It is estimated that one Bitcoin transaction takes 1544 kWh to be processed.

Quick back of the envelope calculation: with that energy my car can run for 7125 km, so basically a short drive from Brussels, Belgium to Kabul, Afghanistan.

One transaction.

@mxtthxw According to Digiconomist a couple years ago, the current figure is substantially higher:

I picked the lowest estimate I could find, the numbers are insanely high enough as is

@jkb this year's energy consumption likely to be closer to 110TWh.

Whilst obviously significant, also significantly different to the estimate given hence my questioning of the data.

@mxtthxw Digiconomist figures are provided with methodology details and source data, along with criticism of both the method and the source data.

Even a lower estimate of 110 TWh would be insanely high, it's equivalent to what The Netherlands use. There are 17 million people in The Netherlands.


@jkb @mxtthxw (Half of those humans still need to considerably increase their energy production.)

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