One of the most fun things about is when random people on the Internet open channels to your node, and you wake up to weird new channel partner names in your list.

Fun fact: the only wallet I could find on F-Droid was Zeus. But fortunately, Zeus works well with our @kosmos Lightning accounts anyway.

However, not great if you want to run a non-custodial node on your phone without using Google services. :/

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TFW the host of your favorite podcast suddenly starts reading out boostagrams instead of iTunes reviews at the end of the show.

People in El Salvador hate so much, this place in El Tunco will only give you a 50% discount (before tip) for paying with it over the .

Just purchased an Internet package on Claro's own website using ! It was easy to find the option (big button under the credit card form), and confirmation was instant. The future is now.

The UX for honest users is obviously much better now, but if they used on the ATMs as well, then it would be both instant and safe.

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You know how many countries you are automatically financially accessible from if you accept payments or donations via ?

All of them. No one left behind. Every human deserves this access, in both directions of value flow.

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adoption still increasing at a rapid pace:

> El Salvadoran merchants are processing more than 10k transactions per day.
>Bitfinex processed 150 BTC of Lightning volume across 5k transactions last month
> OkCoin seeing 75% capacity growth in the last 3 months and usage from 65 different countries
> Podcasting 2.0 is now available for more than 3,182 different shows. The number of Lightning-enabled podcasts is growing at 15% per month

I'm glad to report that Alby is a fantastic way of using in the browser, both for authentication/logins as well as payments!

And it works flawlessly with our LndHub-based @kosmos account wallets. 🎉

Just added a custom emoji to our instance. As an instance admin, you can copy it from us. The shortcode is "lightning_bitcoin".


Just in case you're not aware of them, LNBIG has been providing considerable amounts of liquidity to users from the early days on.

My first couple of incoming channels to my node were opened by LNBIG at the time, and they never closed them until I had to shut down that particular node.

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I was so excited that they finally added a proper vs. on-chain switch to the receive screen in the Chivo app! But guess what they haven't fixed yet, and what I just ran into for the first time with my very last payment in SV, after never having seen the bug from hell before...

The coffee shop owner in this little beach town in El Salvador says he's paying a whopping 5% fee for credit card payments, and that the clothing stores around him pay up to 9%. Not even speaking of the long wait until settlement with cards, or other drawbacks for merchants.

No wonder he prefers via these days.

If you already have a wallet that is compatible with lnurl-pay, then here's a very simple way for turning any user address on a domain you serve Web traffic on with Nginx into a Lightning Address, so people can easily send you (or your project/company/etc.) some sats:

TIL: the VP of Strategy at @Blockstream founded Fedora Linux ~2 decades ago. Just gave a talk about a new, fully p2p, permissionless swap in/out protocol for cheaper and better channel balancing at . It's called PeerSwap, and the prototype will be released "soon-ish":

Adopting Bitcoin: A Summit in El Salvador. 16 - 18 November 2021.

I was already waiting for an excuse to plan a visit this autumn. Just bought a ticket with Lightning. Vamos!

Western Union and Moneygram are EOL for anyone with a smartphone, obsoleted by the . Some currencies today, most within the next few years. Nigeria (NGN) and Ghana (GHS) just got connected to instant, virtually free USD remittances:

It's not just node count and network capacity growing exponentially. With it, the Lightning Labs newsletter size also seems to be growing at similar rates these days...

Checked out Zeus, an open-source node front-end for Android and iOS.

Supports all major node implementations: ✅
Connect via Tor: ✅
Available on F-Droid: ✅
Proper FOSS license: ✅

Major drawback: no encryption for stored credentials yet! ⚠️

Conclusion: Very promising, but not secure enough for a node with serious funds at this moment. Donated some sats, keeping on watch list.

The has more active nodes than the fediverse now (according to I'd like to see 100K+ nodes for both protocols!

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