Incredible how much cycling fitness you can lose by just not doing any longer bike rides for ~2 months. Humans adapt way too fast to pretty much anything.

@sean @dansup We at @kosmos are actively working on setting up such a hosting service for FOSS projects. Except that it's based on Gitea, because GitLab is not entirely open-source, and also it's a VC-funded startup that is required to sell out or IPO eventually.

@lncm I'm in Chiang Mai for a few days right now. Anyone wants to meet up and chat about Lightning? Would also love to see the box!

@bkero Definitely gonna have dat Khao Soi breakfast! :D

Fishball noodle soup, beer, shower. What more would you need?

At least the Plaza lounge in Phnom Penh is f***ing ace tho.

So this person wouldn't let me on the flight, because they thought my passport was too messed up. Now I have to sleep at the airport in Bangkok tonight, because the next connection up North is at like 5:30am. Thank you, Air Asia!

@cwebber I just read your Magenc paper, but I have a bit of a problem with it: you mention that the other projects you took inspiration from put the keys in URL fragments, and hint at why that's the secure way of doing it. But then you don't really explain how or why it's still safe enough to put the keys in a normal query param, where pretty much anything touching the network request can see it. Can you really call it a secret then?

@cwebber I can highly recommend MC Frontalot's "Secrets from the future" for a near-perfect and entertaining musical performance of this argument. :)

Uhm, WTF, Blockstack? You just emailed me a clear-text HD seed phrase for my "migrated" OneName account on your new system, and via unencrypted email at that? First I thought this is like some one-time thing for recovery, but you're telling me to store that very same passphrase in a safe place, because it's actually my private key seed.

This seems too absurd to be true, but I don't think I understood anything wrong. Please, someone correct me and tell me I'm just tired and hallucinating!

Fun fact: I was once put in a cage overnight by an army of special police for merely walking on a street, after peacefully demonstrating against the conference being held in Munich. I and thousands of others that is. That same day, I've seen riot cops beat unarmed people into the hospital for no reason other than demonstrating. We weren't allowed legal representation or contact to the outside. Then I was set loose ~15km outside of the city center, without public transport connections, at ~3am.

You know things are going downhill when the Google/YouTube censorship team are giving talks about countering misinformation at the official NATO warmonger conference.

So, I was wondering for hours why on Earth it would be like 10 times busier in this neighborhood on a random Thursday in Phnom Penh. Until the corner shop cashier wished me a "happy Valentine's Day" just now.

I'm not sure that's how Valentine's Day is supposed to work, but sure, why not.

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Installing the .NET SDK on a Kosmos server, because we need it for an excellent piece of FOSS to run.

Never thought I'd ever say that.

Been eating Thai food every day for the last 6 days or so. Can't stop. Too good in this neighborhood.

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