Trying to configure Ember.js builds with PostCSS, Sass, and Tailwind CSS, all at once.

Got a poster printed for the house, of a certain newspaper front page.

Not sure how I never knew about this, but probably due to only seeing it on laptop screens and never zooming in, but: the small black bar under the Eat Out header says "Start collecting tokens today".

Experiencing the EU's customs war against Britain this morning. A friend sent me a poster that he and his kids made for me, in a personal package...

I was positively surprised by the smooth setup experience of last night, Flashing their Raspian distro onto an SD card, and turning on your Pi with a large-enough external drive attached, is pretty much all you need to do.

But how do you trust devs who think that CC-BY-NC-ND is ever a valid license choice for code? Not even speaking of being proper open-source or not, but everyone pushing a commit to their public GitHub fork is already in violation of the license.

Arriving in Germany in 2021: the government sends you an SMS, demanding that you follow their latest decrees, as soon as your mobile connects to the cell network. And Deutsche Bank tells you that negative interest on your ever-diluting savings is not a problem, because you can simply ask your financial advisor about the latest casino/ponzi scheme options for you to "invest" the fruit of your life's labor in.

TFW when you move from the restaurant to the smoking room and bar, after your dinner on the airship.

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Bialetti doesn't work with induction hobs directly, so...

I knew United was a bit of a shitty airline, but losing an entire engine ring mid-flight and having it crash into someone's front yard is a bit excessive, no?

We're on a tiny island in the middle of a sea in the EU, but the Internet is faster than what you can get in central Berlin.

Don't know about you, but instead of needing to be told to only "bet what you can lose", everyone I know who's buying $GME right now is calling it a donation to the cause.

TFW you get drunk and wake up at someone else's place next to...

Pretty cool: Influenza simply doesn't exist anymore since spring 2020.

The Malta National Aquarium has some rather trippy water tanks with underwater aliens on display.

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