TFW you get drunk and wake up at someone else's place next to...

Pretty cool: Influenza simply doesn't exist anymore since spring 2020.

The Malta National Aquarium has some rather trippy water tanks with underwater aliens on display.

People in the citadel had pretty much a 360-degree view of the entire island. And enough land inside to grow food in case of a long siege.

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Malta and Gozo are home to some of the most amazing fortified towns. Here on Gozo, there's a massive citadel overlooking the town and countryside, just 5 minutes walk from where we stay. The walls and structures are so large that it's basically impossible to capture how impressive it really is, with just photos from the ground.

Not sure if the owner of this place wants world peace or to see the world burn.

Posting on birdsite: kind of like attaching sticky notes to this lovely blue container...

TFW you find a light switch that suddenly illuminates a hidden basement under a glass plate under the kitchen table.

Found a real, actual pub today, and it was really, actually open, and selling real, actual pints of beer.

Got a crappy, not-the-right-size rental MTB at an otherwise excellent bike shop and explored the island a bit today. Nice weather!

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