Just set up some sensors in the house, and boy is it cold here on Sicily in late November:

Rode up the Sambuca hausberg today. Beautiful day, and a beautiful nature reserve up there.

1. Sender sends package here
2. Italian DPD partner gives me their tracking page
3. Out for delivery
4. Driver marks address as invalid, doesn't call the phone number
5. They send me a link to a page where I click to retry delivery
6. Out for delivery
7. Driver marks address as invalid, doesn't call the phone number
8. I explain the situation to the sender, they ask DPD to send it to the address again
9. Out for delivery
10. Driver marks address as invalid, doesn't call the phone number

I hate Microsoft Edge as much as the next dev, but turning the new app icon into a literal wave, so you can surf the Web on it, is a pretty great idea. (And if it wasn't the designer's intention, then the outcome is just lucky af, because I can't not see it as a wave.)

Got some freshly pressed olive oil, straight from the source.

In the meantime, @jan installed a whole lot of cable trays under the ceilings, and it looks pretty legit:

Current status: trying to pay a invoice over a Gotenna mesh network.

Remember Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower? Apparently the science was real, and there's a (rather suspicious) company building basically the exact same thing now:


Love the various open-source hydroponics farms around Paralelní Polis this year.

Microsoft GitHub requires people to open Stripe accounts and go through various KYC processes, in order to use the sponsor buttons at all. Even if you just want your own custom links to be displayed.


Next level of being local: made carbonara with proper pancetta and it's delicious.

Sunday night activity is getting some Unifis going.

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