Had a fantastic and productive time in Nakuru and Nairobi these last few days. I had almost forgotten just how beautiful and welcoming Kenya and its people are.

Actually a bit sad having leave so quickly after the conference. Hoping to be back sooner than in half a decade this time.

Gnarf, national strike announced for my return trip, exactly on the one day I'm passing through France. Merde!

From the newspaper:

* Two police officers had the smart idea to rob and hijack an Uber.
* Guangzhou team wins the Chinese Super League (football)
* There was basically zero immediate emergency relief response to the flooding, and everyone blames someone else.

The usual.

Sitting in Nairobi rush hour traffic, reading the local newspapers. Apparently there has been extreme flooding in Kenya last weekend, with hundreds of casualties. Still raining like from buckets. :/

Never had a non-EU transfer in CDG, so: holy shit, how anti-human and over-the-top consumerist can a terminal be? This feels like the absolute maximum. Get rid of just a few of those gazillion useless brand stores and give people some actual food, cafés and bars, you monsters! What a disgrace.

@quad (I visit Prague once every year, so I'm biased. But still, why wouldn't you?)

@quad Because it's a fantastic city and you get to visit it for free? What does "useful" even mean?

@lain To be fair, solar roadways are probably one of the dumbest ideas ever had by a someone who considers themselves an engineer.

The Irishman is classic Scorsese, and everything about it is fantastic!

Everything except the digital de-aging; and I'm not sure if it's the special effects company's fault, or if de-aging people you've regularly seen while they grew older is just a bad idea to begin with.

Rad: I saved 100% this Black Friday, by purchasing zero items. Use discount code NOFUX!

@Dee > wolves that have left or been excluded from their pack are described as lone wolves


@TallTim I haven't done a full winter in even temperate climates since 2010, so yeah. Nowadays I'm freezing my ass off in what I would've considered OK autumn temperatures a decade ago.

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@htimsxela Just simple DHT11 sensors attached to some RPi. Software is a script using CircuitPython, sending data to queues on the Home Assistant's MQTT. Here's the script, in case you're interested: gist.github.com/skddc/1d25af83

In related news: still loving Home Assistant. So easy to set up this stuff.

Just set up some sensors in the house, and boy is it cold here on Sicily in late November:

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