@halfbyte @bumi There's currently no way to replace both coal and nuclear with renewables at the same time for industrial electricity demands. Household consumption, yeah. Industrial needs, no.

Keep in mind (or learn about it for the first time) that power production for electricity is the source of ~50% of all anthropogenic CO2 emissions on the planet, and that Germany already has the highest electricity costs in Europe by a wide margin. Shutting down nuclear before coal is just dumb IMO.

@TallTim You said that it only fits extroverts, which is provably not the case for our gathering.

Square Crypto have finally decided what to build in order to help the widespread adoption of : a Lightning Development Kit (based on Rust), which will allow wallet developers to add functionality to their existing apps and codebases:


@stevenroose @TallTim The main product is an open-source config management tool, similar to Puppet, Ansible, or cf-engine. It lets you write code for consistently bringing servers and installed programs into a desired state.

@stevenroose @TallTim We just decided to include both options as recipes in the cookbook, but use the default (from source) one on our own servers. Will share with the community soon-ish, and publish to the Chef Supermarket as well.

@xj9 Religious sects, GDR, all the good systems.

@TallTim You're missing the point that the people we meet are similar to each other, so there's much less exhaustion and much more interesting conversation. Also, people don't hang out together all day long usually.

It's similar with e.g. CCC events and such. You can literally have more than 10K "hardcore geeks" (as you call them) meet IRL and have them enjoy it a lot.

Either way, it's funny that you argue with me about this, when we've been doing our particular thing successfully since 2013.

@TallTim That's your opinion, and I respect it. But being outdoors is only a small part of , and there are many reasons why meeting people IRL is a fantastic thing to do.

@TallTim Yes, we may do that. But it's less convenient for automation. I'm writing a Chef cookbook for this at the moment.

@TallTim And I'm just saying not going outside may work for a few people, but for most people it's not a great way for growing old, as proven by many studies from around the world. Hence, it's not unusual for hackers to also move to warmer climates, either full time or temporarily.

> The Internet of Beefs, or IoB, is everywhere, on all platforms, all the time. Meatspace is just a source of matériel to be deployed online, possibly after some tasteful editing, decontextualization, and now AI-assisted manipulation.

> If you participate in online public life, you cannot entirely avoid the Internet of Beefs. It is too big, too ubiquitous, and too widely distributed and connected across platforms.


However, at least you can define version channels as well, so you can pin it to something like "0.19/stable" for example. Better than nothing I guess.

Turns out that you cannot specify a specific package version for Ubuntu Snap package installs. You can only define a channel, which means that the publisher can push a different version down your throat eventually.

This is intended as a feature, not a bug, of course. But it feels wrong for installing Core in particular. And unfortunately, they have switched from a PPA to Snap packages entirely.

Stumbled upon Broot the other day and finally took it for a spin just now. What a great tool for inspecting directory trees!


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@TallTim Also, everyone is different, of course. Some people may thrive in caves, but I think most science agrees that being active outdoors is one of the most common shared factors in healthier people, and considerably helps longevity.

@TallTim Maybe the fact that people in Icelands medicate themselves with anti-depressants more than any other country has something to do with them consistently scoring high in happiness indexes. Personally, I prefer vitamin D from the sun to corporate pharmaceutical products.

@TallTim Sure, it's usually the cooler climates where most of us come from. But it turns out that even though you may have some good ideas in your cave, it's neither healthy nor overly inspiring to spend too much time in it. Winter depression is real.

(We'll try to announce the location for next January earlier, so that more of you are able to join again.)

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