Nostalgia time: Remember the original Before we had Reddit, FB, Birdsite, HN, or the fediverse, this is how some of us shared interesring links. And it was fantastic for a while. Personally, I used RSS for subscribing to other people's feeds.

The new Changes panel in Firefox's dev tools is a fantastic addition. Shows you all the rules you changed in the inspector, and even suggests pseudo selectors to use:

We fed some giraffes this morning. Beautiful giants.

Ridiculously fantastic weather for a Christmas ride around the Inn valley today (given sufficient winter clothing).

First ride on the new machine (Grand Canyon on the right) turned into a bit of an adventure. Almost didn't make it back down the mountain before dark.

Almost can't believe my eyes, because this airline got it so right:

Ugh, an entire crew of workers just started to unleash construction hell in the adjacent unit of this apartment. Hammering and impact drilling galore.

Had to ride up to the top of the world (aka Pico de las Nieves) again before leaving this beautiful island. The view up there is just so amazing, especially with Mt. Teide and the whole of Tenerife in the background.

F***ing safety regulations in Germany result in me having to switch hydraulic disc brake cables on a brand new bike, because Canyon are literally forbidden from sending me the UK config I'm used to (left brake is back wheel). For safety reasons, I would have to ride brakes with the wrong config for my brain, which can easily result in horrific accidents. Can't make this shit up.

Trying to reach bitcoin tx signing code zen by implementing our own batch tx + multi-sig + two hardware wallets signing + server co-signing.

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