The psycho terror on people having made a rational decision about their vaccination, based on science, facts, and their personal health situation, is getting pretty intense.

Some of you guys need to check your attitude. Normalizing intellectual dishonesty is not the way.

The last week or so has been particularly noticeable. Not sure if concerted psyop or just natural tribalism amplified by filter bubbles, but it's rather dystopian, and becoming a bit disturbing tbh.


i dont feel terrorized, i mostly feel surrounded by morons who know they're morons but can't admit that they just did what the tv told them because they're morons

but i dont feel terrorized, i have come to terms with my decision to not participate under any circumstances, and if that means the last resort of arms, well, good luck to my opponent in battle i suppose

@raucao why not both?

The second could easily be exploited by the first and the first informed by the second.

Makes for quite a shitty feedback loop and applies to many issues.

@beachbardave Yes, these days the psyop option is definitely based on inserting narratives into filter bubbles. Including tailored counter-narratives for discrediting dissent.

@beachbardave I was wondering if this particular wave of extremization was brought about by a concerted effort, because it's particularly synchronized and the parroted narratives are very similar.

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