One of the most fun things about is when random people on the Internet open channels to your node, and you wake up to weird new channel partner names in your list.

Dead animal 

Came back to Hacker House after nobody was there since December. A bird came down the chimney pipe and tried to break into the kitchen through a plastic foil that we just taped over a hole in the wall, since we want to connect a kitchen hood to it.

The poor thing must have thought it was doing some spectacular heist, but unfortunately it ended its life subscription in the process. Can't say I'm thrilled about the sight.

TFW your GitHub user id is 842 (from 2008), but some people at Microsoft think that this is an appropriate new dashboard for you:

Current prepper status is just half-Asian household normie level.

"Putin's price hike" is surely one of the most blatant and absurd propaganda terms in recent memory.

It's actually "Powell's printing orgy", which is the insane after party of "Ben and Janet's printing fest".

Today's official U.S. CPI number will be one for the history books, and it's still undercounting real price inflation.

Set up shop on a very pretty boat for a couple of days, ye landlubbers.

Nothing illustrates the U.S. war machine quite like a McDonald's flag at an extralegal detainment and torture facility hanging at half-staff due to Madeleine half-a-million-children-dying-is-worth-it Albright having died.

Love that this coffee shop in Mexico City uses actual coffee plants for decoration. The things you can do at 2200m above sea level.

TFW the host of your favorite podcast suddenly starts reading out boostagrams instead of iTunes reviews at the end of the show.

Post-hike coffee tasting of our host's Bourbon and Geisha with one of El Salvador's best baristas: delicious.

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Finally did the hike up to the peak of the Santa Ana volcano. The crater is so amazing!

Cofe time with some natural Bourbon. Everyone in this town offers at least 4 different brewing methods, but I usually stick with V60 or Chemex.

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