have I become?


(TFW you finally board the last leg to Berlin and you're not the only one on the plane looking like a hobo anymore.)

This is cypherpunk af, because LN is onion-routed, meaning anyone can broadcast messages to the entire globe, paid for by virtually untraceable instant payments per API request.

Blockstream Satellite is available in the Asia-Pacific region now. But also:

"[...] we’re also excited to reveal the Blockstream Satellite API, a groundbreaking new broadcast service coming in January 2019. The Satellite API empowers users to access the Blockstream Satellite network to broadcast data to the whole world, paid for via the Lightning Network!"

The business-ey dude next to me in the lounge has an episode of Big Bang Theory running on his laptop, while playing Bejeweled on his phone. Not sure what that means, but it certainly looks funny.

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