I just found this among the transactions of the address that was used in the tweets of those compromised verified birdsite accounts:

House mate just bought a basil plant from the veggie store, and the size of it is slightly ridiculous:

I've been using Vim for the longest time, and never knew about ctrl-f in command mode until today.

OK, I should really move the desk to the basement asap.

Win of the day: power, ethernet, and wi-fi in the basement. Everything ready for building it out now.

I was surprised to see the latest Librem 5 software update post mention that the messaging app they use for SMS also does XMPP. But when I then opened the Librem 5 website, it tells me it's all about Matrix. Which is it? 🤔

One of my favorite things about cycling on Sicily is that, more often than not, you see the sea at some point. Inevitably so when climbing.

Walked to the Vatican today and found a deserted St. Peter's Square. And zero queues at both the Basilica and the Vatican museums.

Sightseeing in Rome, with hardly any tourists around and perfect weather: pretty amazing!

I have arrived in the zombie apocalypse version of Rome. (But I didn't take photos of all the military checkpoints that I came close to.)

From the German analog of The Onion:

"Based on the number and equipment of the military present on site, an estimated oil reserve of at least 400 million barrels can be assumed"

TIL: There's a caterpillar, which, after shedding its exoskeletons, carries around all its previous heads, stacked on top of each other. It is called the Mad Hatterpillar.



And then, when you click "get started" to create a developer account with them, this is what you'll see:

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This is hilarious. Fortmatic's very product is solving easy Web3 signups, and the frontpage prominently features this quote as the first testimonial:

Made it to Austria yesterday. Weather was cold and gloomy, but still a nice ride.

Tuned into the Microsoft Build stream for like 15 minutes, and it's been kind of like watching a car accident so far. I just can't listen unironically to people who are there 100% for the mortgage, and 0% because they're actually excited about contributing to humankind in some way. The amount of fake excitement and marketing bullshit bingo is through the roof as well.

Apparently, there have been massive fleets of trawlers illegally fishing in Argentine waters for years now.

"These ships emit more light into space than almost all Argentine cities, including urban centers such as Córdoba or Rosario"


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