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Râu Cao @raucao

Dear American friends: is it really necessary to grab wine glasses the same way you'd grab a football?

@raucao if the thing's the size of a football, yeah.

if it's not the size of a football - are you arguably doing it wrong?

@simonv3 There's never a reason for not holding it by the stem. Keeps the glass entirely clean and doesn't look like you're a 10-year old. :)

@simonv3 It's actually much easier to handle the glass, esp. at that size, when you grab it by the stem, right under the body.

@raucao pffft. make drinking wine great again. drink it like it's football!

@simonv3 I have gifs for all occasions. :)

@raucao is luke wilson holding a wine glass there?

@simonv3 Pretty sure it's Brawndo, but he's holding it right. :)