Love the various open-source hydroponics farms around Paralelní Polis this year.

Microsoft GitHub requires people to open Stripe accounts and go through various KYC processes, in order to use the sponsor buttons at all. Even if you just want your own custom links to be displayed.


Next level of being local: made carbonara with proper pancetta and it's delicious.

Sunday night activity is getting some Unifis going.

The power plug situation in Italy is hilarious. They use 3 different sizes of grounded plugs.

I love how the entire town of Sambuca is all golden at night. Every random alley looks beautiful that way.

iFixit are giving the Fairphone 3 an impressive repairability score of 10 out of 10:

I had almost forgotten about Fairphone, but this is rather enticing.

"Commissioner for Protecting our European Way of Life"

Did my first off-chain to on-chain swap using just now. After dealing with some config options, the swap itself worked flawlessly right away.

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