Definitely not a thing you hear a lot about in beginner learning material, but adjusting your machines properly seems to be quite an important skill and semi-regular task in .

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Finally found out why I wasn't able to tune the fence and miter gauge of the table saw down to the last percent of accuracy. Turns out the blade itself wasn't parallel to the miter slots, as it's supposed to be when coming from the factory.

So I RTFM and found some screws to adjust it, which I had no idea existed at all.

@ginsterbusch Like, when you describe this:

> there might be either too random trains of thought (see: infodumping), or too much compressed ones, which could, if you're not aware of all of this, and only interpret anything written on a surface level, come over as flippant, disregard, rude, odd, trollish, etc.

That's pretty much how I, as an INTP, come across to personality types that don't think alike and/or I'm unable to explain my trains of thought to.

@ginsterbusch But there's a difference between autism and thinking all the time. Thinking all the time is inherent to some personality types and doesn't require autism to happen naturally. And I think it's rather counterproductive to think in terms of "normal people", or "neuronormative", vs. "unnormal" or "neurodiverse", without considering all the different personality types whose brains operate in extremely different ways to begin with.

What really grinds my gears is that the Englishman who just said SHRAM in his video also managed to pronounce Schwalbe in its German version 100% correctly.

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question: Why do so many native English speakers say SHRAM instead of SRAM?

@janalbrecht Und 4 Jahre später geht es Schober, GBG, etc. immer noch gut, während Nutzer beim Betreten einer Website schon gar keinen Inhalt mehr sehen vor lauter "Ihre Privatsphäre ist uns wichtig"-Overlays, nach welchen dann trotzdem 23 Ad-Server-Skripte geladen werden.

Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt.

One of the most fun things about is when random people on the Internet open channels to your node, and you wake up to weird new channel partner names in your list.

@art Not the norm in most of the world, and certainly not on prepaid plans.

@BUNDjugend_ak_digi @mark Wow, there is *zero* actual science about the resource expenditure of bitcoin mining in that paper. Instead, the authors merely recite basic FUD from online articles, and copy even the most basic mistakes, like for example comparing a complete monetary system with integrated settlement layer to a credit card gateway.

What a joke.

@BUNDjugend_ak_digi @mark Also, if you can address actual points brought forward by Lyn in the video, then do it. Saying the entire debate is "controversial" is a complete cop-out.

You weren't able to refute my arguments about your claims of economic control and reverted to "we hear the ecological impact is too high", without bringing forward any actual arguments for me to falsify. Hence my recommendation for you to watch the debate, since you might actually learn a thing or two.

Good bye.

@BUNDjugend_ak_digi @mark I have provided actual arguments and examples. "We're talking to people" is not how science works.

@BUNDjugend_ak_digi @mark Still no mention of specific research or falsifiable results/publications.

This is going nowhere, if you keep handwaving about the secret science that gives you special analytical abilities (which so far have proven rather misguided).

@BUNDjugend_ak_digi @mark Btw, if you're referring to the work of a single central bank researcher, where most energy FUD about bitcoin originates, then here's a debate you could follow, where someone with deep industry knowledge addresses his points:

@BUNDjugend_ak_digi @mark The general "scientific community" has no special expertise over this topic whatsoever. The creators and contributors of bitcoin are literally their own scientific community, as you would know if you had looked even a little bit into the computer science, theoretical underpinnings, and ongoing protocol improvements of bitcoin.

@BUNDjugend_ak_digi @mark That's neither how economics nor bitcoin mining works. Obviously you have never run a business, let alone one that deals in physical resource allocation. Again, you compete with the same resource requirements *as anyone else* for every block you attempt to mine.

@BUNDjugend_ak_digi @mark If you think that's a problem, then you seriously have to be against fiat money, since inflation is the singlest most serious factor in how much more money rich people have now, and gain every day, compared to everyone else.

@BUNDjugend_ak_digi @mark Mining pools are just service providers for single miners. You can't just buy what miners do, and as proven by SegWit2x and UASF, even a majority of miners cannot affect changes over the rest of the network. You seem to have no idea what you're talking about to be honest.

@BUNDjugend_ak_digi @mark Again, you don't gain more control by doing that, and you have to compete on the same level as anyone else. So what is your point?

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