Pretty excited about how the house project is coming together. We have 12 co-owners on board now! I'm on Sicily at the moment; hopefully getting the deed tomorrow, or early next week. Then some basic renovations, then turning the place into a hacker paradise.

Crashed the rooftop of a parking garage at BER today, then raced laps on the empty roads around the terminal. So much fun!

Many thanks to 8bar for the beers and pizzas after the ride.

Forgetful me creates checklists for everything these days. Especially when it has to be there directly after falling out of bed. Currently preparing for a bike race tomorrow morning.

Purchase piece of cake at coffee shop. Inhale huge crumb with the very first bite.

Had a great time at over the weekend. Also made some progress on the accounts checkout app, which we're going to set up for various @kosmos services soon. It allows you to donate an amount of your choosing in order to pay for services run by our cooperative...

Don't you just love when prominent projects/companies are present on literally everything but open-source social media and chat rooms?

Here's what the folks at thought would make sense for their users, who are all using Mycroft for privacy and openness:

TFW you want to upgrade the drive in a relative's Mac Mini, and Apple makes you tear the entire thing apart, down to the last element.

Playing a German board game about life goals. Was dealt a pretty funny hand.

And this is what I found for a long and deep slumber tonight.

Coffee stop in an old town called Grieben was perfect. I learned yesterday that you have to actively plan such stops ahead when riding off-road tours in Germany, because it's entirely possible to never see a single shop, café, biergarten, or even human on the way.

However some of the trails Komoot proposed (and gets from OSM) were either barely usable or simply didn't exist. OSM can't know about fallen trees or seas of nettles, of course. But it sure made for quite the adventure.

After a cool morning the weather finally turned sunny today. Had a great ride, and lots of technical trails to play with.

Just crossed the Danube. As they say in Southern Bavaria: everything North of the Danube is Prussia.

Wet and cold first day of this tour. But still rewarding. Made it to Nuremberg in one piece.

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