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Why Mastodon and the fediverse are “doomed to fail”

-> a small rant about how the profit lens distorts our understanding of success vs. failure:


@mobilizon Is there a hosted instance to test the app from a user's perspective?

@lain After our last experience trying to do business with a corporation, we decided to never even talk to large orgs again. To this day, the majority of my business deals have been signed by handshakes (not withstanding NDAs). It's just maddening to me when people aren't responsible for anything other than their current cog-in-the-wheel position.

@lain Nobody ever got fired for hiring T-Systems. Or McKinsey. Or SAP. Or...

@lain That's what I thought until reality slapped me in the face with the most hilarious rejection.

@lain I know too well. I had to use what SAP whipped up for the Corona repatriation program, because the government's own data entry form just failed entirely. Any small agency in the country could've built something better in a single day for a few thousand bucks. And SAP consultants joke about this stuff among themselves, too. Anyway, yeah, the reviewer was clearly used to large organizations, when they put out a call for small orgs and innovators to apply.

@lain EU grant reviewer just told us that we couldn't possibly develop a data portability app with 4 seasoned devs in 9 months, because we didn't cite partners and detailed plans for mass market adoption in the proposal. They specifically asked for open-source software to be developed. Almost everyone measures success in growing as fast as possible (and faster) these days. Sustainability or actual value isn't even a metric for most. Sad, but true.

@lain Wait, what? Captain Blood is also the name of a game, not just of the best pirate movie ever produced?

@lain Skyrim was boring as hell, indeed. And there was absolutely nothing left of that magical, weird atmosphere from Morrowind at that point in the series. Oblivion was already a big step in the wrong direction IMO.

@lain Maybe it's just nostalgia, but for me, nothing ever got close to the feeling of playing Morrowind at the time. Much more Asian influence in that, of course.

@lain Very European indeed. And even the Netflix show is pretty decent, probably due to one of the game producers helping out with that as well.

@lain The old rule applies: If an online article's title ends in a question mark, then the answer to the question is very likely "no".

@fn @lain Yes, that means they're not producing much (industry is usually the big ticket). No wonder, when most of your citizens live from the proceeds of oil sales.

Heating is the same deal. It doesn't matter if you use energy to make it warm or cool. Both use lots of energy. And energy use per se isn't bad. It's a precursor to modern civilization.

@loweel @icedquinn @lain You seem to have misunderstood my point. If you don't have the architecture, you can't magically transform it. Old people and babies don't die because they're leaving their house during mid-day. And the architecture that keeps you cold in summer, is also not overly efficient at keeping you warm in winter (which is rather important in countries North of the alps).

@loweel @icedquinn @lain Oh, and you need the actual architecture for that. And babies and old people don't die because they're working during mid-day in Germany.

@loweel @icedquinn @lain (The A/Cs are also used for heating in winter, because nobody has central heating here.)

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