Sunday ride around Berlin was nice. The RCC group was fast today. Sorely needed this delicious cake after racing for it in the wind.

The best thing protecting us from totalitarian governments nowadays is oftentimes their sheer incompetence.

A recent Sticker Mule sales email:

"Inflation is going crazy and prices are rising up up up."

But don't you know it's just transitory, Anthony? Everyone knows it's transitory!

Made it to Eisenach, in the middle of Germanland (heading to Berlin). It was the maiden voyage of the YOLO Cabrón a Yoeleo R11 that I built up last weekend with what was still available just before all the components were sold out everywhere a few months ago.

Had to harvest some stuff. But there's too much Rosemary and Basil to prune still.

Almost 80% of USD have been printed into existence within just the last 5 years! (Not counting what banks conjured into existence by handing out loans secured by fractional reserve only, or any other fedcoin derivative tokens on the market.)

What could possibly go wrong?

Please excuse my running around in board shorts, and probably without shirt, for the next few days.

Well, shit. I had a look at the full data sets from VAERS, because I couldn't find a source for a chart I saw in some posts. Unfortunately, the chart was to scale and based on the actual data.

Here's what my own script extracted from the CSV files. These are reported deaths and permanent disabilities after vaccinations, from 1991 to date.

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Tuesday lunch round, during which a route diversion sent me up a 20% wall at some point.

Electrical tape, duct tape, whatever it takes for not having to replace my trusty old heat-molded Bont shoes...

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Someone looks like they're going for maximum vaporwave street cred...

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