Running DivestOS on this refurbished phone for now, and so far it's been a good experience. Can't believe it took that long for me to de-google my phone.


Fun fact: the only wallet I could find on F-Droid was Zeus. But fortunately, Zeus works well with our @kosmos Lightning accounts anyway.

However, not great if you want to run a non-custodial node on your phone without using Google services. :/

Signal: You can only have one device, please use the migration tool to move from your "old" phone to your "new" phone. Also, upload all your contacts' details, we promise it's encrypted, and we don't see *anything* (except that we know all the phone numbers).

XMPP client: Please log in to your account. Here's all your stuff, same as on all your other devices.

The fun won't stop:

* You don't have Google services, Signal might break in some ways
* Please prove that you're human (after having migrated an account with verification of being the owner), by solving this reCAPTCHA

@raucao AFAIK the signal APK you can get from the signal website works fully but without play services, uses more battery to keep a connection since push notifications are a play services thing (don't quote me on that but that was my understanding). But I have been using it for months on a degoogled phone and have noticed no major problems.

@raucao thanks for that explanation. I disabled Play Services on my phone, and every app sent me notifications that they need Play Services. I had to go through each app individually to disable those notifications.


I find it highly annoying how so many people say Signal is good for privacy. Maybe compared to SMS but having to attach a phone number destroys privacy.

@raucao (unless server owner didn't enable those XEPs or your client doesn't support them (or something weird happens))

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