My cell provider has changed their network name to say "I'm staying at home", which is scrolling through in my topbar now. :/

Couldn't help myself. But good thing I only bought one bottle, because it's still a shitty, shitty beer.

I saw people speculating about why so few people in Germany have died from as of yet. So, it takes about 17-18 day on average from infection to death, and this arrow I drew points to the number of known cases in Germany 17-18 days ago:

They're making us sign a health affidavit for entry to Perú. Basically a signed "I don't have symptoms and I wasn't in contact with a known case."

Companies in Asia are certainly making use of the pandemic. How did the saying go, "never waste a good crisis"?

Ohai, . Took you a while to show up in this here country.

On the plus side, I think this island is a pretty good hideout for evading for a bit. But yeah, all normal Internet connections seem to be capped at 1 Mb/s downstream.

I see it's still nigh impossible to post comments anywhere on GitHub, when you're on a slow enough Internet connection.

Synth porn from a event last night.The artist, Victor, built this entire thing himself, including all but 2 of the modules.

So we're getting into the "extend" phase with Microsoft GitHub now...

Looking forward to my personal vs. flippening in 2020. Only had ~20% less on our Gitea instance in 2019...

Truly *awful*. Now look at these pink hearts and show your love!

5 floors of Asian-style electronics mall, with tons of used hardware and parts: Bogotá has it.

This taxi driver in Bogotá created his own human/car hardware interface to use in lieu of his missing legs:

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