Had to ride up to the top of the world (aka Pico de las Nieves) again before leaving this beautiful island. The view up there is just so amazing, especially with Mt. Teide and the whole of Tenerife in the background.

F***ing safety regulations in Germany result in me having to switch hydraulic disc brake cables on a brand new bike, because Canyon are literally forbidden from sending me the UK config I'm used to (left brake is back wheel). For safety reasons, I would have to ride brakes with the wrong config for my brain, which can easily result in horrific accidents. Can't make this shit up.

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Trying to reach bitcoin tx signing code zen by implementing our own batch tx + multi-sig + two hardware wallets signing + server co-signing.

German word of the day: Feierabendrunde.

Didn't even notice the integrated deep fryer in this kitchen counter, for like 10 days now. Canarians be mad.

Since we started using TypeScript on a new project, I'm enjoying it more and more every day. In fact, I think I've caught the TypeScript bug.

Now I just have to come to terms with the fact that it's being maintained by Microsoft.

Herding sheep and goats in the clouds. Also, they put a horse in there for good measure.

Need to top up my strategic popcorn reserves before the Bitcoin Cash hard fork this Thursday. Those morons are already threatening mining attacks on the losing chain.

This bike is about 250% prettier now. (That's a scientific measurement of how ugly 2cm of spacers above a stem are.)

The cycling nomad configuration of luggage bookings:

Finally booked a flight out of cold-and-dark-land on Tuesday.

A nice gift I received last night: the little black book.

Meanwhile, at a friend's Red Hat office:

When you go to an astroturfing demo named , in order to demand overthrowing a people's vote.

Does anyone know how we can get rid of these annoying new deployment info boxes on GitHub?

This wall let's you donate old USB drives for them to be loaded up with content and being sent into North Korea, where people can buy them on the black market. flashdrivesforfreedom.org

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