@bkero I'll bring my proper camera and lenses, when I go back next week.

Ugh, in accordance with local traditions, everything takes a bit longer than expected. But we're getting there.

Pretty excited about how the house project is coming together. We have 12 co-owners on board now! I'm on Sicily at the moment; hopefully getting the deed tomorrow, or early next week. Then some basic renovations, then turning the place into a hacker paradise.

Outrageous theories aside, Snowpiercer surely is a master piece. And if you haven't seen it yet, I'd highly recommend watching it.

Ridiculous, but actually makes a lot of sense: Snowpiercer may very well be a sequel to Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. youtube.com/watch?v=jEX52h1Tvu

Two people just stopped in front of the wide open door of this subway train upon hearing the words "stand back please" from the loud speakers. One of them held the other back and repeated the words from the speakers. Then they made a disappointed face and let the train depart without them.

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Criticism may hurt, but it also means someone still believes in us and our ability to be better.

No one is perfect. Beware the day you hear no criticism.

Someone leaned their $10,000 bike against mine, and I'm just thinking "don't you scratch the Aluminium Falcon, dude".

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From May 12 to June 12 our house in the 100° desert Arizona weather used 381kWh of power... but we generated 860kWh with our solar! 🤩🥳🤑

Classic Elsevier, abusing global warming for a marketing campaign: mendeley.com/campaign/about-cl

"Climate change is super important, so everyone should have access to these papers. But only until December this year. Oh, and you need an account on this new platform we're trying to promote. This is not a marketing campaign, of course."

@LemonAndroid Ist doch vollkommen egal wer. Viele Deutsche denken so, manche sagen es hin wieder.

"Das ist eine Haltung der man sich verschrieben hat, wenn man in diesem Land wohnt". Meinungsfreiheit in Deutschland: immer schon sehr geil.

@polymerwitch Reported for what? Did they violate the GPL license?

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