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Râu Cao @raucao

So the new ICE 4 is a whole 70 km/h slower than the ICE 3, and still no space for bicycles. Great improvement! inside.bahn.de/ice-4/

But hey, they're hip and cool now, discussing the future of work with people who call themselves "experts" in the field of working on trains or sth: inside.bahn.de/new-work-train/

@raucao Buried within the first link there's a sentence "Pro Zug wird es acht reservierungspflichtige Fahrradplätze geben." which I think means there's space for 8 bikes per train...

Also, from what I can see the ICE 4 was designed to replace the ICE 1 & 2 sets, and at that operate with a much greater energy savings, which I think is more important than increasing top speed. :)

@nickfarr I totally missed that! Thanks!