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They used to call 4chan the internet hate machine, but I would say with all the vile hatred and upset mongering going on in it these days, Twitter has usurped that title.  I can't stand more than maybe a few minutes of it.

And Mastodon's part of the network is basically bringing that whole import of vileness and hatred to the Fediverse.  Oh boy.

@maiyannah Your very post, throwing all Mastodon users in the bad pot, is exemplary of what constitutes blind Twitter hate. I've seen negative posts from all parts of the Fediverse so far, and you just added another unnecessary accusation. If you went for irony, you hit the bull's eye. :)

@raucao @maiyannah 
When you go from everything being pretty fine before Masto, then suddenly people being bullied, people being hurt, people being blacklisted for the smallest of perceived 'offensives' all from the Masto crowd.

Then that dies down a bit but never truly stops, resurfacing, sometimes to fight, try and pressure users on this side, sometimes to manipulate, all of it from Masto users. On top of that the software itself fucking with federation when everything else works, and the main people in charge of Mastodon refusing to help fix it. 

There are very good reasons the people on this side do not like Mastodon as a whole.

I like some people on Masto, I do. Still ultimately dislike Mastodon, for all the pain it has caused me, my wife, close friends of mine, and people I respect, who didn't deserve it at all.

Consider why someone believes something, rather than going for the witty comeback next time. 
Râu Cao @raucao

@katiekats @maiyannah That wasn't a "witty comeback". Your argument is fundamentally flawed, and adding a story of how everyone you know nearly died because of mean Mastodon is just adding more fallacious non-arguments. My point was and still is that there is no "the Masto crowd", as the OP put it, and that this othering and throwing all inviduals, humans, using a certain software in a sack and then hitting it with a stick, is the exact problem with hateful rethoric on Twitter.

@maiyannah @katiekats By the way, I have seen accusations about Mastodon devs not caring about federation issues oftentimes in my feed in the past. They were literally *never* accompanied by a link to the discussion in question. If you throw around accusations, please at least back them up. To me, that's basic netiquette for someone who wants to argue honestly and sincerely. But more importantly, it will enable Masto users/admins who deeply care about compat to join the conversation. Thank you!!