Fun fact: that weird rock in the middle is called Roque Nublo, and it was formed by a volcanic eruption literally raining it down to that place as liquid stone.

Had to ride up to the top of the world (aka Pico de las Nieves) again before leaving this beautiful island. The view up there is just so amazing, especially with Mt. Teide and the whole of Tenerife in the background.

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This is a next-level anti-GDPR dark pattern from Forbes.

I selected that I only wanted the “required cookies” (no cookies should be required to read a text article.) “This may take up to a few minutes to process.” 🤔

@donpdonp You wintering in SE Asia again by any chance?

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Wanna feel old? This coming March is Futurama’s 20th anniversary.

@acasajus I haven't used that one. My point was that you can find basically all of the pieces in place and standardized protocol-wise, whereas with AP you'd have to standardize from scratch for a ton of things.

@acasajus I haven't seen someone implementing threading, especially not Google Wave style, but there's for example.

This blog post for remote-work newbies also contains some useful tips for more experienced remoties:

@acasajus I think XMPP makes much more sense for that. Especially because almost all of those things are already specified in XEPs.

@jasper Nothing in what your're saying makes any sense regarding the core of the issue. it's almost as if you want to pack as many non-sequiturs in the converation as you possibly can, merely in order to quickly communicate all your political ideology. It has nothing to do with the actual point in question. I'm going to mute you now. Good bye!

@jasper @forteller That statement is completely non-sensical. It also just shifts your argument entirely. Thanks for the comments. Have a nice day!

@jasper @forteller It's not even sufficiently proven in theory btw.

@jasper @forteller That's a political solution, as it depends on voting stakeholders (and the richest people on the chain at that), and it is utterly unproven in the real world as well. You may believe in it, but it's not a decentralized, unpolitical solution.

@forteller An interesting idea, brought up in Daniel Suarez's latest book "Change Agent", is a kind of bio-coin, based on some kind of bio-informatics. Maybe in the future we could e.g. compete by proving storage of CO2 or something. (Just wildly imagining things here for a second.)

@forteller ... for that to work, the puzzle has to be the same for everyone, so we cannot use a dynamic question/program, which folding @ home would be.

@forteller It's not doing nothing. It's securing the ledger's integrity. Energy is just the most universal form of required investment we have in the world. The idea is to make attacks simply too expensive, because everything else is just a political solution, which is always prone to human corruption (as it has been since fungible money is a thing).

However, that means it only has to be expensive enough so no single entity can afford a failing attack. And mining is not infinitely profitable.

@feld Not sure how production security is relevant to easily run local apps in containers, but OK. Glad you could solve your issue.

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