Walking out of the German embassy in San Salvador, it's interesting to see that there's a Palestinian one across the street. And right next to the Quatar embassy at that.

@raucao president is Palestinian right? Or am i misremembering.

@stevenroose @raucao paternal grandparents, according to Wikipedia. So maybe half, kinda.
Also this, though the page didn't even load for me:

@stevenroose @waxwing Yeah, use the text link. Somehow the preview one is the home page.

@waxwing @stevenroose Just in case you hadn't tried again, there's a video documentary on the page of that article as well, and it's worth watching!

@waxwing @stevenroose TL;DR: 20% of Palestinians outside of Palestine live in El Salvador, and for a long time now.

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